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  • | » » BIAS 2004 BIAS 2004 26/05/2003 - Sono state definite ufficialmente le date del 31° Bias, Convegno Mostra Internazionale dell’Automazione, Strumentazione e Microelettronica, e di Bias Microelettronica 2004.
  • . “Il Bias anticipa tempo e proposte”- ha commentato Silvio Baronchelli, Presidente del Consorzio Tecnoimprese e Vicepresidente Assodel (Associazione Nazionale Fornitori Elettronica).
  • . “Il periodo del prossimo Bias (14 al 17 settembre 2004) è senz’altro condiviso da tutti, a cominciare dalle stesse associazioni che vedono nella data vari motivi particolarmente positivi: migliore centralità temporale, maggiore differenziazione con le manifestazioni tedesche e soprattutto lo stimolo che può essere dato dalle imprese al mercato dopo la pausa estiva.
  • . Tutto ciò si unisce nella decisione che vede il mondo dell'elettronica italiana focalizzare la propria attenzione unicamente negli anni pari a Milano con un evento internazionale come il Bias e in quelli dispari a Padova con Fortronic”.

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  • . Some market participants (traders) have a bullish (the market is going up) bias about price direction; others a bearish bias (the market is going down).

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  • . said Thursday that its wholesale gas trading operation "just got chopped up" during the first half of this year because it had the wrong market bias -- it was betting that prices would fall or remain flat but instead they rose sharply.

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  • . It has also been suggested that PIMS is too heavily biased towards traditional, metal-bashing industries, such as ; perhaps not surprising, considering the era in which the majority of the surveys were carried out.
  • . They believe that his self reporting bias makes the conclusions suspect.
  • . They are also concerned that no defunct companies were included, leading to "survivor bias".

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  • . Utilizing reliable, accurate and bias-free methodologies, Infosurv's B2B market research surveys can give you a multi-dimensional view of vital factors that can affect your company's position in the marketplace.
  • . B2B market research surveys can provide you with in-depth information on: Demographics Psychographics Trends Competitors Segmentation Whether you need a B2B market research survey designed from scratch, or have an existing survey that needs to be administered, Infosurv takes extraordinary measures to ensure validity, reliability and bias reduction.

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  • . Avoid rejection by lenders with an out-of-date bias against freelancers Start trading through your new company the same working day Marketing It is a fact of life that if you want to survive and prosper as a small business owner or freelancer that you will need to market yourself or your products at some point in time.

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  • . Using the PA dials, respondents instantly provide anonymous and unbiased feedback to questions asked by the moderator.

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  • . Zero-bias sample d.
  • . There is little opportunity for interviewer bias e.
  • . The use of multiple-choice questions reduces interviewer bias b.
  • . If an interview is conducted with a respondent who does not meet the qualifications for a study, what kind of bias has occurred? a.
  • . Position bias b.
  • . Respondent bias c.
  • . Lifestyle bias d.
  • . Non-response bias e.
  • . Instrument bias 15.
  • . Setting quotas for hard-to-reach respondents is one way to minimize _ bias.
  • . Biased research, unethical b.

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  • . HMO marketing and selection bias: are TEFRA HMOs skimming? , , , , , , , .
  • . The purpose of this study is to examine the relationship between HMO marketing strategies and selection bias in TEFRA At-Risk HMOs.
  • . To measure selection bias in these HMOs, the functional health status of approximately 300 enrollees in each HMO was compared to that of 300 non-enrolling beneficiaries in the same area.
  • . Three dependent variables, reflecting selection bias at the mean, the low health tail, and the high health tail of the health status distribution were created.
  • . Weighted least squares regressions were then used to identify relationships between marketing elements and selection bias. · A random muse - search marketing, web promotion, thoughts and observances from around the web.
  • . What interests me most is the comment by Girish Kumar regarding the possibility of error or bias in a human edited directory such as the ODP: “Just to give some background, the Open Directory Project at is a repository of millions of human-edited descriptions.

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  • . Unfortunately there appears to be a deep-seated, unwarranted bias on the part of most banks and lenders against lawyers.
  • . It is probable that this bias stems from a perception that, in general, lawyers are okay with defaulting on their contractual obligations, and feel empowered in defending themselves (and thus avoiding out-of-pocket attorney’s fees that would normally defer other potential loan applicants from defaulting).
  • . However, a law practice is at a disadvantage to other small businesses: because of the aforementioned bias, a law practice has a more difficult time finding a good (defined as reasonable rates and terms) business loan to provide that operating capital.
  • . After an extensive search (that underscored that the above theory of bias towards attorneys does exist), LegalMatch Financial Services located a lender who shares our view that lawyers make good borrowers.


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  • . Tellis; 35 pages; 1992 Estimates rewards of being first entrant in a market, after controlling for survival bias, by studying successful and unsuccessful pioneering firms.
  • . Third, data is collected via single-informant self-reports and is potentially biased.
  • . Our primary objective is to estimate the rewards for pioneers, after controlling for survival bias, by studying successful and unsuccessful pioneers.

  • . Reference to commercial products or trade names does not imply endorsement by the Cooperative Extension Service or bias against those not mentioned.
  • . References to commercial products or trade names does not imply endorsement by MSU Extension or bias against those not mentioned. @CallCenter