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  • You are here: > > > Course Listing Advanced Marketing Research Techniques Certificate Program Accelerate your career with a working knowledge of the application and interpretation of advanced research techniques with the program in Advanced Marketing Research.
  • . Overview This program offers an in-depth knowledge of advanced marketing research techniques combined with customized application of those techniques using "real-life" data.
  • . Over five weeks you will gain a working knowledge of the application of advanced marketing research techniques using a practicing manager's viewpoint, developing the ability to match the right technique with the right opportunity.
  • . You will hone your ability to work with data and to carefully sift through it till a coherent "story" emerges that allows an effective marketing strategy to be formulated, then make presentations to clients based on data analyses that "hold" a client's attention and that make an impact.

    Marketing Models
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    List of marketing topics: Information From Answers.com
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    Discriminant analysis (in marketing): Facts and details from Encyclopedia Topic
  • Search entire site: Discriminant analysis (in marketing) (Encyclopedia) [ Discriminant analysis (in marketing) facts from encyclopedia topic] For the discriminant analysis algorithm, see [For more, click on this link] .
  • . Formulate the problem and gather data - Identify the salient attributes consumers use to evaluate products in this category - Use Quantitative marketing research is a social research method that utilizes statistical techniques....
  • . The data collection stage is usually done by marketing research professionals.
  • . The act of putting something in a certain place or location [Click link for more facts about this topic] , The commercial processes involved in promoting and selling and distributing a product or service [For more facts about this topic, click this link] , Product management is one of the four areas of marketing....


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    More on Conjoint Analysis and Choice Modelling
  • . Selected References "Conjoint Analysis in Marketing: New Developments With Implications for Research and Practice" by Paul E.
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  • . "Conjoint Analysis and Choice Modeling Consideration" Marketing Research, Spring 1997.
  • . "Marketing Engineering" by Gary L.
  • . Lilien and Arvind Rangaswamy, published by Addison-Wesley is an excellent book for learning about a wide range of marketing models including conjoint analysis.

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    Marketing - MKTG
  • Marketing - MKTG The information below lists courses approved in this subject area effective Fall 2006 .
  • . 360 Introduction to Marketing 3 hours.
  • . The role of marketing in business and society.
  • . The marketing decision process in domestic and international settings.
  • . 460 Marketing Analytics 3 hours.
  • . Introduction to data-centered analysis for critical aspects of marketing, such as sales forcasting, profitibility analysis, market segmentation, promotion budgeting, and database marketing.
  • . 462 Marketing Research 3 hours.
  • . An investigation of the gathering, analyses and interpretation of information used in solving marketing problems.
  • . 463 Marketing Channels and E-Commerce 3 hours.
  • . Develop an integrated distribution system; relationship to firm's marketing structure (logistics); evaluation of decisions on sources, plant and warehouse location, domestic and int'l outlets.
  • . Analysis by marketing channels & e-commerce role in distribution.
  • . 465 Strategic Marketing Planning and Management 3 hours.

    EUR/FEW: Dennis Fok
  • laatste wijziging: 28-3-2006 Welcome to the homepage of Dennis Fok Latest News The paper "Interaction between shelf layout and marketing effectiveness and its impact on optimizing shelf arrangements" (joint with Erjen van Nierop and Philip Hans Franses) is available as ERIM report The paper "A new multivariate product growth model" (joint with Peter Boswijk and Philip Hans Franses) is available as Tinbergen discussion paper .
  • . Three new papers are accepted for publications, two in the Journal of Marketing Research and one in the Journal of Econometrics, see under .
  • . Aghina) has been accepted for publication in the International Journal of Research in Marketing Personal Data Full name: Dennis Fok Title: Dr.
  • . thesis titled "Advanced Econometric Marketing Models".
  • . My PhD-thesis has the general title of "Advanced Econometric Marketing Models" , and it is supervised by and .
  • . Topics included in the thesis are the modeling and forecasting of market shares, the analysis of the effects of brand introductions using market share attraction models, modeling interpurchase timing and finally measuring the responsiveness of consumers to marketing efforts.

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  • . Marketing strategic alliances for new high technology firms ( b = 1.96) and strategic alliances that have an international partner ( b = 3.29) are associated with high performance.
  • . Marketing strategic alliances are quite beneficial to new high technology firms though no significant evidence is available on their relationship to young and old high technology firms.
  • . Speculation may be that new firms, having strong innovative competencies, lack marketing and distribution channels in order to achieve higher levels of sales and therefore performance.
  • . On the other hand, older high technology firms may have competencies in marketing and distribution channels, but lack innovative competencies.
  • . While the data does not identify the age of the strategic partner, it may be true that older firms are seeking new firms to acquire innovation whereas new firms are seeking older firms to acquire marketing and distribution channels.
  • . It may be that as new firms grow and age, they are better equipped to infuse capital into the firm to internally develop marketing and distribution channels.

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    AMS Acta - The effects of marketing activities on fast moving consumer good purchases: the case of yoghurt Italian market
  • 17 June 2006   |         Vai: | Sei in: > The effects of marketing activities on fast moving consumer good purchases: the case of yoghurt Italian market   Brasini, Sergio e Freo, Marzia e Tassinari, Giorgio (2005 ) The effects of marketing activities on fast moving consumer good purchases: the case of yoghurt Italian market.

    MART 303, Department of Marketing, University of Otago
  • DRAFT MART 303 Marketing Analysis 2006 Second Semester, 6 points The applications of quantitative and qualitative research methods to marketing problems and the advancement of marketing theory.
  • . LECTURES AND PRACTICALS: Lectures will introduce you to a research technique that is suited to solve a particular marketing problem.
  • . You will have the skills to identify appropriate analysis techniques that help you with a specific marketing problem.
  • . The assignments have to be place into the 300 Level Marketing box on level 3 of the Commerce Building.


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