Leicestershire Local Strategic Partnership - Chapter 1

  • . (Leicestershire County Council, Leicester Promotions, North West Leicestershire District Council, 2005) Develop a web based portal to promote what is going on in Leicestershire for tourists and local people.
  • . (Leicestershire Local Strategic Partnership, 2005) Develop local learning forums in each District Council area to bring together providers to respond to learner needs and provide a focus for local collaborative activity.
  • . Air Quality Management Areas have been declared in all Districts, as healthy limits for some air pollutants are expected to be exceeded.
  • . The Leicestershire Municipal Waste Management Strategy, agreed by County and District councils, identifies a more sustainable approach for dealing with household waste.
  • . (ENABLE, 2005) In Partnership with District Councils, additional recycling and composting above statutory targets to achieve around 35% by 2005/2006, an overall increase of around 52% on current levels.
  • . (Leicestershire County Council and District Councils, PSA Target 10, 2006) Lead the community by demonstrating and promoting environmental good practice, in the areas of: energy efficiency, waste minimalisation, recycling and travel plans by ensuring environmental and biodiversity considerations are considered in actions and strategies.

  • Agricultural Beginnings: Medieval Settlement and Marketing By Alan Roberts Map of Early Medieval Settlement With acknowledgements to Doris Unger Click image for larger view The District of the Midland Station Straddling the central ridge dividing the catchment basins of the Mease and the Anker, Appleby lies at the very heart of an area described by the practical agriculturalist, William Marshall in 1787 as ‘The District of the Midland Station’.

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  • . How do you identify priorities: Research results - national and local Legal Structure: - (local authority project) Who do you work with: Producers, consumers, caterers, retailers, wholesalers, agency partners – Primary Care Trusts, District Authorities, Organic Farms, Community Groups, Schools, Hospitality sector businesses.
  • . Legal Structure: A not-for-profit co-operative Who do you work with: District Councils, the County Council, The City Council, producers, caterers, retailers and wholesalers, Sustain and Friends of the Earth Main Activities Alec Duthie organises three farmers markets and this will be increasing to five markets, which included Leicester City.
  • . recent work done by gfa- RACE for the Wiltshire and Swindon Economic partnership, by consultants working for the farmers markets, national reports ect and through liaison with producers Legal Structure: Partnership Hosted by NWDC Who do you work with: Interested parties throughout the county, NFU, DEFRA, SWRDA, Wiltshire Wildlife, Business Link, County and District councils, CLA, Tourism, TotW, south West food and drink skills network.

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  • . She is chief academic officer for Minnesota's largest and most diverse school district with more than 49, 000 students who speak nearly 80 languages.
  • . Louis Park school district for two years, and earlier had been a teacher, principal and administrator in Minneapolis.
  • . Moe was elected to the Minnesota state legislature in 1970 to represent northwestern Minnesota's 2nd senate district.

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  • . Foody (1998) "Unmixing aggregate data: estimating the social composition of enumeration districts, " Environment & Planning A 30, 1929-41.
  • . --- (1996) "Geographic variation in illness and mortality: the development of a relevant area typology for SAR districts, " Health and Place 2.3, 139-56.
  • . --- (1997), "Household forecasts for Bradford District 1996: documentation, " Bradford Council Corporate Services, City Hall, Research Section, Bradford BD1 1HY.

    Families and food: wartime tucker, paper by Michal Bosworth
  • . From these years Australians got the Australian Food Council, followed by the Potato Board, the Egg Marketing Board, the Wheat Board, the District War Agricultural Committees and many more product committees, several of which remained in place for years after 1945.

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  • . "States that are hanging around to make a difference: Pennsylvania, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Nevada, and Maine's Second Congressional District.
  • . The planning committee has identified four institutions to consider: cooperatives, conservation districts, condominium and property owner associations, and informal collaboratives.
  • . In Hawaii, Republican growth in the state's rural congressional district may have turned the 50th state into a swing state, one that will be the last to close its polls on Tuesday.
  • . Or Bush and Kerry are headed toward an electoral college tie, but the 2nd Congressional District of Maine breaks with the rest of the state, giving its one electoral vote -- and the presidency -- to Bush." Those and other scenarios are unlikely to occur, Milbank writes, “but neither is any of them far-fetched.

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  • . Scott, who is a prominent defender of evolution told the times the findings were not surprising because "Americans react very positively to the fairness or equal time kind of argument." So far this year , "The National Center for Science Education has tracked 70 new controversies over evolution in 26 states, some in school districts, others in the state legislatures, " writes Goodstein.
  • . Joe Max Williams, executive director of the South Central Tennessee Development District , told Alligood, "Manufacturing jobs are leaving us, and if we want to replace them we've got to have high-speed Internet access.
  • . It traces its origins in this country to Los Angeles, but has spread to at least 10 states and the District of Columbia.
  • . Michaud of Maine's 2nd District wants rural veterans to have the kind of healthcare they currently find difficult if not impossible to obtain, saying the nation owes them nothing less. DVD Rentals by Mail - Videomatica in the News
  • . I knew he appreciated a good adventure!" So, the guys scraped up $60, 000 in start-up capital-from a mixture of bank loans and draining their respective savings-and opened a 1, 200 square foot location on West Fourth Avenue in the hip and happening Kitsilano district of Vancouver.

    Gautam Ghosh on Management: August 2004
  • . It isthis district that has lifted the purdah for its first steps up the e-learningcurve.
  • . About 560 e-centres dot the hills, with 4, 000 PCs and scanners.Malappuram lays claim to being the world’s first rural district to achieve 100per cent household e-literacy (one computer-literate person per family).

    Town of Wynyard: Business Directory
  • . 554-4126 or 554-2315   Wynyard & District Community Health Centre The Centre has involved constructing a facility and recruiting a practice.
  • . The Community Health Services Association (Wynyard & District) had its first membership meeting in 1962.
  • . 554-2539 Wynyard Co-operative Association Limited Serving Wynyard & District since 1928, we are a member-owned and controlled business with a food store on Main Street and petroleum outlet on Highway #16 next to Mom’s Restaurant.
  • . Unlike the big city stores, we contribute to every athletic and service group in the District.
  • . We are the "no need not to smile" business serving Wynyard and District for the past twenty years.
  • . 554-2571 After hours 554-3861/554-7649 Wynyard Public Library Wynyard Public Library offers its research and informational resources, particularly to the agriculture and business sectors of our district.
  • . Library membership is free to all district residents.
  • . Office 554-3545 Residence 554-3646 Fax 554-3102 Wynyard & District Regional Park The Park is located 2.4 km’s south of Wynyard on Grid #640.


    HyperWar: U.S. Government Manual--1945 [Department of Agriculture]

  • . The Bureau assists other bureaus of the Department in the design and supervision of construction outside the District of Columbia and advises them in the purchase of engineering equipment.
  • . District Organization .--The United States is divided into 12 farm credit districts.
  • . In one city in each district are a Federal land bank, a Federal intermediate credit bank, a production credit corporation, and a bank for cooperatives.
  • . Each district also has a farm credit board, the members of which are ex officio directors of each of the four credit institutions in that district.
  • . Activities of the four institutions in a district are coordinated through the farm credit board and an executive called the general agent, who acts as joint officer for the four units.
  • . District Offices--Farm Credit Administration Office Territory Springfield, Mass.
  • . Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Virginia, West Virginia Columbia, S.C. @CallCenter