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    SBA - Managing | Understanding Marketing
  • . Capital and operating funds are managed and tracked in the accounting-finance area.
  • . The focus of the human resources area is employees and the policies concerning them.
  • . Oftentimes, a marketing approach relies upon the coordination of several business areas to be successful.

  • . Many economists specialize in a particular area of economics, although general knowledge of basic economic principles is useful in each area.
  • . Macroeconomists study historical trends in the whole economy and forecast future trends in areas such as unemployment, inflation, economic growth, productivity, and investment.
  • . Econometricians investigate all areas of economics and use mathematical techniques such as calculus, game theory, and regression analysis to formulate economic models that help to explain economic relationships and that are used to develop forecasts related to the nature and length of business cycles, the effects of a specific rate of inflation on the economy, the effects of tax legislation on unemployment levels, and other economic phenomena.
  • . Many economists have applied these fundamental areas of economics to specific applications such as health, education, agriculture, urban and regional economics, law, history, energy, and the environment.
  • . Government economists advise policy makers in areas such as telecommunications deregulation, Social Security revamping, the effects of tax cuts on the budget deficit, and the effectiveness of imposing tariffs on imported steel.

  • . Non partecipanti ai corsi di formazione a catalogo dell'Area Marketing: anche chi non ha mai partecipato a un corso dell'Area Marketing può diventare un membro della Marketing Community con una cifra di iscrizione annuale di 500 Euro.

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  • . What geographic area will the business serve? How far will customers drive to purchase the product or service? Are there other competitors in the same area? Outside the area? Shop the competition, see what is offered, the prices charged, and how customers are attracted.
  • . Why Do Customers Buy? Consider possible product or service niches in the target market area.

    Niche Marketing: The Difference Between Hitting and Missing Your Target Market
  • . If you look at the population within any geographic area, such as the typical market area for a community-based leisure center, there will be variations that cannot be determined using demographics.
  • . Our company performs feasibility studies for many new facilities, and it also analyzes the market area populations of existing businesses.
  • . The following is a real example from a suburban area where the center's market area reached from 4 miles to 9 miles from the center.
  • . (True market areas are not circles, but rather are amoebae-shaped.) The project was a family entertainment center targeting children between 2 and 9 years accompanied by their parents.
  • . Its market area contained 40, 100 children ages 9 and younger.
  • . The market area also contained 13 different SEL groups of families with younger children; six groups made up 86 percent of the children.
  • . The result was a niche target that strongly matched 66 percent of the market area's families with young children.

    Consortium to market area to biotech companies
  • Week of December 23, 2004 Consortium to market area to biotech companies By Tom Harlan The South Florida Bioscience Consortium, economic development groups and a real estate services firm are partnering in a marketing effort to provide information to biotech and pharma organizations interested in the area.
  • . In the past, he said, no one focused on life sciences industry statistics because the industry is to consume 4 million to 5 million square feet in the tri-county area compared to hundreds of millions of square feet of commercial, retail or office space.

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  • . 13 Jun 2006 CPM Dublin Area 13 Jun 2006 Lyrath Estate Hotel Kilkenny & Regional Areas 13 Jun 2006 Paddy Power Bookmaker Airton Road, Tallaght, Dublin 24 13 Jun 2006 Verve Marketing Dublin & Nationwide 13 Jun 2006 Verve Marketing Dublin Based 12 Jun 2006 Autostation South County Dublin 1 © 2006 - 2322 jobs from 588 Companies.

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  • . New Jersey Newspaper Group can give auto manufacturers and auto dealers to aid in trending vehicle purchase preferences or planning the proper marketing of vehicle makes and models within the market area.
  • . New Jersey Newspaper Group can provide such information on a myriad of shopping malls, department, specialty, furniture, appliance, computer, electronics, drug and grocery stores for Monmouth, Ocean and Middlesex counties, plus throughout New Jersey and the New York Designated Market Area.

    Realty Times - Agent Marketing - Market Conditions Reporting Benefits and Features
  • Real Estate News and Advice June 16, 2006 Search Realty Times NEED HELP? Call: 214-353-6980 > Market Conditions Reporting Benefits and Features Once you, you'll be able to report Market Conditions in up to five areas of your choice.
  • . Once on this page, they'll see the first few lines of the reports from every agent who has posted their opinions on the area.
  • . Your thoughts on the area.
  • . Zip codes of the area.
  • . Area location.
  • . Each Realty Times Partner site has an area of their site dedicated to "Market Conditions".
  • . What would you want people to know to entice them to move to your area and buy a home from you? That's the information that should go into your report.
  • . Include information about as many of the relevant housing types for your area as possible so you and your market opinions are more appealing to a wider variety of consumers.

    Marketing Terms Dictionary - American Marketing Association -
  • site search |   Dictionary of Marketing Terms >> >> Term search matches (1 found) : market area - See also: Terms: Page 1 of 1 Search for a specific marketing term...

    Marketing Terms Dictionary - American Marketing Association -
  • site search |   Dictionary of Marketing Terms >> >> Term search matches (1 found) : designated market area (DMA) - The geographic area surrounding a city in which the broadcasting stations based in that city account for a greater share of the listening or viewing households than do broadcasting stations based in other nearby cities.
  • . It also is the specific geographic area to which a county in the United States is exclusively assigned on the basis of the television viewing habits of the people residing in the county.



  • . What crops aren't available during certain times of the year? If you can grow them will they sell at a premium price? If there are preferred crops in this market area, find out when shortages occur and when the prices go up.
  • . One more in keeping with your talents and more specialized in areas different than those of your competitor. @CallCenter