Lotus Notes/Domino Marketing Opportunities

  • . THE VIEW is the Technical Journal for Lotus Notes and Domino and the world’s premier producer of conferences and seminars in the Notes/Domino market.
  • . We have a dominant presence within this market and as a result generate highly targeted audiences that allow you to focus precious marketing dollars efficiently.
  • . These are not just “tire-kickers” in the Notes and Domino market, but committed customers who are actively seeking ways to improve the productivity of their Lotus Notes and Domino environment.

    Growth Strategie for High Tech Firms: Graziadio Business Report
  • . Buskirk , Professor of Marketing Edward D.
  • . Popper, Dean, Bellarmine College High technology products are new, they are based on new technology, and they often preceed a market demand.
  • . To market a high tech product, a firm must understand the needs of customers, educate them about the product and its underlying technology, and convince them that the new product represents the best solution to their problems.
  • . The authors propose expanding Ansoff's Growth Strategy Matrix to identify six separate market conditions, or cells, which represent increasing risk for marketers.
  • . The cells range from the most secure environment in which known products are sold to established markets --- to the most challenging environment in which high tech products are offered to as-yet undefined markets.
  • . The paper asserts that the significant failure rate among high tech products results from the failure of firms to realize that they are no longer competing in a high tech market environment.

    IBM leads the pack with the Lotus buyout but Microsoft is loading its marketing machine with rival groupware products having benefited from Lotus' many missteps
  • . 1 Holding on to the groupware market IBM leads the pack with the Lotus buyout, but Microsoft is loading its marketing machine with rival groupware products, having benefited from Lotus' many missteps nternational Business Machines Corp.
  • . Beyond exhausting a quarter of IBM's liquid assets and making Lotus CEO Jim Manzi and other stockholders rich, IBM's takeover has sent ripples through the groupware market, since Notes has emerged as the industry-standard platform for groupware applications.
  • . Standalone PCs spawned a huge market for personal productivity tools such as spreadsheets and word processing programs; now networked computers will spawn a similar market for group productivity programs, with Lotus' Notes considered the quintessential example.
  • . With such large enterprises adopting Notes, significant consulting, installation, integration and training exist in a wide range of markets for Lotus Notes business partners.
  • . Still, IBM and Lotus must expand to increase the Notes marketplace -- Manzi envisions 20 million Notes users -- with direct sales teams and through alliances.

    Executive Jobs and Recruiters: Seasoned Product Marketer -
  • . Helped the existing clientele with go-to-market guidance to win overseas business.
  • . Interfaced with customers in the US and Europe such as Blackboard • Market entry strategy for software companies planning to expand to Asia or Europe • Distribution and partnership planning for all international markets Director of International Product Marketing Blue Martini Software San Mateo, California Nov.
  • . 2001 Key international strategist and product marketer for the well known eCommerce solution provider Blue Martini.
  • . Recruited by a former Siebel colleague to manage international product marketing globally.
  • . Determined and developed high-level go to market strategy and priorities in Europe, Asia and Latin America.
  • . • Prioritized and specified product requirements for all international markets.
  • . • Worked with all global business partners, such as Netyear, Accenture, and Andersen to bring localized and applicable products to market on a timely fashion.
  • . Director of International Product Marketing Saba Corporation Redwood Shores, California Nov.

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    ChannelWeb Tools
  • . Under its widely known MKS Toolkit brand, MKS also provides UNIX-Windows co-existence and system administration that significantly cut development and administrative costs and reduce time to market, while enabling enhanced performance.
  • . - www.mks.com posted 5/31/2006 11:23 AM EDT Joanne Jewell 362 Monroe Street Denver, CO 80206 Home Office: 303.388.7796 Mobile: 303.941.9784 Email: j.jewell@mindspring.com Professional Summary: Marketing and business development professional with fifteen years of experience in the high-tech computer industry.
  • . · Content for web production · Strategic business messaging · Event planning and management · Email marketing/newsletters · Collateral production · Web launch · All aspects of communication Consulting and Contracting Companies: Sun Microsystems, MX Logic, Integrated Alliances, Incendio International, SES Network Service and Hensmann Technology Inc.
  • . Sun Microsystems, Broomfield, CO Group Marketing Mgr., Channel Development Partners 2001 – 2002 Responsible for integrated marketing plans for Sun’s two largest Channel Partners, GE Access and MOCA.

