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  • a section of the | Topic Areas Contains over 135 categories Publications More Tutorials Tutorial: Finding Information for Market Research Article Index Page 1 of 12 One of the most difficult aspects of researching a market is locating hard numbers such as finding market share figures, sales growth rates, sales margins, etc.
  • . Marketing professionals, academics and students alike face this difficult and often frustrating problem and are often at a loss in terms of what direction to take to find what they need.
  • . In this tutorial we offer suggestions to aid those who find themselves in need of market information.
  • . This tutorial should prove useful for a wide range of marketing functions including the brand manager in charge of product decisions, salespeople prospecting for new business, students writing term papers, and many more.
  • . We classify the hunt for market information into two categories: 1.
  • . Prev - See What Works! Read about results of real web-based experiments that can help impoved online marketing efforts in our special section: Real Market Research Yes there is such a thing as free market research! See our section for links to real research reports.

    Free World Notes
  • . Some paragraph notes: Commercial software companies typically divide their costs into several sectors: development; manufacturing; marketing/sales; service; general and administrative.
  • . By far the largest cost is marketing/ sales, so most of what the customer is actually paying for is the persuasion to convince the customer to pay so much for something that costs so little to develop, and practically nothing to reproduce and deliver.
  • . More expensive software often includes after-the-sale service, which should be considered a marketing/sales cost, since it props up an extravagant price structure.
  • . Microsoft likes to expand its operating system to eliminate the market for add-on software, such as for disk compression and networking.
  • . UNIX vendors have stuck steadfastly to higher priced markets, avoiding direct competition, even though NT is aimed directly at destroying UNIX.
  • . Netscape, for example, having gained a dominant market share in its niche, still cannot raise its prices because of Microsoft's competition, which is a windfall of sorts for customers.

    BP Global - About BP - Refining and marketing
  • | Search: About BP Refining and marketing Refining and marketing Our downstream operations refine, transport, sell and trade crude oil and petroleum products in over 100 countries worldwide.
  • . They include refineries, petrol stations, lubricants and business marketing In recent years, rapid growth has led to a larger and stronger footprint.
  • . In Europe, we are the second largest fuels' retailer overall, and the largest fuels' retailer in Germany - the biggest market.
  • . We have over 2, 700 outlets in Germany today, mostly branded Aral, and this gives us a gasoline market segment share of about 22%.
  • . We are also number one or two, in most of our other European markets.
  • . We are the largest automotive lubricants marketer across Europe with a 17% market segment share, and again the largest player in Germany.
  • . In North America, we are the second largest fuels' marketer, with its Amoco Ultimate gasoline providing the highest premium grade ratio.
  • . Air BP is one of the world's leading suppliers of fuel and fuel-related services to the aviation industry, with more than 10% of the market.

    Asymmetrical Information: Followed a Tapped link to
  • . The outsized profit argument is based on a misunderstanding of the way capital markets work.
  • . (Many people are confused because the SG&A -- selling, general and administrative expenses -- item on the Income Statement includes pretty much all non-factory overhead, which is a much larger number than marketing expenses.
  • . And even then, 85% of pharmaceutical marketing consists of providing fact sheets and samples -- and, to be fair, dinners -- to physicians.
  • . Think I'm being alarmist? Almost 50% of the world's pharma companies now reside here, many of which moved in the last ten years, as we became their primary market.
  • . And in cases where that isn't true, having two drugs on the market that do almost exactly the same thing pushes down prices for consumers.
  • . Advocates of single payer claim that the problem is the free market -- when health care hasn't functioned like a free market since WWII.
  • . Oh, it's freer than elsewhere -- but Medicare spending is 17% of the total market; Medicaid another 5% or so, and almost all of the rest comes from employer subsidized health insurance -- which is not a free market item, thank you very much; it's a product of the deductibility of medical insurance, which is an otherwise ludicrously inefficient item for employers to buy.


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    Terminal Market Prices : Product List
  • MARKET WATCH FRUIT AND VEGETABLES Information provided by Fruit and Vegetable Market News Federal-State Market News Service, USDA USDA-AMS Market News Service Outlook: Hog Profits Author: Bob Sampson If hog producers enjoy a third consecutive year of profit as projected, accumulated earnings are going to be large enough to encourage further expansion, said a Purdue University Extension marketing specialist.
  • . Total inventory numbers in the December report were up only 0.4 percent with the number in the breeding herd up 0.7 percent and the market inventory up only 0.3 percent.
  • . marketing margins, hog prices are expected to drop to an average closer to $46 in 2006.
  • . "Fat-free milk saw a 3.9 percent decline in consumption, whole milk consumption decreased 1.7 percent, and low/reduced-fat milk consumption dropped 1.2 percent." Other Market Links M-F, USDA report on Chicago Board of Trade Futures trading.
  • . 22 Hay market reports from across the US including export reports.

