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  • . Market Challenger A firm attempting to gain market leadership through marketing efforts - see also 'market follower' and 'market leader' Market Development The process of growing sales by offering existing products (or new versions of them) to new customer groups (as opposed to simply attempting to increase the company's share of current markets).

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  • . The most important aspect of is, however, that - even under normal conditions - to all practical intents and purposes (hence, there needs to me more emphasis on model/reality mappings)! In most markets the majority of the major (dominant) brands have held their position for at least two decades.
  • . The dominant product life-cycle, that of the brand leaders which almost monopolise many markets, is therefore one of continuity! In the most respected criticism of the product life cycle, Dhalla & Yuspeh [cite] state; "...clearly, the PLC is a dependent variable which is determined by market actions; it is not an independent variable to which companies should adapt their marketing programs.
  • . Marketing management itself can alter the shape and duration of a brand's life cycle." Thus, the life cycle may be useful as a, but not as a ; and usually should be firmly under the control of the marketer! The important point is that in many, if not most, markets the product or brand life cycle is significantly longer than the planning cycle of the organisations involved.

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  • . 06/16/2006 04:04 PM Markets Charts 11, 014.6 -0.6 2, 130.0 -14.2 7, 933.9 -42.6 1, 251.5 -4.6 Watch List Quotes delayed at least 15 minutes for Nasdaq, and at least 20 minutes otherwise.

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  • . 06/16/2006 04:04 PM Markets Charts 11, 014.6 -0.6 2, 130.0 -14.2 7, 933.9 -42.6 1, 251.5 -4.6 Watch List Quotes delayed at least 15 minutes for Nasdaq, and at least 20 minutes otherwise.


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    A Microbrew's Road to a Macro Market
  • . Hindy, who co-wrote the new book Beer School (John Wiley & Sons, 2005) with Potter, recently spoke with BusinessWeek Online reporter about becoming an entrepreneur and the ups and downs of establishing a business from scratch in one of the world's most competitive markets.
  • . How did you enter one of the most competitive markets for beer -- the U.S.? Since we started, there have been about 15 or 20 other beer startups in and around New York, and most have failed.

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  • . For foreign markets, country reports can be used as a general information source for the macro-environment.

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  • Adding Intelligence to Information | Quick Links Claritas Case Studies Industries For more information about Claritas products and services, call today! 1-866-737-7429 > > Fidelity (FIIS) Fidelity (FIIS) Focusing on B-2-B Retirement Plan Markets With Claritas Data Discovery Fidelity Investments Institutional Services Company, Inc.
  • . The detailed geodemographic and lifestyle data, including consumer affluence, buying behaviors and channel preferences, allows development of highly specific target marketing plans for regional and local markets.
  • . Claritas provides you with the information foundation: market segmentation data, demographic data, consumer marketing data, marketing analysis tools, market demographic applications, and marketing strategy expertise all needed to examine markets and execute profitable target marketing opportunities.

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  • . Your Markets You need industry recognized channel management tools and data resources to create benchmarks.
  • . These enable you to clarify your current position and to identify growth opportunities through intensive studies of your sales channels, markets and your brands, including: Your competitors' market share Sales potential by product and service category Consumer trends Your Delivery Channels The better your delivery channels satisfy your customers' needs, the more likely you'll retain your customers.

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    Shimao starts pre-marketing of third Chinese property IPO in as many weeks - IPO Report -
  • . In each edition we uncover the latest trends in Asia's debt and equity capital markets, corporate finance, fund management, M&A, cash management, trade finance, risk management and treasury - adding deep editorial insight and analysis to the headlines.

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