    Centra Press Release: 1998
  • . Both Reed and May come to Centra with over 35 years of combined experience in the high technology market place.
  • . Both were members of the team responsible for building sustainable market momentum for Lotus Notes, the market's leading groupware product, through the combination of solutions marketing and partner development initiatives characterized by marketing expert Geoffrey Moore as "one of the most extraordinary marketing achievements in years." Chris Reed brings over 20 years of senior marketing, sales, and consulting expertise to Centra as vice president of product marketing.
  • . As director of market development for Lotus Notes, he led the re-positioning, product and solutions marketing programs, and channel strategy initiatives that helped grow the Lotus Notes business from under $20 million in sales in 1992 to $400 million in 1995.
  • . Prior to joining Lotus, he initiated marketing, channel, and partner programs for new systems initiatives at Digital Equipment Corporation.

    IBM Software - 24x7 Webcast
  • Country/region Related links 24x7 Webcast New! IBM Lotus Instant Messaging and Web Conferencing (Sametime) 3.1 and IBM Lotus Instant Messaging Integration with IBM Lotus Notes/Domino 6.5 Abstract Part 1: Lotus Instant Messaging and Web Conferencing (Sametime) is IBM's market-leading platform for real-time collaboration.
  • . Speakers Steven Preston is a product marketing manager for IBM Lotus software.
  • . He has product marketing responsibilities for Notes and Domino Web Access (iNotes), as well as other clients across the Lotus product portfolio.
  • . Prior to his current role, Steve was a marketing manager for Lotus software, focused on the Americas region.
  • . Steve holds a bachelors degree in international business and marketing from Northeastern University in Boston, MA.
  • . Amy Reuss Caton , Marketing Manager for Lotus e-Workplaces, manages all types of analysis, branding and planning required to bring leading Lotus collaboration products, such as IBM Lotus Instant Messaging (Sametime) and IBM Lotus Team Workplace (QuickPlace), to market.

    Express offers Lotus new hope in SMB market
  • > > Express offers Lotus new hope in SMB market News: Search for: in Express offers Lotus new hope in SMB market By Sue Hildreth, Contributor 04 Oct 2004 | SearchDomino.com SOUND OFF! For Patrick Abel, president of Special Moments Photography in Plymouth, Mich., IBM Lotus Domino's collaboration capabilities were the solution to a troubling problem.
  • . The difficulty that Domino faces in the SMB market, said Ferris analyst David Via, is a three-fold one: First, many SMBs simply don't require the kind of customized workflow or collaborative applications that Domino provides companies.
  • . "When you're migrating to a different platform, even if it is as easy as can be, it will always be more expensive then an upgrade." Bridging the chasm However, IBM has by no means conceded the SMB market to Microsoft.
  • . This year its Lotus group has released a three-product series of Domino Express products, targeting the SMB market with simplified licensing for fully functional Domino software, minus a few high-end features.

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    Can Lotus Outrun You-Know-Who?
  • . Microsoft's target this time: Notes, Lotus' market-leading communications software.
  • . Lotus is bolstering the product launch with a $100 million marketing blitz, say sources close to the company.
  • . All those marketing dollars can't assure success for Notes, however.
  • . So far, Lotus has been holding its own in the battle for market share--but only by sacrificing profits.
  • . Notes ranks as the leading communications and collaboration program, with approximately 36% of the market for new users last year, vs.
  • . ''E-mail will be viewed as yesterday's newspaper in two or three years, '' predicts Steve Sayre, Lotus' vice-president for marketing.
  • . Still, most analysts don't expect Release 5 to give Lotus much of a bump in market share.
  • . ''I went back to Pat and told him it was bad for the industry'' for Microsoft to control too many markets, recalls Lotus' CEO.

