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  • . market_square A noun 1 , , market square a public marketplace where food and merchandise is sold Category Tree: ╚; ╚; ╚; ╚╚; ╚; ; ; ╚; ╚, , market square ╚ ╚; ; Forum discussions with the word(s) 'market_square' in the title: No titles with the word(s) 'market_square'.

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  • . market square day 1.
  • . market square day 2 thumbs up a day in Portsmouth, New Hampshire when all the lovely liberals (i <3 liberals!!) of the secaost get together and listen to music and eat smothies and stuff.
  • . "i got these sweet berkenstocks at market square day last year" by Apr 20, 2005 permalink: Send to a friend your email: their email: | is not appropriate for all audiences.


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    International Market Square
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    Market Square agent claims anti-road letter cost his job La Crosse Tribune - FindArticles
  • IN > > > > Article Content provided in partnership with FIND IN Find Magazines by Topic Market Square agent claims anti-road letter cost his job , The former leasing agent for the River Center Plaza and Apartments at the Market Square Ramp claimed Friday that the brother of one of the developers threatened he would be taken off the job if he continued to write letters to the editor of the Tribune about the proposed new north-south road.

    City of Kingston, Ontario, Canada - Market Square
  • CONTACT US FIND BUSINESS MENU Market Essay Essay: Kingston's Dynamic Market Square RELATED LINKS Return to the home page for Public Market information.
  • . See a schedule of special events that occur in Kingston's Market Square.
  • . Over these years, Kingston's Market Square has served this purpose.
  • . Rather than attempting to dispel all the myths, I would like to take a brief walk through a long history that demonstrates how dynamic a place the Market Square has been.
  • . First of all, imagine that in 1801 there was no building in the middle of the market square: no City Hall.
  • . The Market Square might have been the principal site of commerce and major meeting place, but in many ways it was more rural than urban and often presented quite a bucolic scene in a settlement that was little more than a village.
  • . And none of the buildings so familiar to us around the Market Square existed in 1801.
  • . Nor was there much traffic other than pedestrians, riders, and carriages, all travelling to trade on the square.

    OALA - Ontario Association of Landscape Architects
  • . Professional designers, architects and planners have been invited to prepare urban design proposals for the Market Square site.
  • . The objectives of the design competition are to stimulate imaginative architectural and urban design proposals that respond to the Stratford Market Square's context, constraints and opportunities; to achieve design excellence and to improve the downtown core of the City of Stratford.
  • . "The community clearly sees the Market Square as our space – a special place for the people of Stratford", says Marcia Matsui, Chairperson of the Market Square Advisory Committee, "Market Square has the potential to become the dynamic heart of the city – a public focal point that invites residents and visitors to enjoy the beauty of City Hall and to linger, interact and attend gatherings in the downtown core." The winning design will be announced September 27, 2006.
  • . About Stratford's Market Square Stratford 's Market Square is an historically significant and physically intact, legible, urban space that is presently under-utilized.

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    WAM010 - Revitalization of Marketing Facilities for Syracuse, New York
  • . Area firms currently occupy about 3.7 million square feet of wholesale space, comprising almost 85 acres under roof.
  • . About 125, 000 square feet of wholesale space is located on the Market; an additional 51, 000 square feet on the Market houses a major farmers’ market.
  • . Firms needing new facilities currently occupy 378, 000 square feet of space and directly employ more than 400 local residents.
  • . Wholesalers moving to the new facilities would occupy and initial 216, 000 square feet of space, which is designed for expansion to 253, 000 square feet.
  • . Plans include about 120, 000 square feet of farmers’ market space; this space would be supplemented by an additional 32, 500 square feet of paved selling space.
  • . Revenue requirements for the new market would range from a low of $9.32 per square foot to a high of $15.32 for all buildings on the new market (wholesale and farmers’ market), depending on the financing method and site development option selected (A or B).

    Reuters and NASDAQ Announce Times Square Marketing Alliance: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance
  • . The alliance, to be named Times Square 2 will for the first time offer marketers a "one-stop-shop" opportunity to create "roadblock" advertising on the south side of Times Square using the trademark Reuters Sign and NASDAQ's iconic digital billboard known as the NASDAQ Tower.
  • . Leveraging its expertise in working with blue-chip advertising clients and top advertising agencies, Reuters will manage all sales, creative services and development, and will develop and maintain innovative electronic display and interactive technologies for the Times Square 2 sales alliance in close coordination with NASDAQ.
  • . Marketers will have the ability to advertise on the Reuters digital display system (The Reuters Sign) and the NASDAQ Tower independently or in combination, reaching the millions of consumers that pass through Times Square daily.
  • . Walker Jacobs, Vice President and the Head of Media Sales for Reuters, said, "In the past, we've had great success with marketers like Nike, Yahoo!, and Sun Microsystems seeking to creatively engage consumers on a large scale in Times Square.

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  • . By Yahoo launched its Ask the Planet 2006 free social search service campaign by addressing some of the world’s biggest questions in the Hard Rock Café in New York’s Times Square.


    Market Harborough --  Encyclopædia Britannica

  • . 14 video and media > (1:44) Learn about Market Square and the shopping experience in Helsinki.
  • . > (1:25) Now the center of commerce, the beautiful Market Square was once the place of execution for criminals and witches.

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