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  • . the facilities are very new and all stafff are very pleasant and with it only being 15min from the train station its ideal to travel to even if ur not from nottingham.

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  • . Every weekend, on a bridge near the train station in the Harajuku district, dozens of suburban teen-age girls and a few boys stand around all day wearing gothic drag: black vinyl kimonos or full punk bondage gear, with whitened faces and blackened eyes.

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  • . We only explored the area immediately around the central train station.
  • . A bit of an adventure getting to Paolo, our next host: we couldn't open the door of the train at his tiny little station just outside Pisa, and when we got off at the next stop (Rigoli), the place was almost deserted, except for an old man walking his ancient mother in a wheelchair, who informed us in Italian that this was a very poor village without a public phone.
  • . After dinner, Paolo took us to Pisa, where we saw the Tower and its two adjacent churches at night—a beautiful time to see them, glowing and ethereal as if they made of lace, not marble! The station at San Guiliano is quite something.
  • . Petersburg (though the buildings were much smaller than those palaces)—and down to the central train station.
  • . (The tower and churches are near the smaller station.) Along the way, we passed elegant fashion shops for men and women—but the people in the streets were almost all dressed very casually (of course, it's been the hottest weather in memory around here, and the locals are all complaining—so perhaps this isn't the time they dress their best).

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  • . Nottingham Regeneration Limited Shire Hall High Pavement The Lace Market Nottingham NG1 1HN Tel: +44 (0) 115 915 5467 Fax: +44 (0) 115 941 4888 Email: Nottingham Southside Information on the Southside regeneration zone including initial plans for the Southside, the station and the Nottingham Express Transit tram system.


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    Local Transport Plan for Greater Nottingham - Joint Strategy
  • . Opportunities will be explored for better integration with Nottingham railway station where it is proposed to undertake a review of access and improvement possibilities.
  • . Bus stations are a focal point of bus passenger activity.
  • . Waiting facilities at bus stations within the Plan area will continue to be upgraded following integration audits.
  • . Line One runs from Hucknall to Nottingham railway station with a branch to Cinderhill (Phoenix Centre) close to Junction 26 of the M1.
  • . Between Hucknall and Hyson Green the alignment runs alongside the Robin Hood Line and interchange facilities will be provided at Hucknall, Bulwell and Nottingham stations.
  • . Over 36% of RHL passengers access the line by car, taking advantage of good secure parking at stations, assist community regeneration.
  • . 48% of work trips from Stage Two stations were not made before the stage opened, indicating widening journey to work horizons, attract passengers through high quality facilities including high quality trains with regular departure times, attractive station environments with block paving, CCTV with 24 hour surveillance of all platforms, car parks and accesses, live passenger information and telephones.

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  • . on cable station 29 and will return on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month.
  • . Google plans to feature a clip of Swiss artistic champion Nathalie Biedermann performing at a Zurick train station.

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  • . We will arrange to have you collected to and from train station.
  • . We will arrange to have you collected to and from bus station.

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  • . Our hotel, once a palace, is in the heart of Paris, two blocks from the Gare de Lyon (Métro station).
  • . We heartily recommend all the wonderful restaurants in the vicinity, especially Le Bleu Train in the station itself, where both the food and the 19th-century-train-station ambience are extraordinary.
  • . Computerized reference stations allow the visitor to look up catalogued information – available in four languages, including English – on any item in the exhibit by simply touching a screen.
  • . All the buildings, the magnificent station, 27 locomotives, 89 wagons, and over 300 figures, were created by hand in painstaking detail.

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    The FALLSTON FLAGSTOP Sightings and 'OS' Reports
  • . Bennett's an emotional guy, so he was worried about how he'd react to meeting the 88 troopsand guests at D.C.'s Union Station, where the trip originated.Some GIs were missing limbs.
  • . It was awesometo be part of it." The most poignant moment forthe Levins was when 11 Marines hugged them goodbye, then sangthem the Marine Hymn on the platform at Union Station.
  • . last Wednesday, and Amtrak's Penn Station waiting room already was filling upwith people to board the Three Rivers that runs from Chicago toNew York City.
  • . A friend dropped her atthe train station.