    Ed Brill
  • . In this position, Brill is responsible for the continued worldwide success of and, the market's leading collaborative software products.
  • . Brill works with the IBM sales organization, IBM business partners, and customers daily to provide insight into the Lotus strategy, product direction, and market successes.
  • . Brill leverages this in-market experience to provide counsel and direction to the Notes/Domino product and marketing organizations, ensuring constant improvement and responsiveness.
  • . In his eleven year career at IBM Lotus, Brill has held a variety of sales, marketing, and product-related leadership roles.
  • . Prior to his current position, Ed managed Lotus competitive strategy, guiding Lotus software offerings to market-leading positions and anticipating future market trends.
  • . Ed was also the lead offerings manager for Lotus enterprise messaging solutions and managed product marketing for Lotus Notes and Lotus iNotes.
  • . In addition, Ed led the team responsible for market introduction of the award-winning Lotus iNotes Web Access.

    Lotus 1-2-3 for mainframes (bringing a product to market)
  • (Full Service) (Limited Service, Free ) Search: The ACM Digital Library The Guide Lotus 1-2-3 for mainframes (bringing a product to market) Full text (481 KB) Source International Conference on APL Proceedings of the international conference on APL: APL and the future Seattle, Washington, United States Pages: 207 - 214 Year of Publication: 1985 ISSN:0163-6006 Author Parallax Systems Inc.
  • . It's difficult to pinpoint why — other than to reflect on the complexities of conceiving a marketable product and executing the development, release, sale and promotion, distribution, and ongoing support for a product.
  • . Although many companies provide APL services, and many custom applications have been developed for specific needs, the ability to bring a mainframe APL product to market and have it succeed seems cornered by IBM (e.g., ADRS, FPS, GRAPHPAK, APL DI).
  • . What are the elements that contribute to the success of this product in such a short period of time? Can these be applied to other APL product ideas to insure the developer is at least on the right road to producing a winner? First, there was market awareness.

    Lotus Notes/Domino Marketing Opportunities
  • . THE VIEW is the Technical Journal for Lotus Notes and Domino and the world’s premier producer of conferences and seminars in the Notes/Domino market.
  • . We have a dominant presence within this market and as a result generate highly targeted audiences that allow you to focus precious marketing dollars efficiently.
  • . These are not just “tire-kickers” in the Notes and Domino market, but committed customers who are actively seeking ways to improve the productivity of their Lotus Notes and Domino environment.


    Lotus Elise: Steve talks about marketing the Elise in America

  • Lotus Elise: Steve talks about marketing the Elise in America From: Steve Brightman <Steve.Brightman@dalsemi.com> Subject: US Elise - marketing perspective (long) Date: Thu, 9 Apr 1998 14:40:29 -0500 Since people keep insisting on revealing to the list what I do for a living I thought it might be fun to put my job knowledge to work on the subject of the federal Elise.
  • . How would I market the Elise in the US, or indeed would I recommend that Lotus even try this? First, we have to establish a frame of reference.
  • . Lotus doesn't have enough capacity to satisfy worldwide demand so why bother trying to add the US market? 2.
  • . To make it appeal to the US market it has to be moved upscale.
  • . If true then I would have to agree with Lotus, no sense in creating a great demand if you can't deliver, however to a degree it is good marketing to keep demand slightly ahead of supply.
  • . Let's say we buy into this hypothesis, how do we proceed? Here's what I propose: Introduce two models of the Elise to the US market.

