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  • . In this stage PRISM can help you: Our creative marketing research techniques "dig deep" to find the true underlying answers that provide you with an in-depth understanding of the consumer's thinking process - the purchase decision, how they evaluate products, and how the products impact their lives.
  • . Segmentation studies include elements of attitude & usage studies, but also involve more in-depth attitudinal, psychographic, lifestyle, and brand image measures.

    MRSI PRISM System: Marketing Research to Guide Product Management
  • . MRSI uses focus groups, mini-groups, and in-depth interviews, as well as advanced query techniques, to deeply probe how consumers feel about your product compared to competitive offerings.
  • . MRSI provides an in-depth analysis of how consumers perceive your brand and competitors using state-of-the-art data mining, mapping, and modeling techniques.
  • . Customer satisfaction measurement (CSM) may be included in the tracking program, or assessed more in-depth in a separate study.

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  • . The variables used for segmentation include: variables of the world or country size variables size family life cycle status / variables variables benefit sought stage When numerous are combined to give an in-depth understanding of a segment, this is referred to as depth segmentation .

    Triple Pundit: Presidio Marketing Blog in Depth
  • . Presidio Marketing Blog: in Depth I came across the term "pyromarketing" in this week’s Economist as I was reading about the growing trend of reconciliation between religious and corporate America which intrigued me and I wondered how it might fit with “green” or sustainable marketing.... » Kathryn Zender | December 13, 2005 Recently I saw a Bank of America commercial that didn’t look like a commercial at all.

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    Qualitative Market Research | Depth Interviews | Focus Group Research | Uncoving unspoken buyer motives and perceptions. | Power Decisions Group. | Qualitative Research Consultants
  • . We've conducted focus groups, depth interviews, one-on-one interviews and related qualitative market research projects for consumer products, business to business-B2B- clients.
  • . The purpose of qualitative research is to plumb the depths and range of buyer attitudes and beliefs, not to measure incidence, project, or forecast quantity.
  • . Qualitative market research -- Methods We conduct qualitative market research using the following methods: focus group discussion studies depth interviews triads (one interviewer - two respondents, and dyads (one interviewer - one respondent) observational techniques combined with interviewing ethnography and photo-ethnography where customers or prospects record actual behaviors, reflect with diary entries, and participate in follow-up interviews.

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  • . Covers 350 markets in 207 countries with quantitative data on consumer lifestyles, retailing, countries, consumer markets and in-depth market analysis reports.

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  • . LegalEase: How to Market Your Law Firm Online (Indepth) Having a web site will not drive clients to your firm.
  • . Note that your newsletter does not have to be in-depth.

    Metaphor Marketing
  • . "We got intensity, texture, and depth that we'd never gotten from other studies, " Green recalls.
  • . Since then, a range of new qualitative techniques have burst onto the scene: in-depth interviews, participant observation (watch Billy play with a new toy from behind a one-way mirror), ethnographic research (move in with the Jones family and record their diurnal habits, like Margaret Mead in New Guinea), and projective techniques ("If this shampoo were a dog, what kind of dog would it be?").
  • . Strip-mining techniques are inappropriate when there's a great deal more depth to be had.

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    In-Depth and One-On-One Marketing Research Interviews by Market Street Research
  • Solutions Methodologies In-Depth Interviews In-Depth or One-On-One Interviews In-depth interviews are a marketing research interviewing technique used in situations where expert opinions are needed, or to gather detailed information from customers or users of competing products or services.
  • . In-depth interviews are used when, because of geography, logistical issues, or the sensitive or complex nature of the topics to be explored, conducting focus groups or face-to-face interviews is either impractical or inappropriate.
  • . The In-depth interview methodology is often employed by Market Street Research when surveying business owners, high-level executives , community and business leaders , key opinion influencers , technicians , specialists , and other professionals about complex or highly sensitive topics.
  • . In-depth interviews are often used in place of focus groups when having a group of people with similar characteristics together for the purpose of stimulating a conversation on a specific topic is unnecessary.

    Market Street Research - Customized Quantitative and Qualitative Market Research And Analysis
  • MSR Public Reports Market Street Research has been providing premium quality, highly customized quantitative and qualitative marketing research and in-depth analysis services to organizations across the USA for over 25 years.

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  • . GLOSSARY ENTRY (DERIVED FROM QUESTION BELOW) English term or phrase: counter depth Dutch translation: diepte Entered by: Options: - 1:04pm Jun 28, 2005 or (free) for more options.
  • . English to Dutch translations [PRO] Marketing / Market Research / Koelkasten English term or phrase: counter depth XXX has slimmer depth - 600mm full depth compared to counter depth models at 664mm and traditional freestanding models at 884mm Beschrijving van een koelkast.
  • . Verder heb je tegenwoordig ook minder diepe ijskasten, noemen ze "counter depth" ijskasten.

    Thomson - Healthcare - Marketing/Marketing Research
  • in : : : Gathering in-depth market intelligence and having a strong marketing and strategic plan in place are critical to the successful launch of a new drug.
  • . CLINICAL TRIALS CenterWatch Compilation Reports present a collection of comprehensive, in-depth features, original research and analyses and company/institution profiles organized around major topics including Site Management Organizations, Academic Medical Centers and Contract Research Organizations.
  • . The CenterWatch Monthly Newsletter is an award-winning monthly newsletter that provides clinical research professionals with in-depth business news, feature articles on trends, original research and analyses, as well as grant lead information for investigative sites.


    JETRO - JETRO Market Reports

  • > > JETRO Market Reports JETRO Market Reports In-depth Japan market reports covering a wide range of products, services and industries, including relevant laws and regulations, case studies, current market trends and advice on market entry.

    Latin American Markets | Market Intelligence for Marketing Success
  • . The report includes an in-depth analysis of the sector, the factors influencing the market evolution and future developments.
  • . Basic information is gathered from field research thru in-depth personal interviews with key management from main companies, customers, suppliers, distributors and retailers into the sector.

    Case Study - ALLTEL Communications - Innovative Marketing Speeds Convergence Of Wireless and Wireline Services
  • . Strategy Claritas provided those capabilities with geodemographic tools, proprietary surveys and in-depth market analysis.
  • . "Claritas gave us a common logic to look at the similarities and differences of each of our markets." Measurement Equipped with these in-depth market profiles and maps, ALLTEL last year began building its network of the future, offering bundled services in market after market – all from one telecom company, all on one bill. @CallCenter