A Combined Approach for Segment-Specific Analysis of Market Basket Data

  • This file is part of IDEAS, which uses RePEc data [ | ] A Combined Approach for Segment-Specific Analysis of Market Basket Data | Download info | Yasemin Boztug Thomas Reutterer There are two main research traditions for analyzing market basket data that exist more or less independently from each other, namely exploratory and explanatory model types.
  • . We propose a procedure that combines these two modeling approaches in a novel two-stage procedure for analyzing cross-category effects based on shopping basket data: In a data compression step we first derive a set of market basket prototypes and generate segments of households with internally more distinctive (complementary) cross-category interdependencies.
  • . Based on the data-driven way of basket construction, we can show significant differences in cross- effects and related price elasticities both across segments and compared to the global (segment-unspecific) model.
  • . The following formats are available:, , , , Length: 32 pages Date of creation: Jan 2006 Date of revision: Handle: RePEc:hum:wpaper:sfb649dp2006-006 Keywords: Marketing, Choice Models, Market Basket Analysis, Cross-Category Effects, Segmentation Contact details of provider: Postal: Spandauer Str.

    La Market Basket Analysis nell’e-commerce
  • This file is part of IDEAS, which uses RePEc data [ | ] La Market Basket Analysis nell’e-commerce | Download info | Marilena TUCCI In the first part of this paper we present an overview of e-comme rce and Internet characteristics.
  • . In the second part we first introduce the Market Basket Analysis, a data mining tec hnique used to analyze customer purchasing patterns and reveal pr oducts that are often bought together.
  • . The following formats are available:, , , , Length: Date of creation: Date of revision: Handle: RePEc:mil:wpdepa:2005-20 Keywords: Market Basket Analysis, Association rules, Apriori, digital marketing Contact details of provider: Postal: Via Conservatorio 7, I-20122 Milan - Italy Phone: +39 02 50321522 Fax: +39 02 50321505 Web page: Order Information: For technical questions: (Daniele Checchi).

    Marketing Terms Dictionary - American Marketing Association -
  • site search |   Dictionary of Marketing Terms >> >> Term search matches (1 found) : market basket analysis - An algorithm that examines a long list of transactions in order to determine which items are most frequently purchased together.
  • . The end result of the analysis should help companies deter-mine how to grow each customer's "basket." Related Resources 5 site searches for "market basket analysis" > > - AMA Members Only > - AMA Members Only > > Terms: Page 1 of 1 Search for a specific marketing term...

    Lesson 4: Building the Market Basket Scenario
  • . > > > > > > > Lesson 4: Building the Market Basket Scenario SQL Server 2005 Books Online  Lesson 4: Building the Market Basket Scenario  The marketing department of Adventure Works wants to improve the company Web site to promote cross-selling.
  • . Before they can update the site, they need to create a data mining model that can predict which products customers might want to purchase, based on the other products that are already in the customers' online shopping baskets.
  • . After you complete the tasks in this lesson, you will have a mining model that can predict additional items that may appear in a shopping basket, or that a customer may want to add to their basket.
  • . In this lesson you will create a market basket scenario.


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  • . Market Basket Analysis of Magazine Purchasers in the Grocery Channel A recent market basket study demonstrated that magazine buyers shop differently than non-magazine buyers: They spend more money and buy more things! Since retailers are putting the magazine category under a microscope to determine profit margins, its more critical than ever to prove the value of the category.

    Marketing / Distribution
  • . Market Basket provides approximately 100 food-baskets a week to 35 different sites in the Milwaukee area.
  • . Market Basket also has a statewide distribution program through SHARE, resulting in over 400 baskets a month going to residents in Illinois, Wisconsin & Michicgan.
  • . Market Basket expects to ship 2 million pounds of food this summer.
  • . Packing food baskets. - ricerca
  • . iteam realizza applicazioni di datamining il cui utilizzo in azienda permette di predire trend futuri, eseguire il profilo dei clienti o utenti web, valutare i rischi, misurare l'efficacia delle promozioni, effettuare la market basket analysis o semplicemente descrivere e spiegare il contenuto di un database.

    Market Basket Analysis & online PHP based data mining | Forum |
  • . Market Basket Analysis & online PHP based data mining Subject: Market Basket Analysis & online PHP based data mining Author: wwwsevanafi: | Date: 14:52:56 30 September 2005 Rating: (2.5 point avg.

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    Urban Dictionary: Market Basket
  • . Market Basket 1.
  • . Market Basket 3 thumbs up A supermarket in Southern New Hampshire and Northeastern Massachusetts.
  • . Market Basket 5 up, 2 down a.k.a.
  • . "the bucket", "the trash basket", MB massachusetts and new hampshire supermarket chain.
  • . motto: "market basket, where you can get more for your dollar".

    Retail Market-basket Clusters
  • Next: Up: Previous:   Retail Market-basket Clusters First, we will show clusters in a real retail transaction database of 21672 customers of a drugstore.
  • . The remaining customers (34 customers had empty baskets after removing the irrelevant products) with their features compose the RETAIL data-set.
  • . For market-basket data, this can be done by looking at a cluster's highest revenue products and the most unusual revenue drivers (e.g., products with highest revenue lift).

    Merchandising and Marketing: SUPERVALU
  • . According to industry research, a well-executed center store strategy can improve the average market basket by as much as $1.50.

    Marketing Food Resource ( Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR
  • . Has information on the marketing basket.
  • . Information includes the following and more: How ERS measures marketing and price spreads: USDA marketing bill, USDA market basket, Farm-to-retail price spreads for individual food items, Relationships between price spreads and marketing input costs, Current trends.