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  • . In Detroit, what had become the Amtrak New International was diverted to the edge of a deteriorating concrete sprawl in front of a towering ruin of a train station.
  • . Even so, the guts of the machine occupied four grey cabinets the size of dormitory refrigerators and a required a control station worthy of a small research reactor.

    Vectors Chapter 1
  • . In Detroit, what had become the Amtrak New International was diverted to the edge of a deteriorating concrete sprawl in front of a towering ruin of a train station.
  • . Even so, the guts of the machine occupied four grey cabinets the size of dormitory refrigerators and a required a control station worthy of a small research reactor.

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  • . The Antique Radio Store "We like to think of ourselves as a complete, self-contained city, but in the larger sense, La Mesa is basically a bedroom community to San Diego." Jane's Secret Garden Cafe The Old La Mesa Train station at Spring Street and La Mesa Boulevard.
  • . La Mesa Village Plaza, a large-scale retail, condo and office project next to the Spring Street Trolley Station, is nearby.
  • . MTDB entered into partnerships with the private sector and the La Mesa Community Redevelopment Board to create the Villages of La Mesa, a 384-unit apartment complex next to the trolley’s Amaya Street Station in south La Mesa.
  • . Two other major projects are the Grossmont Trolley Center, along Fletcher Parkway between Jackson and Grossmont Center Drive, and the mixed-use La Mesa Village Plaza at the Spring Street Station.
  • . While Village Plaza does stick out like a cowbird in a sparrow’s nest, MTDB prefers to focus on its unqualified commercial home run, the Grossmont Trolley Station project on the north side of La Mesa.


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  • Sales and Marketing News from RABTuesday, May 30, 2006 Delivered to Snapple in Brandcasting Deal with Boston Radio Station Some Radio stations promise listeners "all hits, all the time." Others proclaim to be "all news, all the time." For the next 40 days a station in Boston will be, when it comes to advertising, all Snapple, all the time.
  • . TV Station Advertising Up in '06, but '04 was Better Although political and Olympic advertising in 2006 will boost local TV station revenues by 7.2 percent to $22.2 billion, this is a far cry from double-digit percent increases of previous big political and Olympics advertising years.
  • . clothiers or school supply providers) and gets everyone motivated to do their part in your station’s Back-to-School campaign.
  • . A top-ranked powerful radio station.
  • . It is possible to get all this at one station! 96.9 The Eagle, WJGL-FM, Northeast Florida’s only Classic Hits station has the opportunity and support described above for a Senior Account Manager.

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  • . Tracks radiated from the city center to suburban enclaves, where houses set amid sprawling yards rose within walking distance of the train station.
  • . In 1916, for example, a cluster of Arts and Crafts-style buildings called Market Square opened in a landscaped plaza across from the railway station in Lake Forest, Illinois.

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  • . Especially chairs (include pictures on the back) were used same material which is maple wood and leather fabrics of natural color used in every chairs through out all the galleries and even at the automated tram station.

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  • . Nottingham) -Nottingham Bus Station Interchange -Direct Route to the City Centre from Train Station and Bus Station areas.
  • . And on the station.
  • . The new Broadmarsh will have a new stylish Bus Station which differs from its predecessor and a Tram/Bus/Shopping Centre interchange...
  • . What exactly are you trying to prove here? Vertighost April 11th, 2006, 12:25 AM The buses: The Supertram: Haven't got a rail map but can tell you that it is made up of the central station and 5 suburban stations.

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  • . There's even an external bridge connecting directly from the train station to the complex.
  • . Antwerp Museum Closed The Antwerp Diamond Museum will be closed until May 2002 when it will reopen at its new home near the Central Train Station and the Antwerp Zoo. @CallCenter