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    Farm Marketing - AgEBB
  • . WHEAT 12.665 18.751 12.059 15.48 15.92 -2.74 CORN 39.958 45.545 30.618 1514.98 1326.34 14.22 SOYBEANS 7.910 9.415 7.742 806.58 1005.22 -19.76 LIVESTOCK MKT DATA: PRCNT.
  • . WHEAT JUL 06 3590 3724 -134 JUL 06 4624 4790 -164 SEP 06 3766 3890 -122 SEP 06 4720 4870 -150 DEC 06 3934 4054 -120 DEC 06 4822 4946 -124 MAR 07 4090 4200 -110 MAR 07 4834 4950 -114 MAY 07 4180 4284 -104 JUL 07 4582 4670 -86 JUL 07 4250 4350 -100 Market data compiled by Faculty and Staff of the Ag Economics Department at the University of Missouri from information obtained from USDA, United Producers and Dow Jones.

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    AMS at USDA - AMS Market News - Main Page
  • . Reports include information on prices, volume, quality, condition, and other market data on farm products in specific markets and marketing areas.
  • . The data is disseminated within hours of collection via the Internet and made available through electronic means, in printed reports, by telephone recordings and through the news media.

    AMS at USDA, Fruit and Vegetable Market News Service
  • . The data is collected during face-to-face interviews and telephone conversations with salespersons, brokers and buyers, and the information is analyzed and consolidated into that provide an unbiased view of market conditions.

  • . They conduct research, collect and analyze data, monitor economic trends, and develop forecasts.
  • . Economists devise methods and procedures for obtaining the data they need.
  • . These economists collect data on various indicators, maintain databases, analyze historical trends, and develop models to forecast growth, inflation, unemployment, or interest rates.
  • . Economists in the Federal Government administer most of the surveys and collect the majority of the economic data characterizing the United States.
  • . Department of Commerce collect and analyze data on the production, distribution, and consumption of commodities produced in the United States and overseas, while economists employed by the U.S.
  • . Department of Labor collect and analyze data on the domestic economy, including data on prices, wages, employment, productivity, and safety and health.
  • . An economist working in State or local government might analyze data on the growth of school-age or prison populations, and on employment and unemployment rates, in order to project future spending needs.

    Market and survey researchers
  • . Gathering statistical data on competitors and examining prices, sales, and methods of marketing and distribution, they analyze data on past sales to predict future sales.
  • . Market research analysts devise methods and procedures for obtaining the data they need.
  • . After compiling and evaluating the data, market research analysts make recommendations to their client or employer on the basis of their findings.
  • . Survey researchers may consult with economists, statisticians, market research analysts, or other data users in order to design surveys.
  • . Their routine may be interrupted by special requests for data, as well as by the need to attend meetings or conferences.
  • . Also, continuing education is important in order to keep current with the latest methods of developing, conducting, and analyzing surveys and other data.
  • . While in college, aspiring market and survey researchers should gain experience gathering and analyzing data, conducting interviews or surveys, and writing reports on their findings.

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    market data - Industry Analysis, marketing plan, balance sheet, business information by Bizminer
  • Any of these words All of these words » » Report Types By Feature Capitalize on our marketing research market data: Industry trends within the specified national, state or metro area market.

    Spotfire - The Risk of Market Data Analysis
  • . -**** As seen in The Risk of Market Data Analysis Consumer goods manufacturers make enormous investments implementing systems, acquiring information and purchasing data from third-party providers to uncover new ways to further penetrate and expand their customer base, while cornering the competition.
  • . Market and brand success is largely dependent upon understanding the bigger picture and making connections between different data sets.
  • . However, tools available to aid brand managers and market researchers have not kept up with the increasing amount and complexity of data, thus creating more market confusion and information paralysis.
  • . Fortunately, technological advancements are better enabling marketers (and the IT staffs that support them) to evaluate multiple data sources simultaneously for a better understanding of marketing effectiveness, profitability, pricing and changing consumer buying habits.
  • . More Than A Feeling Many brand teams or researchers currently rely upon "gut feeling” and “creativity” rather than on conclusions based on thorough data analysis, because the majority of analysis tools designed to assist them are complex or ill-suited to the task at hand.

    Spotfire - Sales and Marketing Analytics
  • . "Understanding internal and market data is essential when launching new products, optimizing campaigns, or managing sales force and channel strategies.
  • . The faster and better a marketing and sales organization can analyze data and make recommendations, the better it develops brands and moves products off shelves.
  • . DecisionSite provides both the power and flexibility to truly understand what is happening and what should be done to maximize share and sales." -- Francesco Leone, Former Marketing Executive at Coca-Cola and Colgate-Palmolive : Leverage external market data and internal data, quickly drill into sales, competitor sales, relative market share, changes per product, performance by territory, and more.

    Market Research, Analysis and Advice - JupiterResearch
  • . JupiterResearch provides unbiased research, analysis and advice, backed by proprietary data, to help companies profit from the impact of the Internet and emerging consumer technologies on their business.
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    Travel Tracker: Fall 2002 In-Market Data and Marketing Implications

  • . The following data was compiled from a sample of over 1, 300 surveys.
  • . Looking at the profiles of these respective marketing areas ( Lifestyle Market Analyst 2002, Standard Rate and Data Service ), between 59 percent and 67 percent of all households in these market areas subscribe to cable TV.

    IDFA Store: Market Data
  • . Based on data supplied by Information Resources, Inc.

    Venture and Marketing Data
  • | Search for: | Market Data and Trends • • • Venture and Related Associations • • • • "The partnership [with Microsoft] reduces product time-to-market and provides broad industry exposure, thus creating significant momentum for growth in our target markets." —Charles Rossotti, Senior Advisor, The Carlyle Group Last updated: October 25, 2004 | © 2006 Microsoft Corporation.

    Careers in Marketing: Market Research > Overview
  • . Market researchers are applied consumer behaviouralists, combining quantitative data with their understanding of how markets work to better promote a product.
  • . The field is booming and with ever-improving data from places such as supermarket scanners and the web, there is no doubt that this field has a bright future. @CallCenter