• INDIANAPOLIS BELT RAILROAD & STOCK YARD COMPANY RECORDS, 1874-1968 Collection #s: M 0067 BV 0672-0712 Table of Contents Processed by Paul Brockman 18 May 1998 Revised 18 January 2002 Manuscript Collections Department William Henry Smith Memorial Library Indiana Historical Society 450 West Ohio Street Indianapolis, IN 46202-3269 VOLUME OF COLLECTION: 10 manuscript boxes, 40 bound volumes, 12 reel audio tapes.
  • . RELATED HOLDINGS: Samuel & Charles Rauh Papers (M 406) ACCESSION NUMBER: 1976.0619 NOTES: The Indianapolis Belt Railway Company was incorporated on 28 June 1873 for the purpose of constructing, operating, and maintaining a railroad around the city from North Indianapolis to Brightwood.
  • . The first need for a stockyard occurred in 1863 when Kingan and Company opened the world's largest pork producing plant.
  • . The panic of 1873 and legal right-of-way battles delayed the construction of the railroad and the stockyards a short time later, but the company formed its articles of association in 1876 under the name of the Union Railroad Transfer and Stock Yards Company.

    Headhouse - Pennsylvania Convention Center
  • Headhouse Before After The Reading Terminal Headhouse served as a passenger station and company headquarters for the Reading Railroad.
  • . The extravagant building opened in 1893 and was an icon for the Philadelphia & Reading Railroad Company, contributing to the company's power, prominence and to the city's importance.
  • . In 1972, the company declared bankruptcy for the fourth and final time.
  • . Hoping to maximize the potential from the prime, center-city real estate the Reading Company pursued possibilities for redevelopment.

    New York, Chicago and St. Louis Railroad - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  • . Louis Railway Company on .
  • . Louis Railway Company bought the, a railroad that been surveyed from the west side of Cleveland, Ohio to Buffalo, New York running parallel to 's .
  • . If Vanderbilt was successful he could scare the into selling to him or drive the railroad company into bankruptcy.
  • . He succeeded in creating long-standing rumors about the line, but failed to devalue the company or scare the investors.
  • . Louis double track, nickel plated railroad." Later, while attempting to induce the company to build the line through Norwalk instead of Bellevue, Ohio, the Chronicle again referred to the road as "nickel plated" - a term regarded as indicative of the project's glittering prospects and substantial financial backing.

    Corruption in America's Gilded Age : HBS Working Knowledge
  • . Collection materials also trace the development of transportation networks in the West and Pacific Northwest, with the bulk of the material relating to the development of the Northern Pacific Railroad Company.
  • . Dun and Company.
  • . Huntington attributed his own and his fellow Associates' success to their obtaining "a national reputation not only as railroad builders but as honest men that watch over and protect the interest of all [the company's] stock holders however small their interest." Character among Gilded Age financiers, however, was not synonymous with honesty; it had as much or more to do with honor, dependability, forcefulness, and strength.
  • . The New York house of Jay Cooke and Company, the Northern Pacific's bankers, was at Broadway and Nassau Street.
  • . Jay Cooke and Company, who eventually took over the sale of Northern Pacific securities, had overseen the Union bond sales.
  • . Fisk and Hatch, one of Cooke and Company's agents, became the Central Pacific's bankers.


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    Market Sheds and Houses
  • . A company was incorporated under the title of "The Broad Street Market House Company, " which erected a suitable building on the east side of Broad Street, below Race, in 1854.

    Chapter Nineteen, Cattle Trade of the West and Southwest by Joseph G. McCoy
  • . Such appreciation of the stock shippers interests bears its own rich reward to the Company, in a large list of friendly stock men.
  • . The railroad company maintain ample free shipping facilities, and is particular to leave nothing undone the doing of which would add to the comfort, convenience or accommodation of stock men.
  • .      The railroad company owns many thousands of acres of good land, a large tract of which, situated farther up the line from Coffeyville is held or reserved.
  • .      Of all the munificent land grants to railway corporations within the State of Kansas, none excels in number of acres, variety of country, quality and depth of soil, and salubrity of climate, the donation to the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad Company.
  • . This is true of the government lands (which can be had for the taking), as well as the company's lands.
  • .      It is in that valley that the railroad company have established its cattle shipping depots for the concentration and shipment of Texan cattle.