    Food Marketing: Consumers, Food Innovation, Retailing, and the World-wide Market
  • FOOD MARKETING: CONSUMERS, DEVELOPMENT, MANUFACTURING, AND DISTRIBUTION San Diego State University Imperial Valley Campus 720 Heber Ave.
  • . Food Marketing, Consumption, and Manufacturing Food Marketing .
  • . Food products often involve the general marketing approaches and techniques applied the marketing of other kinds of products and services.
  • . In food marketing, topics such as test marketing, segmentation, positioning, branding, targeting, consumer research, and market entry strategy, for example, are highly relevant.
  • . In addition, food marketing involves other kinds of challenges--such as dealing with a perishable product whose quality and availability varies as a function of current harvest conditions.
  • . The value chain --the extent to which sequential parties in the marketing channel add value to the product--is particularly important.
  • . Today, processing and new distribution options provide increasing increasing opportunities available to food marketers to provide the consumer with convenience.

    Market acces - Executive brief
  • June 2004 Executive brief Introduction Market access for ACP agricultural exports to the EU can take place under one of three regimes: the trade provisions of the Cotonou Agreement; the ‘Everything but Arms’ (EBA) initiative for least developed countries; the Generalised System of Preferences (GSP) applied to all developing countries.
  • . (In the past as a result of the operation of the rules of origin under different regimes, exporters of clothing and textile products in some ACP countries chose to export under the GSP provisions.) As a consequence, detailed consideration is only given here to the market-access arrangements established under the Cotonou Agreement and the EBA initiative.
  • . Market access for ACP countries under the Cotonou agreement The basis of ACP Cotonou trade preferences The market-access provisions of the Cotonou agreement are based on the non-reciprocal trade preferences extended to ACP countries under the earlier Lomé Convention which will remain in place until December 31st 2007.

    Business Marketing - Small Business Marketing
  • • • | Organizing your sales and marketing efforts can be as equally important as the efforts themselves.
  • . You've got to track your communications to prospects, your sales orders, your market research and your budgets.
  • . Please review it prior to using any Formnet form.) Marketing Department Budget Recap Helps you analyze the sales, margins and marketing expenses for your products or services • Product Sales Projection This form will help project your sales for up to 16 products.

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    The Pros and Cons of Free Shipping
  • . This also allows you to highlight the true price of the product you're selling, which is especially effective if one of your marketing strategies is to offer incredibly low prices for the products you sell.
  • . Be sure you understand just who your target market is and where the majority of your customers are having their orders shipped before you make any rash decisions.
  • . Finally, if you're considering offering free shipping but will have to raise the price of your product to do so, be sure to test both options! Does your market respond better to the lower price point, with shipping factored in separately, or do they find the offer of "free shipping" more appealing? If you let your customers tell you which pricing structure they prefer, you won't go wrong.
  • . Corey Rudl, author of Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet and founder of, is widely recognized as an Internet marketing expert because what he teaches are not theoretical approaches to online marketing but real examples of what works.

    how to write a business plan, sales plans, marketing strategy, free templates, examples, samples and techniques
  • free business planning and marketing tips, samples, examples and tools - how to write a business plan, techniques for writing a marketing strategy, strategic business plans and sales plans Writing business plans and marketing strategy should be simple (see the ).
  • . Financial aspects confuse many, and modern IT, the internet and websites enable new business methods, but the techniques of how to write strategic business plans (or a strategic marketing plan) remain basically straight-forward.
  • . Business planning and marketing strategy are mostly common-sense and logic, based on cause and effect.
  • . Here are tips, examples, techniques, tools and a process for writing a marketing strategy, business and sales plans, to produce effective results.
  • . This free online guide explains how to put together a marketing strategy, basic business plan, and a sales plan, including free templates and examples, such as the Ansoff and Boston matrix tools.
  • . New pages are being added soon on advertising, sales promotion, PR (public relations) and press releases, sales enquiry lead generation, advertising copy-writing, internet and website marketing, in the meanwhile see the page for free marketing and advertising techniques and advice.

    ERS/USDA Briefing Room - Organic Farming and Marketing
  • or You are here: / / Organic Farming and Marketing Briefing Rooms Organic Farming and Marketing Overview Organic farming became one of the fastest growing segments of U.S.
  • . producers are turning to as a potential way to lower input costs, decrease reliance on nonrenewable resources, capture high-value markets and premium prices, and boost farm income.
  • . Government has largely taken a free-market approach to the organic sector.
  • . Despite the different approaches, both regions have large retail markets for organic foods.
  • . (2/06, 8/05) —Price premiums for organic products have contributed to growth in certified organic farmland and, ultimately, market expansion.
  • . This article explores price premiums and market margins for a limited set of fresh produce items—carrots, broccoli, and mesclun mix.
  • . (5/05) Recommended Readings —The popularity of farmers' markets in the United States has grown concurrently with organic production and consumer interest in locally and organically produced foods.

    Monster | Personal Salary Report | Machine Operator I Salary thru Museum Curator - Higher Ed. Salary
  • . Searches for Marketing Manager salary, Medical Assistant salary and Medical Records Director salary information are among the most popular.


