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  • . JupiterResearch provides unbiased research, analysis and advice, backed by proprietary data, to help companies profit from the impact of the Internet and emerging consumer technologies on their business.

    Low-Budget High-Impact Marketing Plan
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  • . The secret to creating a high-impact marketing plan is to optimize your limited budget.
  • . Using marketing & sales strategies outside your budget, does not allow you to repeat your message often enough to make an impact.
  • . Marketing impact can be greatly improved by using multiple marketing channels.
  • . The further you can "stretch your marketing dollars" to reach your target market in multiple channels, the higher the impact of your marketing message.
  • . Low-Budget High-Impact Marketing Techniques Get A Piggyback: Hitching a ride on the marketing of another company can save your small business time and capital.

    Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science -- Sign In Page
  • . PDF Capital Market Impact of Product Marketing Strategy: Evidence From the Relationship...

    The impact of internal marketing to market orientation concept and their effects to bank performance
  • ORIJ Contents Volume 5, Number 2 May - August 2005 The impact of Internal Marketing to Market Orientation Concept and their Effects to Bank Performance N.


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    ERS/USDA Features - BSE in context
  • . cattle and beef markets continue to be impacted by the December 2003 and June 2005 announcements of confirmed positive tests for bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE, or "mad cow" disease) in the United States.
  • . The January 2004 issue covers the market impact of the discovery of BSE in the United States.
  • . (pdf) summarizes differences and similarities between "mad cow" disease and foot-and-mouth disease and presents some of the estimated economic impacts and implications.

    Entry Strategies and Local Market Impact of GSPs in Asia/Pacific : Market Research Report
  • . This report examines the activities of Global Service Providers across Asia/Pacific telecom services market for nine countries in terms of method of entry utilized relative to current and prior regulations as well as the impact that this competitors have had on local markets.

    Visit Vancouver - the official site for information on hotels, dining and activities in Vancouver
  • . » Marketing Research Visitor Volume or Overnight Visitors to Greater Vancouver Monthly data 2006 (Year to Date) monthly and annual totals monthly and annual totals % change annual totals Economic Impact of Visitors to Greater Vancouver Visitor Profile Summary Accommodation Meetings & Conventions Cruise For more information visit the Air Traffic For information on air traffic to Vancouver visit the Other Resources | Copyright © 20

    Marketing Programs - 20 Ways To Promote Your Business
  • 20 Ways to promote your business on a shoestring budget By Danna Yuhas All businesses face the daunting task of making an impact in their market, of being heard above the clatter of an endless stream of competing promotional activities.
  • . And every marketing element used must make a market impact.
  • . Let’s take a look at some low-cost or no-cost ways to make a greater impact in your market.
  • . Not only will you make an impact in an area that’s important to you, but you’ll also increase your visibility, credibility, and your business contacts.
  • . Make a lasting impact.
  • . Need help in developing marketing programs? Call us at (416) 410-5608 Toll-free 1 (877) 368-1989 2000 Danna Yuhas, Market Impact.

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    Market Research & Analysis at MindBranch
  • | Welcome Guest Contact a Research Assistant US 1-800-774-4410 or 1-413-662-3700 Matching Industries 1 About MindBranch > > Impact Marketing Consultants Inc Impact Marketing provides the information, and develops tactics and stategies required for today's businesses.
  • . Impact Marketing specializes in several US businesses: adhesives and sealants, printing ink, packaging, plastics, rubber, paint and coatings, and pulp and paper.
  • . Thousands have been sold Search Impact Marketing Consultants Inc CATEGORY: All Found 1 publications 1 Feb 2002 $995.00 The $90 + billion U.S.

    IMPRESSION IMPACT - Franchise Market
  • . Why: If you’re interested in increasing the immediate and long-term profits of your franchise contact Nancy to impact your sales.
  • . © 2006 Impression Impact, Inc.

    Marketing Your Business Cheap Marketing Tips
  • . Here are five high-impact marketing approaches that don't cost a bundle and that can work for virtually every business.
  • . But how about putting a small box together with a fork, knife, spoon and a custom printed napkin that invites your prospect to "have lunch on us?" Think outside the box, and your marketing campaigns will have more impact.
  • . Marketing through e-mail is flexible, cost-effective, easy to measure (assuming you put the right tracking in place), and high impact.

    Increasing Your Impact In Key Accounts: Designing and Delivering Account-Based Marketing
  • | Increasing Your Impact In Key Accounts: Designing and Delivering Account-Based Marketing ITSMA Workshop Back by popular demand! June 27-28, 2006 Boston, MA What people say about ITSMA’s ABM Workshops: “This was a fabulous workshop—I learned a lot.
  • . The most valuable aspect of the program was sharing with and learning from other marketing professionals.” —Marita Hollis, past attendee of Increasing Your Impact in Key Accounts and group vice president of business development at ACS “Nicely done! Great job pulling out the audience and driving info exchange and thinking.
  • . Let's do ABM II soon.” —Renee Sprole, past attendee of Increasing Your Impact in Key Accounts and vice president of strategic marketing at Unisys Overview More and more technology firms have begun looking to their key accounts to provide opportunities for services growth and profitability.
  • . Creating The Integrated Impact Plan 8.
  • . Group Discount: Maximize workshop impact by registering with co-workers.