    Sydney Light Rail
  • Sydney Light Rail Background - is operating, on behalf of the Sydney Light Rail Company, a 6.7km Light Rail line that runs between the old tram concourse at Sydney Terminal Station (Central) and Catherine St, Lilyfield, next to the railway yards at Rozelle.
  • . During April 2001 , a Canadian based company, completed its , making the 2nd time since the orginal Sydney Light Rail contract was signed that the holder of the Variotram design has changed owners.
  • . However the French public transport company , which is a subsidiary of , bought TNT Transit systems in August 1998.
  • . All this testing didn't stop a signal failure on the day, technicians replaced a balise on the inbound track at Jubilee Park shortly after the official opening ceremony! The NSW State Government approved the Inner west and city loop extensions in principle at the same time, commissioning an Environmental Impact Study which returned a positive finding, the Sydney Light Rail company proposing to build both extensions in the one package. Staff Blogs: Architecture, Artifacts & Antiquity: October 2005
  • . Founded in 1934 by Congdon's father with one truck, the company now has 4, 000 tractors and 14, 000 trailers serving 45 states and Canada It employees more than 10, 000 people.
  • . The company also did railroad work, widening the old Atlanta Coast Line route (now CXX), between Rocky Mount and Enfield.
  • . It would seem an honor to have a Major League team's nickname named after a company's product.
  • . But the Colt firearms company must have thought a bad team like Houston reflected poorly on its revolvers.
  • . The company sued.
  • . The Golds had founded the company in 1907.
  • . Greensboro will be the headquarters of the company's insurance division, but the executives offices will move to Philadelphia and the J-P name will disappear.
  • . It emerged from the war a strong company with a brand name known to all who lived in Guilford County.
  • . into a major life insurance company.
  • . It's a coincidence that the church tours come during the week of the announced merger of Lincoln National, a large life insurance company in Philadelphia, and Julian Price's old company.

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  • . Michael Kennedy International Brand Manager Aer Lingus Fax #: 353-1-705-3883 Current Company Name : Aer Lingus Previous Company Name : Aer Lingus (and Irish Airlines) Contact Information : Adrian Corona Advertising Manager Aerolineas Argentinas Airlines Bouchard 547 Buenos Aires, Argentina Current Company Name : Aerolineas Argentinas Airlines Previous Company Name : Aerolineas Argentinas Contact Information : Mr.
  • . Air France 125 West 55th St New York, NY 10019 Current Company Name : Air France Previous Company Name : Air France Contact Information : Mr.
  • . Emilio Ruocco Manager of Corporate Communications Alcoa Steamship Company, Inc.
  • . Pittsburgh, PA 15219 Current Company Name : Alcoa Steamship Company, Inc.
  • . Previous Company Name : Alcoa Steamship Company, Inc.
  • . Shepps Director, Legal, Literary Rights American Broadcasting Company 77 W.
  • . 66th Street New York, NY 10023-6298 Current Company Name : American Broadcasting Company Previous Company Name : American Broadcasting Company Contact Information : Ms.

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  • . Newton, IA 50208 Previous Company Name : Admiral Radio and Television Current Company Name : Maytag Corporation Contact Information : Mr.
  • . Michael Kennedy International Brand Manager Aer Lingus Fax #: 353-1-705-3883 Previous Company Name : Aer Lingus Current Company Name : Aer Lingus Contact Information : Adrian Corona Advertising Manager Aerolineas Argentinas Airlines Bouchard 547 Buenos Aires, Argentina Previous Company Name : Aerolineas Argentinas Current Company Name : Aerolineas Argentinas Airlines Contact Information : Ms Regina Nowak Advertisement & Promotions Coordinator Griffith and Associates 150 E.
  • . Huron Street #908 Chicago, IL 60611 Previous Company Name : Air Canada Current Company Name : Griffith and Associates Contact Information : Mr.
  • . Air France 125 West 55th St New York, NY 10019 Previous Company Name : Air France Current Company Name : Air France Contact Information : Mr.
  • . Emilio Ruocco Manager of Corporate Communications Alcoa Steamship Company, Inc.

    Wisconsin and Southern Railroad Co. - Overview
  • . (WSOR) Overview COMPANY OVERVIEW: The Wisconsin & Southern Railroad Co.
  • . ’s standing as the best transportation company in the state of Wisconsin.
  • . PRINCIPAL CONTACTS: Company headquarters (Milwaukee): (414) 438-8820 James Lombard, Vice-President of Marketing & Sales (414) 438-8820, Ext.
  • . 211 Company Information Owner William Gardner 5300 North - 33rd Street P.O.
  • . The Canadian National Railway Company does not guaranty or represent that such information is complete or up-to-date.

    Research and Markets - Market Research Reports - Central Japan Railway Company - Company Profile and Executive Databank - Printer Friendly
  • Printer Friendly Printed from Central Japan Railway Company - Company Profile and Executive Databank Description: This report provides an in-depth company profile for Central Japan Railway Company ranked 472nd in the 2005 Fortune Global 500.
  • . Data is regularly tracked and enhanced to ensure data on this high profile company is accurate and current.
  • . This report is an indispensable tool for individuals wanting to gather the relevant facts on Central Japan Railway Company and the industry it operates in.We concentrate on a small number of high profile companies using tested and trusted research and editorial methodologies.
  • . Report name: Central Japan Railway Company - Company Profile and Executive Databank Web address: Report formats Please enter the quantity of the report format you require.