    Defining Your Niche Market

  •  You are here: >>> > > FREE Newsletter Sign Up Now for the Marketing newsletter!   Search Defining Your Niche Market A Critical Step in Internet Marketing   Related Resources •  • •      Glossary •    In my 7 years experience of working with clients one thing I've noticed is there are some business owners that have defined their niche market and have a clear picture of whom it is they are marketing to and there are others that tend to waiver or be unsure.
  • . Often business owners view a niche market as narrowing their sales or cutting into a profit margin, so they fear it.
  • . The truth is a niche market could be defined as a component that gives your business POWER.
  • . A niche market allows you to define who you are marketing to.
  • . When you know who are you are marketing to it's easy to determine where your marketing energy and dollars should be spent.
  • . A car dealership calls me up and tells me they want me to help them develop an Internet Marketing strategy.

  • . Where prices are imposed on one or more levels of the marketing chain by some external body.
  • . Used in the context of marketing research, audits are systematic counts of the amount of product which has passed through a warehouse (warehouse withdrawal audit) or retailer (retail audit).
  • . An approach to portfolio analysis based on the premise that a positive relationship exists between market share and profitability.
  • . Clients use the services of a broker intermittently since their supply of the product to the market is intermittent.
  • . Where the sales of a new product are gained at the expense of the marketing organisations existing products.
  • . Products which enjoy a high market share, in a low growth market and that generate large cash inflows.
  • . In the context of product marketing, cognitive dissonance arises when a buyer's experience of the performance of a product fails to match up to prior expectations of the performance of that product.
  • . A system of setting budgets for marketing communications in which the strategy is to match the expenditures of immediate competitors.

    Hackers, Hits and Chats: An E-Commerce and Marketing Dictionary of Terms
  • Last updated: February, 2006 Hackers, Hits and Chats: An E-Commerce and Marketing Dictionary of Terms This dictionary serves as support material for, specifically for marketing and e-commerce classes.
  • . To Add : database marketing; the long tail; mass customization; demand shaping me if you want something adding.
  • . Marketers have the option of developing their own in-house affiliate program ( and are examples) or joining one or more of the large affiliate networks (, or ).
  • . Marketing may sign up for an affiliate program to use their excess advertising inventory (unsold ).
  • . Using an auction pricing system, sellers are not constrained by having to fix a price without knowing what the market will bare (traditional pricing methodology).
  • . The seller, however, will not get the most revenue the market would have paid if the buyers had had to compete for the purchase.
  • . They can also be used effectively in customer service by indicating to the consumer: The query was received Other alternate means to find information A response timeframe Additional marketing material Note: An autoresponder can also be used to distribute a, as a response to an e-mail request.

    Free Market Freefall:Declining Agricultural Commodity Prices and the ‘Market Access’ Myth
  • . Added to this is the renewed interest in international commodity agreements - 57 years after the UN Economic and Security Council recognized the need for price stabilization measures to overcome the social and economic impact of short-term price volatility o­n world markets.
  • . While the solutions advanced clearly demand that governments do something, the implicit assumption is that whatever action is taken must facilitate and not challenge the logic of the market.
  • . One of the effects of this continued devotion to 'the market' is that, even in those reports critical of trade liberalization and export dependency, the role and impact of neoliberalism is ignored.
  • . Similarly, the UNCTAD report o­n Africa suggests that the "ascendancy" of the notion that economic growth results from "the free play of market forces" meant that state regulation of markets "was no longer deemed acceptable or feasible".10 How and why this happened is unexplained.

    globalEDGE (TM) | glossary
  • . Market Access The extent to which a domestic industry can penetrate a related market in a foreign country.
  • . Market Economy An economy in which resource allocations, prices and other marketing decisions are primarily determined by the free market.
  • . Market Failure A failure of arms-length markets to efficiently complete the production of a good or service.
  • . In the eclectic paradigm, the multinational corporation’s market internalization advantages take advantage of market failure.
  • . Market Internalization Advantages Advantages that allow the multinational corporation to internalize or exploit the failure of an arms-length market to efficiently accomplish a task.
  • . Market Maker A financial institution that quotes bid (buy) and offer (sell) prices.
  • . Market Model (one-factor market model) The empirical version of the security market line: Rj = aj + bjRM + ej.
  • . Market Portfolio A portfolio of all assets weighted according to their market values.
  • . Market Risk Premium The risk premium on an average stock; (E[RM]-RF).

    livestock marketing--margin operator--market--beef market--cattle market
  • . For Now May 25, 2006 10:09 AM "The last few years, time has usually saved you if you're a margin operator (feeder or stocker), now it will be against you, " says Derrell Peel, Oklahoma State University Extension livestock marketing specialist.
  • . The market is running away from margin operators because supplies are increasing significantly relative to demand.
  • . Not only is a wall of increased supply set to hit the market during what are historically the softest market months of the year, it's coming at a time when high breakevens already have feeders losing around $100/head (more on yearlings, less on calf-feds, Miller says).
  • . For anyone who thinks the outlook would be at least twice as bright if politics and ineptitude hadn't conspired to keep international beef trade in limbo, both Peel and Miller say having the international markets fully engaged would undoubtedly provide a psychological lift. @CallCenter