Muni May Sell Naming Rights To Metro Stations

  • . The T, as Boston locals call it, plans to put corporate names on four of its downtown subway stations.
  • . At BART, Muni's downstairs neighbor on the Market Street subway, spokesman Mike Healy said the system hadn't considered selling naming rights.

    SF Muni: June 4, 2002 ComMUNIcations Special Edition
  • . • Increased police presence in the subway and on buses.
  • . • Held subway drills to test emergency procedures, response, and coordination with other agencies.
  • . To assist customers and station agents, Muni has placed personal computers running the NextBus system in the Station Agent booths in the downtown subway.
  • . • Continued legislative advocacy at the local, regional, state, and federal levels for the Third Street Project, Phase 1 and New Central Subway.
  • . B funds and makes available $126 million for the advancement of the Third Street Project - Phase Two, New Central Subway.
  • . • Submitted a request to the Federal Transit Administration to enter into Preliminary Engineering for Third Street Project - Phase Two, New Central Subway.
  • . • Selection process is underway for the Conceptual/Preliminary Engineering Design Consultant on Third Street Project - Phase Two, New Central Subway.

    Fairway Market - Like No Other
  • . Take subway and/or bus: A, C, F, 2, 3, 4, 5 to Jay St./Boro Hall or M, N, R to Court St.
  • . continue south to the end of Van Brunt St 2127 BroadwayNew York City(212) 595-1888Hours: 6AM-1AM Daily SECOND FLOOR ORGANICS 8AM-10PM DAILYStore to Door Delivery available from 9AM to 9PM DIRECTIONSLocated on Broadway between West 74th and West 75th street.BY SUBWAY: take number 1, 2, or 3 train to West 72nd street and Broadway walk 2 block north on Broadway to store.BY BUS: you can take the cross town bus on West 72nd street and stop at Broadway.

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  • . Nor does it take into account the peculiar design of the Market Street Subway in which the J, K, L, M, N, J, and S Metro lines all share 5-9 stations in common, so someone going from Embarcadero to West Portal might prefer to see the K, L and M trains all together rather then going through the process three times by which time they’ve missed their train.
  • . The signs should be placed so that they are clearly visible from the street as you approach the shelter or subway entrance.
  • . I know that over the next few years there is a drive to create longer islands and consolidate all surface transit along market to the center lanes, at which point a handful of well-designed and well-located nextbus signs could convey very well what’s going where when, but based on MUNI’s track record, and some of the decisions about the Central Subway, I’m very worried about them getting it right.


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    Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation
  • . Canít swing the arts scene? Snag a seat on the Broad Street subway and head to a Phillies home game at the brand-new, ultra-intimate Citizens Bank Park .

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  • . Subway crime has diminished in recent years.
  • . Instead of waiting for a subway or train in off-hours, take a cab late at night.

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  • . Remember to remove items from your car.Subway crime has diminished in recent years.
  • . Instead of waiting for a subway or train in off-hours, take a cab late at night.
  • . The subway system services the four ends of the city but is not a good choice for stops in between because it does not service the main areas of Center City.Taxis are also plentiful around tourist destinations.
  • . By Subway The Broad Street Subway runs from Fern Rock station in the northern part of the city to Pattison Avenue and the sports complex (First Union Center and Veterans Stadium) in South Philadelphia.
  • . Tickets may be purchased at all subway stations.
  • . There's service every 10 minutes.The base fare for subways, trolleys, and buses is $2, paid with exact change or a token.
  • . Tokens sell for $1.30 and can be purchased in packages of 2, 5, or 10 from cashiers along the Broad Street subway and Market-Frankford lines and in many downtown stores (including some Rite Aid pharmacies).If you plan to travel extensively within Center City, it's a good idea to get a SEPTA pass.

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  • . I think this is the right time -- this was not the case 5-10 years ago -- now cities are changing in India, new facilities are coming in, new subway (metro) lines are under construction.

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    Virtual Zen: Food Destinations: St Lawrence Market, Toronto
  • . How to get there: TTC: Take the subway to either Union Station or King Street Station.
  • . From King Street subway station, the King streetcar runs along (surprise!) King Street and stops at the corner of Jarvis Street, in front of the St.