    Lotus Elise: Executive Biographies Press Release
  • . operations and was instrumental in successfully bringing the Elise to the American market, as well as making the Esprit one of the longest-running sports cars in history.
  • . Mark O'Shaughnessy Director of Sales and Marketing, Lotus Cars USA Mark O'Shaughnessy returned to Lotus Cars, USA as Director of Sales and Marketing in November 2003.
  • . market readiness team on the Lotus Elise introduction.

    Why Good Ideas Fail
  • TechUser.Net Why Good Ideas Fail by [Feb 29, 2004] Sometimes an excellent software product comes to market, gets rave reviews, and then disappears.
  • . Both products received extensive media coverage and favorable reviews, but made no impact on the software market.
  • . Was poor marketing the reason for the demise of BeOS and Lotus Improv? Marketing is always a factor in the success of a product; however, these products did receive extensive favorable media coverage.
  • . Better marketing might have enabled these products to do slightly better, but it is unlikely that marketing alone could have rescued them.
  • . The popularity of Windows 3.0 changed the market in favor of Excel, and thus accelerated Excel's acceptance.
  • . More time allows an idea to mature, and also enables it to benefit from favorable marketplace changes.
  • . Additionally, the backers behind the idea get to learn from failure and are able to market the idea better.
  • . Lotus and Be both blundered by not allowing their products sufficient time on the market.

    Maven Networks | Compelling Broadband Video-on-Demand Experiences
  • . > > > Management Team Management Team Maven's executive management team has an extensive track record in creating award-winning and market-leading software products, pioneering technology innovation and raising industry standards.
  • . Maven's engineering, services, marketing and sales teams include veterans and leaders from established technology companies such as Art Technology Group (ATG), Excite@Home, eBay, Groove Networks, IBM, Liberate Technologies, Lotus, Macromedia, Road Runner and SGI.
  • . Under his leadership, Narrative captured 70% market share, grew its revenue 800% annually, and gave rise to today's multibillion dollar rich media advertising market.
  • . where he was responsible for product management and marketing of Lotus' SmartSuite products and helped establish the company's market leadership in spreadsheet products in Japan and other parts of Asia.
  • . Todd Boes Vice President of Marketing Todd Boes has more than a decade of experience executing product strategies, rollouts and multi-million dollar marketing programs for award-winning product lines from companies such as Macromedia, Allaire, Sybase and Powersoft.

    Lotus, Microsoft Want to Serve Your Portal - Company Business and Marketing ENT - FindArticles
  • IN > > > > Article Content provided in partnership with FIND IN Find Magazines by Topic Lotus, Microsoft Want to Serve Your Portal - Company Business and Marketing , by Peer-to-peer file sharing is often considered the province of teenage MP3 bootleggers, but Microsoft and IBM's Lotus Development division have adopted the peer-to-peer model for sharing knowledge on corporate portals.
  • . The product will be branded as SharePoint Portal Server when it hits the market this spring.
  • . Advertisement When SharePoint Portal was first announced it was billed as Microsoft's entry into the document management arena, but, as its name suggests, it is now marketed as a portal server.
  • . While Microsoft attempts to enter the market for portal servers, Lotus is extending the functionality of its existing K-station portal server by adding search and data mining functionality.

    Microsoft - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  • . Headquartered in, , , its most popular products are the operating system and the suite of productivity software, each of which has achieved near ubiquity in the market.
  • . Microsoft possesses footholds in other markets, with assets such as the cable television network, the , and the multimedia encyclopedia.
  • . The company also markets home entertainment products, such as the, and .
  • . After the market saw a flood of clones in the mid-1980s, Microsoft used its new position, which it gained in part due to a contract from, to dominate the home computer operating system market with .
  • . In Microsoft Windows, the company was selling what would become the most widely used operating system in the world, which was originally an add-on for MS-DOS; Microsoft continued to push into multiple markets, such as computer hardware and television.
  • . Due to potential problems with CP/M, IBM marketed both CP/M and PC-DOS for US$250 and US$40, respectively, with PC-DOS eventually becoming the standard because of its lower price.

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