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  • . · Soundtrack featuring Saliva's Click Click Boom (from their gold debut, Every Six Seconds) and artists from Palm Pictures including Seven Channels, The Mad Capsule Markets, and Super Human Strength.

    The Hindu Business Line : Mad cow disease a fodder for capsule industry
  • . 24 ONE man's poison is not just another man's meat, but also his bread and butter! Or so it seems for the Indian capsules industry, where the fear of "mad cow" disease stalking global markets has increased demand for vegetarian and "BSE/TSE free" capsules.
  • . `Bovine spongiform encephalopathy' (BSE), popularly known as the mad cow disease, had in the past put the fear of food in the European markets.
  • . With regulated markets like Europe and now the US tightening the noose on food and drugs, traceability (documenting the source of ingredients in a food or drug) has assumed importance, say drug industry representatives.
  • . "Australian and New Zealand markets are interested in vegetarian capsules for their nutraceuticals and dietary supplements segment.

    JRock suggestions [Archive] - Japan Forum
  • . Their latest album Six Ugly resembles the music of The Mad Capsule Markets.
  • . They've seen that the Mad Capsule Markets have become popular worldwide and i think they want to achieve the same.
  • . Mad Capsule Markets rock.

    Do you really like J-pops? [Archive] - Japan Forum
  • . Would you call artists and bands like Melt Banana, Cornelius, The Yellow Monkey, The Mad Capsule Markets, YMO and Denki Groove fake music? Because, in my opinion, that's also JPop.
  • . Listen to Melt Banana or The Mad Capsule Markets.


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  • . LOVE PSYCHEDELICO Luna Sea Lyrico M List of J-Pop artists:M m-flo Mad Capsule Markets Maeda Aki Maeda Yuki Malice Mizer Matsumoto Takahiro Matsuura Aya Matsuyama Chiharu MAX Mejale Pirates melody. A&E: Gather ’Round, Adventurous Music Listeners
  • . MAD CAPSULE MARKETS Picking up where metal beatmeister Rob Zombie and digital hardcore savants Atari Teenage Riot left off, Japanese trio Mad Capsule Markets have hit it big on the charts of their native country a dozen years and a dozen albums into their existence.
  • . Welding the heavy noise wallop of Japan’s experimental rock with the manic techno tempos of Berlin’s cacophonous cronies, Mad Capsule Markets made their stateside debut back in 1995 in San Francisco (where they mixed their 1996 album, 4 Plugs ) and went on to hold their own at Ozzfest and open for bands such as Rage Against the Machine.
  • . Mad Capsule Markets plays Nov.

    Modern Japan - Entertainment - Popular Music
  • . But some of the artists that I've been impressed with are: Thee Michelle Gun Elephant (a kind of Japanese Ramones), The Mad Capsule Markets , Buffalo Daughter , Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her , Boom Boom Satellites and Captain Funk .

    Gut Records :: View topic - why is rowetta dying on her arse gut????
  • . GUT is only a small company, and regarding the Mad Capsule Markets, there was a fair amount of promotion regarding their recent album.

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    Given Imaging to Launch Advanced PillCam(TM) SB Video Capsule for the small bowel
  • . "Through our close collaboration with Given, we are enabling the PillCam SB to take yet another step forward in disposable medical imaging." "Our custom solution for Given's product range is indicative of how Zarlink's ultra low-power and wireless technologies are proving indispensable for the healthcare and communications markets, " said Steve Swift, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Ultra Low-Power Communications, Zarlink Semiconductor.
  • . Through its worldwide operations, Micron manufactures and markets DRAMs, NAND Flash memory, CMOS image sensors, other semiconductor components, and memory modules for use in leading-edge computing, consumer, networking, and mobile products.

    Ozzy Osbourne and OZZFEST celebrate 10 Years with new DVD CD Collection @ Rikks Revues
  • . Plus concert performances by Alter Bridge – “The End Is Here” Bowling For Soup – “1985 ” and The Mad Capsule Markets – “Pulse”.

    Star Wars: Message Boards: Japanese Music
  • . Brother Jephso Total Posts: 4655 Member Since: 08/02 Date Posted: Jul 03, 2005 04:06 AM The only Japanese band I can think of that's really at all popular over here is Mad Capsule Markets.

    Crisscross - Commentary - Why Japanese singers fail to crack US market
  • . The MTV International executives who attended the event loved them, and seem very eager to give them exposure in the key overseas markets such as the US.
  • . Another piece of good news for those of us who want to see Japanese musicians achieve the success they deserve in overseas markets is that hardcore band the Mad Capsule Markets have licensed their album OCS-DIS to Chris Blackwell's Palm Music label for North America and Europe.
  • . Puffy, Love Psychedelico and the Mad Capsule Markets are all very different musical acts, but they have one thing in common: originality and a drive to succeed.