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  • > Marketing Forces In the absence of the right technology, marketing rushes in by Scott Berinato advertisers After the 2001 terrorist attacks, interest in face recognition technology predictably surged.
  • . Why? Wilson explains, "Science has one degree of optimism, marketing has another." Marketing forces (not to be confused with market forces) have a persistently problematic relationship with IT.
  • . Two months after the attacks, even though the market clearly could not provide a viable face recognition technology, marketing forces were fully able to conjure ideal solutions.
  • . That's the thing about marketing forces: The physics of the phenomenon are such that it tends to suck energy away from alternative solutions and thoughtful, measured responses in order to sustain itself.
  • . You could have just read our report." Are you surprised by the failures of face recognition technology trials? Have you suffered other collisions with marketing forces? Let me know at

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  • . Order Code: R310-0288 Published by: Key Note Publications Ltd 14 Aug 2001 $2, 795.00 UK Tied Advice and Direct Distribution 2001 is a vital guide to all the changes and challenges that direct salesforces, tied agents and the growing direct channel are currently facing.

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  • . The trend toward formula purchases has slowed since mandatory price reporting was implemented, and market forces have likely contributed to an increase in the volume of cattle moving under negotiated purchases.

    ERS/USDA Briefing Room - Animal Production and Marketing Issues: Recommended Readings
  • . The trend toward formula purchases has slowed since mandatory price reporting was implemented, and market forces have likely contributed to an increase in the volume of cattle moving under negotiated purchases.
  • . Survey results provide evidence that market forces have worked in conjunction with regulation to promote the use of more sophisticated food safety technologies.


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  • .   / | Main page content: Market forces ‘to control renminbi’ By Steve JohnsonPublished: May 31 2006 19:35 | Last updated: May 31 2006 19:35 China’s central bank on Wednesday promised to let market supply and demand play a “fundamental role” in determining the level of the renminbi. / By industry / Media & internet - Choppy market forces Cineworld to pull float
  • .   / | Main page content: Choppy market forces Cineworld to pull float By Eoin Callan Published: June 9 2006 03:00 | Last updated: June 9 2006 03:00 Cineworld, the leading UK cinema group, became the latest victim of stock market volatility, pulling its flotation at the last minute.

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  • . Whilst technological development, globalisation, demographics and political change have each been market forces for many years, the way in which they are now combining to change markets is exceptional.
  • . As a result of this confluence of market forces, managers in these markets must work more intelligently than ever before.
  • . These include healthcare demands and expectations, regulatory constraints and trade barrier reduction, economic development and political constraints, technological integration and market maturity, concentrating competition, customer sophistication, and consolidation Assessment of the market forces acting on medical companies.
  • . External forces include regulatory controls and market factors such as customer and competitor consolidationl.

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  • . Without a clear understanding of the market forces that impact your industry and the differentiation that your company offers within its market space, your company may not realise its full potential.
  • . Moore Stephens can assist you with: Industry analysis including key trends, key challenges, opportunities, threats from new market entrants, and all other industry and broader market forces that impact on your overall strategies.

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  • . Market forces dictate that, if an inhibitor is that licensing deployment is an issue, then it will be removed.
  • . Q: As open source software usage grows and becomes more widespread, the forces on developers will change.
  • . I believe market forces will come to bear.
  • . There won't be a united Linux -- the goal is laudable but market forces will get us there.