    The Cable Car Home Page - A Conversation With Mrs. Barbara Kahn Gardner

  • . Kahn in 1927 was elevated to the company's presidency and later in the late 1930s, after Byllesby was forced to sell the Market Street Railway Company because of the Public Utilities Holding Act of 1935, Kahn became the principal owner of the railway.
  • . The company was not unionized at that time, and maybe it never was, I'm not sure.
  • . I think he had been there about a year and a half with Western States Gas and Electric Company.
  • . Gardner: The railroads (Southern Pacific) … Walter Rice: … the Market Street Railway continued (as a financial corporation) even though the Baltimore Syndicate (United Railroads of San Francisco) was now the operating company.
  • . We were talking 50, 60 or 70 years depending upon the company.
  • . Samuel Kahn then president of the Western States Gas and Electric Company is pictured at his desk in Stockton, California c1924 prior to assuming in November 1925 the position of Executive Vice President of the Market Street Railway.
  • . Kahn and Rosalind, called "Patsy." Western States Gas and Electric Company became part of Pacific Gas & Electric.

    Beulah Penry
  • . Louis, the biggest industries provided jobs only; for tax purposes Alcoa, Monsanto and the stock yards were located in small incorporated communities bearing their names, and in the case of National City, literally owned by the company.
  • . As vice president and later president of the yards company, she oversaw the erection of a new stockyards company building after the disastrous fire Feb.

    The Blanchard Company
  • . The Blanchard Company helps shortline railroad operators and investors, railroad shippers, and third party logistics providers improve returns by literally following the money.
  • . | THE BLANCHARD COMPANY 2041 Christian Street - Philadelphia PA 19146-1338 (215) 985-1110 voice - (215) 985-1446 fax Roy Blanchard, Laura Blanchard, Site contents copyright 1995-2001 The Blanchard Company except as indicated herein.

    Marketing the Wealth of Nature
  • . JOE COMPANY IN NORTHWEST FLORIDA By Brian Yablonski The kayak slides quietly through the tannic waters of a creek flowing into Western Lake, a rare freshwater coastal dune lake along the shores of the Gulf of Mexico.
  • . Joe Company.
  • . More recently, I became a part of that transformation, signing on with the company as a vice president and a subscriber to the notion that commerce and conservation can co-exist.
  • . duPont left Delaware and his leadership position with the famed gunpowder/chemical company and moved to Florida.
  • . Joe Paper Company.
  • . In 1997, a strategic decision to reposition the company from a paper maker to a place maker led to the hiring of a new chief executive officer, Peter S.
  • . At the time, Rummell headed the Walt Disney Development Company, which created the Disney Wilderness Preserve.
  • . This process provided the company with the necessary governmental approvals to change current land uses for development, while also planning for the preservation of 37, 000 acres.

    Providence and Worcester Railroad - Investor Relations
  • Investor Relations For investor information please Contact: Wendy Lavely ----- Executive Assistant Providence and Worcester Railroad Company 75 Hammond Street Worcester, MA 01610 Phone: (508) 755-4000 x 365 Fax: (508) 795-0748 Email: Corporate Profile P&W is a regional freight railroad operating in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut and New York.
  • . The Company is the only interstate freight carrier serving the State of Rhode Island and possesses the exclusive and perpetual right to conduct freight operations over the Northeast Corridor between New Haven, Connecticut and the Massachusetts/Rhode Island border.
  • . Since commencing independent operations in 1973, the Company, through a series of acquisitions of connecting line, has grown from 45 miles of track to its current system of approximately 545 miles.
  • . In September 2000, The American Shortline and Regional Railroad Association named the Company one of four winners in its Fifth Annual Marketing Awards Competition.

    Hot News!
  • . announced today that Norfolk Southern Railway Company has committed to purchase 1, 600 coal cars from the Chicago-based railcar manufacturer.
  • . The company, which was founded in 1918, also builds coal-mining equipment and commuter trolley cars.
  • . In 1928, Maine’s Bangor & Aroostook Railroad had just put forth its first million dollar earnings season and to commemorate this event, then Railroad President Percy Todd purchased an opulent “mansion on rails” from the Pullman Manufacturing Company of Chicago, Illinois.
  • . (Argus - posted 6/08/06) BNSF RAILWAY ASKS RAILFANS FOR COOPERATION TO KEEP AMERICA'S RAIL SYSTEM SAFE: BNSF Railway Company (BNSF) is recruiting rail fans to help keep BNSF properties safe by reporting suspicious activities and to help prevent possible security breaches.
  • . "It supports the nation's security efforts, improves safety within our company and the community, and improves operations by helping to remove the impact of criminal acts and accidents." The CRS program is an outgrowth of another BNSF grassroots program, called BNSF ON GUARD, which encourages employees to report suspicious activities, trespassers or individuals to BNSF’s Resource Operations Call Center (ROCC). @CallCenter