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  • . I stopped going into the City centre years before as I hated the beggars, dirt, pigeon crap and rubbish shops! (I used to go to Meadowhall rather than go to Nottm City Centre) I can honestly say that since moving Up North, it was the best move I ever made, and I have seen things in a different light.

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  • . You should stop the cause not treat the symptons.
  • . On another occaision when I told him to go away he told me to stop being cheeky or he would "put me through that window".
  • . Nottingham are even currently resurfacing bus stops and bus lanes in a cosmetic red, at a cost of probably millions, of OUR money, while complaining that they cannot afford to replace dangerous disintegrating street lights, 15 years past their design life! So I suppose that their excuse will be, regardless of the reason for the resurfacing, that THEY cannot afford to pay for the most economic job, only the cheapest.
  • . It took two phone calls to get the police to attend and stop the alarm.
  • . Well I did see an unusal sight yesterday, a policeman on the street, I had to stop and look its been so long since I actually saw one.

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  • . Stop to notice Davoli (No.
  • . Excellent offerings of cheese, wines and charcuterie, perfect for a stop before taking the train from the nearby Gare du Nord or Gare d'Est.

  • . Most have stopped diddling about and got serious, very fast.
  • . I've got something really special to tell you about today! And I'll do you a favour and tell you to stop reading NOW if you are NOT interested in making money online, part-time, around your day job or core business.


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  • . — MF (with inputs from the Clothing Manufacturers Association of India.) Jonathan Brown Dee Caffari has become the first woman to sail solo and non-stop around the world A FTER 178 days afloat and after successfully negotiating fields of icebergs, equipment failure and ever-present loneliness, yachtswoman Dee Caffari emerged ultimately unscathed.
  • . Buffeted by the huge swells rolling off the continental shelf and only a few hours behind schedule, this 33-year-old is the first woman to complete a feat once thought impossible—sailing around the world non-stop and alone against the prevailing tides and winds.
  • . In 1995/6 an attempt by Samantha Brewster to become the first woman to repeat his voyage foundered when she was forced to stop for repairs and assistance.

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  • . The Guardian (Rise) 5/7: University Business School MBA student Christopher Beer has won the top prize in the first Institute of Business Ethics/EBEN-UK Student Essay Competition in Business Ethics.
  • . Nottingham Evening Post 3/7: On his whistle-stop tour of Nottingham's schools, Education Secretary Charles Clarke visited the National College for School Leadership and The University of Nottingham.

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  • . Was there nothing to bother you, on the thousands of sites dedicated to marketers, or at least claiming to contain marketing-related resources? Personally, I cannot stop being continuously distressed by a curious writing phenomenon: the enormous amount of articles with numbers included in their titles.

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  • . They tend to latch on to a favourite style of pouch trim mini and faithfully keep on buying the same brand until Woolworths eventually decides to stop stocking it.

    Owen Griffiths - Need, Greed, and Protest in Japan's Black Market, 1938-1949 - Journal of Social History 35:4
  • . In October 1939, article 19 of the National Mobilization Law, the infamous "9—18 Stop Ordinance, " extended controls to include transportation, storage, and processing fees, leasing rates, and insurance premiums.
  • . Charged with enforcing compliance with the "9—18 Stop Ordinance, " the economic police maintained offices in every prefecture, working independently of the regular police and with much greater authority.
  • . More commonly, vendors simply forged or counterfeited the "freeze, " "cooperation, " and "permission, " stamps used by the government under the "9—18 Stop Ordinance." Many Japanese also adapted the time-honoured tradition of gift-giving ( omiyage ) to circumvent the price ceilings.

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  • . a tumbleweed blows by, an amusing sceensaver kicks in on a junior officer's computer screen, he quickly moves his mouse to stop it.A detective sits in the corner clicking his ballpoint pen, doing the crossword in the Sun.
  • . The couple are not all they seem." Surely repeated playing of a bluegrass version of Fields Of Gold would be enough to break up any marriage, but Sting refutes these allegations (I'm not sure which part though) and is taking his chauffeur to court.The Say No To Sting campaign dictates that I immediately stop playing the banjo.
  • . And then I stopped to ponder...Would Sting by these?"I decided he would and bought the deep fried banana chips instead.
  • . Get some chips from Nicole and Ewan at the Moulin Rouge chip shop next to the stop, to eat during the journey.
  • . And what a beautiful site to behold it was.And whilst we are on the subject of poker, will someone please stop this now.
  • . This man needs to be stopped....NOW!And also - how can What's New Pussycat? be classed as a ? Apart from the fact that I'd like repeatedly throw poker chips (the heavy clay ones) at Tom Jones's big fat orange head.Please nobody buy me this book or CD for Christmas - I beg you...

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  • . This cluster group is set up and is currently positioning itself as a one-stop shop / information gateway for the industry, signposting companies to the appropriate support organisation.

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  • . But the company wasn't willing to stop there.

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  • The latest word from The Woodlands and South Montgomery County | November 30, 2005 Santa to make special stop in Alden Bridge Santa will be making a special appearance at the Alden Bridge Village Center's holiday carnival Saturday.
  • . has designed a Web site to be used as a one-stop-shop for holiday happenings.
  • . Posted by at | November 15, 2005 Broken water line stops flow along Sawdust Road Don't worry, you didn't forget to pay your water bill.
  • . Job seekers can also stop by the customer service station in the center court of The Woodlands Mall located at 1201 Lake Woodlands Drive.
  • . Posted by at | November 05, 2005 Santa set to make Christmas Eve stop Santa Claus may be coming to town but he might also show up at your door.
  • . For more information, stop by customer service or call 281-363-3363.

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  • . Please stop by and say hello, it would be a pleasure to meet all of you!Dan ( | ) Date: Jun 09, 2006 11:24 Subject: Broadband National Launches HughesNet Visible to: Public - Everyone Who can comment: Public - Everyone We are pleased to announce the addition of HughesNet Satellite High Speed Internet to our Master Affiliate Program in DirectTrack. @CallCenter