    Bangkok Subway
  • Subway Looking for the best deals on BANGKOK hotels Featured on Website of the day [Say Rot Fai Die Din] Finally opened after long delays, not least of which were caused by someone not ordering any rolling stock! A mere 141 years after the first underground railway system in the world opened in London, this modern technology finally comes to Bangkok.
  • . Phayathai Road, walk to MBK Centre if you are fit! Rama 4 Road Exit via subway to the concourse of the main Bangkok railway station, Hua Lamphong, buy your tickets here easily from English speaking staff.
  • . This is my own graphic of the subway route, showing the renamed stations and the interchanges to the BTS Skytrain.
  • . Inside the new subway train is very similar to the Skytrain, except for the blue seats and far less straps to hold on to, and none in the door areas, something of a mistake in my opinion.
  • . Subway History 16.04.2004 200 passengers evacuated on test run due to a brake problem that filled the carriages with smoke.

    Local agency wants to add out-of-town Subway deals - Cincinnati Business Courier:
  • . Bizjournals Directory Find local business services by clicking on a category Local agency wants to add out-of-town Subway deals Firm sandwiched between past success, fight over ad funds Cincinnati Business Courier - May 26, 2006 by Senior Staff Reporter Michael Krienik is living proof that you can become a winner by surrounding yourself with losers.
  • . Now, is trying to parlay that success into new agency assignments from Subway franchise operators in other cities.
  • . "When it was shown at the international convention it was voted one of the two best promotions in Subway's worldwide system, " Krienik said.
  • . "In the second week of the launch, it generated a 30 percent increase in sales in the Cincinnati market." Krienik said a Subway consultant is helping franchise operators find new agencies in 31 markets, including Detroit, Philadelphia, Balti­more and Charlotte, N.C.
  • . But those talks come as Subway's Connecticut-based franchisor is trying to take control of all agency spending for Subway, the nation's largest restaurant franchise with more than 25, 000 locations.

    Mayoral Candidate Gary Bennerís Plan
  • . subway a few years ago is now in Moscow building new subways in that city rather than expanding the subway network in Toronto.
  • . Why? Because the TTC does not believe we will be building subways for a long time.
  • . Not having a plan for completion of the subway network is simply not acceptable for a major city like Toronto.
  • . Subways are the backbone of any urban transit system.
  • . Without a complete network of subways, the surface routes must operate on congested, high volume corridors where they become slow and inefficient.
  • . Try to imagine how New York or London would operate without their subway systems which were built many years ago.
  • . The Plan Whatís Needed Toronto needs a dynamic, fast-track subway construction program that will see all major transportation corridors served by subways within 20 years.
  • . This will require that a minimum 60 kilometres of new subway and other rapid transit construction be put into service in that period.
  • . of new subway and other rapid transit will require approximately $ 12 billion in investment over the 20 year period.


    The sandwich that ate Melbourne - Epicure - Entertainment -

  • . | The sandwich that ate Melbourne Subway's now has 824 stores across Australia.
  • . October 18, 2005 Subway franchises are corporatising lunchtime.
  • . So when Jared, the slim(mish) spokesman for sandwich franchise Subway recently starred alongside Kenny, Cartman et al, we knew the stores had well and truly penetrated popular consciousness.
  • . In Australia, Subway outlets now outnumber McDonald's franchises (824 to 733), although they're still behind in turnover.
  • . There are 12 Subways in the CBD alone, and 144 in the Melbourne metro area.
  • . And according to ACNielsen, Subway is our second-most popular choice for takeaway, right behind Maccas and ahead of Pizza Hut, KFC, Hungry Jacks, and the rest.
  • . Which is great news for Subway.
  • . But what does it mean for the rest of us? Common sense dictates that for every Subway that's flourishing, something else is going under.
  • . The question is, does it matter? "Well, people vote with their wallets and purses, so you could argue that Subway is merely meeting consumer need, " says hospitality consultant Tony Eldred.

    Center for an Urban Future
  • . The bustling streets around the Main Street subway station are lined with dozens of the best Chinese, Korean and Malaysian restaurants in the city, in addition to numerous bakeries, tea shops and food markets full of items not usually found at the local Pathmark.
  • . Fans wonít see any ads about Flushing inside the tennis center or the Metsí ballpark, and even those arriving by subway wonít encounter any promotional materials about the neighborhood while inside the Shea Stadium/Willets Point station.
  • . As part of its effort, EDC should consider putting billboards or other signage that promotes Flushing inside the Shea Stadium/Willets Point subway station and near the entrances to Shea and the tennis center. @CallCenter