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  • . Posted by Jill Fallon on May 03, 2006 at 05:19 PM | Buying the Elvis Estate Elvis is the highest-earning dead celebrity for the fifth consecutive year according to Forbes.
  • . The Elvis estate brought in about $40 million last year.
  • . Posted by Jill Fallon on January 30, 2006 at 07:32 PM | Articles and Blogs The Book, Coming Soon Search Recent Entries Quotes of Note If you don't like change, you're going to like irrelevance even less.

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  • . From the Chicago Tribune, Estate planners are increasingly tapping emotions, and downplaying dollars, to start us thinking about leaving a legacy to our heirs.
  • . Via ,   a report from ., strategic consultants to financial institutions on estate planning and charitable giving through life insurance and trust accounts.    I can only report their highlights because their full report costs a lot of money.
  • .   • Their $17 trillion in investable assets will grow to over $30 trillion by 2010, almost doubling in 5 years.  • The highest growth and highest margin business is the wealth management business.  The key to winning in the wealth management arena is estate planning .  So say  executives in the financial services industry.
  • . Financial services, health care and real estate are just a few of the categories that will undergo massive change as Boomers demand online access to information.
  • . CEO Alfred West Jr wants SEI to become as much of a household name as American Express and he plans to do it with West said the program was launched because he believes that baby boomers are not having their accumulated wealth managed well enough by the myriad stock brokers, insurance agents and estate planners that sell specialty services but do not consider an individual's total needs or goals.

    VODW Marketing since 1983 specialist in market strategy, customer contact, distribution, proposition development, marketing intelligence, sales, branding, sport marketing and interim marketing
  • VODW Marketing gespecialiseerd adviesbureau in, , , , , , Marketing Intelligence,, Interim marketeers | About VODW Marketing Our location Leusderend Estate marketing knowledge center VODW Marketing is located at the Leusderend Estate in Leusden, situated on the south side of Amersfoort, right on the A28.
  • . The Leusderend Estate was built in 1916.
  • . Since the beginning of 2000, the beautiful estate has been the home of VODW Marketing.
  • . The entire Leusderend country estate has now been nominated as a listed building.
  • . In addition to the office buildings, the estate accommodates a gym, football field and typical Dutch brown café, for example.
  • . The estate borders on the woods and is therefore ideal for a stroll after lunch or a run after work.

    Lawyer Marketing -- Estate Planning: Marketing Your Services, 29 Costly Mistakes Lawyers Make
  • Estate Planning: Marketing Your Services 29 Costly Mistakes Lawyers Make by Trey Ryder I have worked with at least one estate planning attorney at all times since 1984, with only brief breaks between clients.
  • . One of my estate planning clients delivered a seminar to 84 prospective clients, yet no one came into his office for a free consultation.
  • . Costly Mistake #3: Failing to establish enough credibility to charge fees higher than other estate planners.
  • . Costly Mistake #6: Failing to separate yourself from other estate planners.
  • . Some estate planners think they must compete on low price to survive.
  • . Estate planners often have close alliances with referral sources who include financial professionals.
  • . I've promoted hundreds of estate planning seminars and I assure you that you do not need to feed people to get them to attend.
  • . Costly Mistake #12: Failing to take full advantage of an estate planning and asset protection web site.
  • . If you don't have an in-depth web site with estate planning and asset protection articles -- plus information about you and your services -- you're missing a huge opportunity.


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    Lawyer Marketing -- How to Use Education to Market Legal Services with Dignity
  • How to Use Education to Market Legal Services with Dignity by Trey Ryder An estate planning attorney I know was ready to begin job-hunting.
  • . After one interview on a radio talk show, an estate planning attorney received 426 calls at his office.
  • . Some estate planning attorneys offering free materials this way typically receive 30 to 50 calls per commercial.

    estate management, development management, land marketing - Knight Frank | Australia | Land Agency
  • . Estate Management Knight Frank provides end-to-end service to land developers via a seamless integrated approach.
  • . These two elements are merged under the Estate Management banner, then combined with the other services to provide single point accountability and service delivery to the land development industry.
  • . Residential Land Marketing Knight Frank has been in the property business for over 100 years and is one of the largest and most recognised names in real estate on an international level.

    Press Release - Marketing Private Estates – No longer an Exclusive Market for only Millionaires or Magnates
  • . | Marketing private estates - no longer an exclusive market for only millionaires or magnates Cemetery Management magazine, July 2004 By Lexann Pryd-Kakuk Perceiving them to be only for a highly exclusive audience, many cemeteries have avoided marketing private estates like they market community mausoleums or memorials.
  • . A substantial niche market for private estates remains largely untapped.
  • . A large number of people in the private estates market, including high net worth Americans earning $250, 000 or more and households with incomes of $75, 000 or more, are also seeking to memorialize their legacies and families through private estates.
  • . Most Americans don't know what private estate means.
  • . But they don't know that there are hundreds of different private estate designs available to suit the preferences of middle-to-higher income families and high net worth families.
  • . Naturally, many cemeteries are averse to spending the time and resources required to market private estates.

    Realty Times - Agent Marketing - Market Conditions Reporting Frequently Asked Questions
  • Real Estate News and Advice June 16, 2006 Search Realty Times NEED HELP? Call: 214-353-6980 > Market Conditions Reporting Frequently Asked Questions Click on the question you would like to have answered: What is the Market Conditions Reporting? The Market Conditions Reporting is a way to advertise you as a local market expert to online prospects.
  • . To attract new prospects, all you need to do is submit brief opinions about your local housing market, which is published on a number of popular real estate Web sites including®, Realty Times, AOL, Lycos Real Estate News,, and all of our .

  • Benefits

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    Realty Times - Agent Marketing - Market Conditions Reporting Program Locations
  • Real Estate News and Advice June 16, 2006 Search Realty Times NEED HELP? Call: 214-353-6980 > Market Conditions Reporting Program Locations to view a commercial for Market Conditions now running on the now showing on both DirecTV and Dish Network television.

    NORTH AMERICAN REPORT: Mere Marketing? - Christianity Today Magazine
  • . • • • • • • • > > > Mere Marketing? Publisher, estate under fire for handling of C.
  • . Lewis Estate is to publish the works of C.
  • . But Hanselman also wrote that the documentary's discussion of Narnia was "a biggie, as far as the estate.
  • . "Narnia should come across as one of the great creations of fantasy literature, with roots in general myth and folklore." Hanselman said Adley would require that the Lewis estate give its approval and have a "stake" in the project in order for it to "move forward." Adley's reactions to the controversy have been brief.

    59 Ways to Market Your Appraisal Services
  • Looking for a commercial or residential appraiser for Estate and Trust appraisals in Alameda County CA? Go to Appraiser Info About Us Consumer Info ys to Market Your Appraisal Services Looking for more marketing tips? For info on our other FREE articles, marketing books and tapes, go to the .
  • . Ask the person in charge to point out, for example, real estate attorneys or loan officers.
  • . If it's for real estate agents or professionals such as attorneys, get approval for continuing education credit.
  • . Think of yourself as a real estate professional, not just a real estate appraiser.
  • . Copyrighted by Real Estate Communication Resources.

    Estate Agents
  • Estate Agents > > > Estate Agents Estate Agents The key to Estate Agency success is converting instruction opportunities and generating fresh applicants - areas the Agents working with Hometrack all benefit.


    Asian Marketing, Market Research and Economic Capsule Review

  • . Recent history demonstrates that the competitive economic advantages of the tiger (Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore) and tiger cub (Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines) economies have declined as salary and commercial real estate soared, and global investors found more cost effective vehicles for their manufacturing and industrial operations. @CallCenter