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  • | Reader Services Site Maps | June 17, 2006 12:28:57 AM PDT > | ANALYSIS Marketing Intelligence Is Not an Oxymoron By Louis Columbus Part of the ECT News Network 10/14/05 5:00 AM PT It's time for marketing to deliver the truth of everything from market conditions to why deals are won or lost, and that starts with a solid Voice of the Customer program with win/loss analysis layered on.
  • . The recently released results of the Corporate Executive Board's 2005 Benchmarking Survey shows just how involved marketing departments from B2B, high tech, B2C -- indirect channels to B2C -- and direct channels are in managing a significant part of their company's total spending on competitor, industry and market intelligence.
  • . Three of the five are directly related to market intelligence.
  • . The Rankings Market Research Informational Web site Creation and Maintenance Competitive and Market Intelligence Data Mining Market Planning Also included in the study was an assessment of high tech companies' marketing departments' scope of control.

    Unleashing the Power of Market Intelligence - American Press Institute
  • . Director of Marketing, Savannah Morning News Session: Keeping Market Intelligence a Strategic Priority: Ways to make sure market information is used to guide your organization's strategic decisionmaking.
  • . Marketing Analysis Manager, The Sacramento Bee Session: Ahead of the Curve (Large Market): A look at how to reveal and take action on valuable insight provided from data-mining market intelligence Marsha Lawrence Sr.
  • . Session: Where We Could/Should Be President, Mennenga & Associates Session: Competitive Intelligence: Using data to determine your newspaper's competitive position and to identify opportunities for growth.
  • . Session: Where We Could/Should Be: A look at industries and organizations that have made significant investments in market intelligence, and the ROI they're reaping from that.
  • . How well is your organization acquiring and using its market intelligence? Join the American Press Institute June 25-28 at its campus in Reston, Va., for its brand-new seminar Unleashing the Power of Market Intelligence.

    Biz360 and Feedster Partner to Help Marketing and Communications Executives Measure Buzz, Surface Threats and Opportunities in Blogosphere at The Story of Feedster
  • . – December 12, 2005 – Biz360®, the leader in market intelligence solutions, and Feedster Inc., the pioneer of RSS content syndication and search with the largest index of searchable feeds, today announced a partnership to help marketing and communications professionals glean intelligence from the increasing volume of blog and wiki content discussing their company, products and competitors, along with trends that may impact their businesses.
  • . The new service, BlogView™, is the latest expansion of Market360®, Biz360’s award-winning market intelligence application.
  • . Quality, up-to-date content and relevant analytics are both critical to market intelligence solutions.
  • . About Biz360Biz360’s market intelligence solutions provide real-time insight to Global 2000 and government decision-makers, so they can take action to shape the market and improve their competitive position.
  • . Our flagship offering, Market360, continuously analyzes global news and information aggregated across print, broadcast and online sources, including blogs and stock message boards, to deliver real-time intelligence.

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  • . DKSH Market Intelligence Consulenza/servizi Zrich > Sei alla ricerca della persona giusta per la tua azienda? Trovolavoro , il canale di annunci di lo strumento pi qualificato ed efficace per raggiungere il tuo obiettivo.


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  • Market intelligence (MI), according to Corning, is “the process of acquiring and analyzing information in order to understand the (both existing and potential ); to determine the current and future needs and preferences, attitudes and behavior of the market; and to assess changes in the business environment that may affect the size and nature of the market in future.” (“Product”, 1997, p147).
  • . This figure shows how the interaction between variables from producers, communication channels, and consumers vary the effectiveness of market intelligence which affects the performance of the sales of a new product.
  • . A will likely know more about its market and have more success in its product selection when it collects more different categories of market intelligence which cover both tacit and .
  • . The seven most used activities for collecting MI in product software industries are: industry intelligence sales/service channels qualitative methods (small “focus groups” and personal interview) aggregate data MI’s main use is to identify successful new product developments early in the process to create company growth and maximize by finding a balance between costs and prices of products.

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  • .   Market Intelligence > > Through a process of qualitative research NITB has identified nine segments, based on their short break needs in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

    Mintel International Group: Market Research and Consumer Intelligence
  • Mintel International Group Ltd Market Research and Consumer Intelligence Mintel is a global supplier of consumer, media and market research.

    iSuppli Corporation : Applied Market Intelligence
  • . She most recently worked as Senior Market Intelligence Manager at a Silicon Valley venture capital firm where she was responsible for the strategic marketing, market research and business development initiatives for the portfolio companies.

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  • November 22, 2004 Press Release Industry Associations merge to create a single voice for the Marketing Intelligence and Survey Research Industry TORONTO - The Presidents of Canada's three industry associations for market intelligence and survey research joined together on November 21, 2004, to formally announce the creation of a new national association to lead the industry into 2005.
  • . 22 novembre 2004 Communiqué de Presse Les associations dans l'industrie de la recherche et de l'intelligence marketing se fusionnent pour créer un porte-parole unique TORONTO-Hier, les présidents des trois associations canadiennes dans l'industrie de la recherche et de l'intelligence marketing ont annoncé conjointement la création d'une nouvelle association nationale qui entend jouer un rôle de leadership dans l'industrie à compter de 2005.

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  • | : Tourism Functions < Page 3 of 4 > INTERNATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES International Market Intelligence | Research & Intelligence | International Market Intelligence Available- The following market briefs, prepared by the U.S.
  • . Simply click on the name of the country that you are interested in and read about such market intelligence as traveler characteristics, trends in arrivals and receipts to the United States, average length of stays, and daily average visitor spending specific to that country.

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  • Market Intelligence for the Mental Health Practitioner Part of the job of successfully marketing your private practice is understanding something about the competitive landscape you're operating within.

    CRM: marketing one to one, una utopia? - Business Intelligence
  • . I sistemi di Business Intelligence (detti anche di marketing intelligenge) a partire da un'archiviazione coerente di tutte le informazioni disponibili sui propri clienti, sono in grado di elaborare analisi su segmentazioni sempre più fini (in teoria fino al cosiddetto "segmento unitario"), per studiarne il comportamento nel tempo, ad esempio valutando i passaggi dei clienti da un segmento all'altro.
  • . Tra i sistemi di Business Intelligence - la parte "analitica" in un'architettura CRM (vedi ad esempio la tavola 3 in basso) - disponibili sul mercato italiano citiamo ad esempio Business Object, , Informix, Microsoft, Microstrategy, e Sas.
  • . Esempio di architettura legata ad un sistema di business intelligence (con ETL s'intende "Extract Transform and Load").