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  • . Tracked on June 12, 2006 at 10:43 AM » from Market Anomaly Ive always been a little annoyed with Word for Mac.

    Seth's Blog: Gravity is not just a good idea...
  • . Tracked on August 07, 2005 at 03:58 PM » from Market Anomaly I was deeply disturbed on Friday when I read The Washington Post article about President Bush’s support for teaching intelligent design in public schools as an alternative to evolution.

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  • . See also Market economy Market anomaly Market leader Financial market Media market Marketing Wikimedia Commons has media related to: ]] ca:Mercat Search Term: "Market" Categories: Marketing | Markets market news and market articles Here's our top rated market links for the day: KGTV via Yahoo! News - 2 hours, 1 minute ago An 18-year-old man was fatally stabbed and another male was seriously injured during an assault in front of a market , 10News reported.

    Global Issues - A Foundation for Understanding Proven Global Strategies and Opportunities - 11/05
  • . tooling and manufacturing companies have enjoyed a benevolent market anomaly in the form of remarkably stable markets within the U.S.


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    1998 Yearend Marketing Report on US Recording Shipments
  • . "1998 was actually a stable year for singles -- it was the previous year that was an anomaly because of the impact of the Princess Diana tribute, " according to Paul Newnham, senior vice president of WEA Corp.

    ISP-Planet - Executive Perspectives - White Paper: Intrusion Detection: Reducing Network Security Risk
  • . The three most widely distributed technologies are signature detection, behavioral anomaly detection, and protocol anomaly detection.
  • . Behavioral Anomaly Detection A less prevalent method of Intrusion Detection is the ability to detect statistical anomalies.
  • . The framework of statistical anomaly detection is the "baseline" of certain system statistics, or patterns of behavior that are tracked continually by the system.
  • . Protocol Anomaly Detection Protocol anomaly detection is performed at the application protocol layer.
  • . Through the use of distributed sensors, protocol anomaly detection, and high-speed statistical correlation analysis, a layered security approach to Intrusion Detection can identify and respond to both common and novel attacks to protect your network against business interruption, and prevent damage to your network as well as to customer confidence.
  • . Since protocol anomaly systems can detect many new attacks like Code Red, Code Red II, and Nimda, corporations should, at minimum, be able to strengthen their defenses at the gates to their networks: at the Internet connection, VPN connections, customer network connections, and so on.

    Behavioral finance glossary: P-Q, peter greenfinch
  • . This introduces a skewness / anomaly in the "efficient" valuation, which is supposed to integrate only future returns and risks.
  • . Some taxes or regulations, or some management objectives or benchmarks, for example, might give a perverse incentive for counterproductive behaviors Pes - Pri Year/month , d: d eveloped/ d iscussed, i: i ncidental Peso problem anomaly 00/8i + see rare events + probabilities The peso problem refers to a market anomaly, for example a sudden price fall, that is infrequent (rare event, fat tails, extreme occurrence) but that leads to extreme consequences that can be disastrous.

    The Media Online: An African Anomaly
  • . Cover Stories An African Anomaly Kevin Bloom 01 March 2005 10:24 "Even though we're doing the best we've ever done, I don't think there's a reciprocal reaction from advertisers, " says Judi Nwokedi, managing director of PBS (public broadcasting services) at the SABC.

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    Q1 Labs, Inc. :: The Nexus of Security and Networking : Press Release
  • . Q1 Labs’ innovative product, QRadar, integrates the functionality of network anomaly detection and flow analysis.

    Answers to Congress
  • . He pointed out that whenever a domain name sells for $100, 000, there is a market anomaly in effect.

  • . Adam Powers Chief Technology Officer As CTO of Lancope, Adam Powers is a leading innovator in the development of next-generation network behavior anomaly detections solutions.
  • . Jason Anderson Vice President of Engineering With over eight years of experience in the network security industry, Jason Anderson is the Vice President of Engineering for Lancope, the leading provider of network behavior anomaly detection and network intelligence solutions.

    SPSS' New Product Will Significantly Boost CRM, Marketing & Fraud Detection
  • . Fraud detection and revenue assurance applications will gain from “anomaly detection, ” which will simplify the analysis process, provide deeper insight, and enable the use of these results in operational deployment.
  • . “Clementine 10's new anomaly detection will allow revenue departments to improve tax compliance more quickly and in a more systematic way, ” he added.
  • . The new anomaly detection algorithm simplifies both analysis and scoring, helping data miners uncover unusual events or behavior rapidly, at any time.

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  • . 03/07/2006 So, whether you've been laid-off or you're under-employed, it might surprise you to learn about this labor market anomaly: There are jobs.

    Beyond Market Research - Editorial - CMO Magazine
  • . In uncovering insights, it is important to heed the saying: "Always ask why." Often, an anomaly is a valuable starting point for uncovering insights because it forces you to question and potentially overturn the orthodoxies in a market. On the Job: Weblog Tools Market - Update February 2005
  • . Typepad continues to be an anomaly.

    Arbor Networks, Inc.
  • . – February 26, 2003 – Arbor Networks™, a leading provider of network anomaly detection solutions, today announced the appointment of Tom Schuster to the newly created position of senior vice president, sales and marketing.
  • . federal government.On a related note – and reflecting the demand for Arbor's products in Europe – the company today announced the opening of its European headquarters in London (see Arbor Networks Expands Operations to Europe, Meeting Strong Global Demand for Network Anomaly Detection Solutions to Combat Fast-moving Threats).Reporting directly to Arbor President and CEO Thomas Arthur, Schuster is responsible for directing Arbor's worldwide sales and marketing efforts.
  • . "Such threats fuel demand for anomaly-based solutions that can proactively address unknown or zero-day threats.
  • . Tom's proven ability to achieve high growth and dominate global markets through customer-focused, integrated sales and marketing programs will help to drive Arbor's continued leadership of the anomaly detection market.""The best network security is about protecting networks from zero-day attacks, where the threat is unknown and the time to combat it is defined in minutes, not hours, " added Schuster. @CallCenter