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  • . Richard Sjolander, Professor of Marketing and Economics and Director of International Business Programs According to Dr.
  • . Opened Fall 2004 Welcome to the Department of Marketing and Economics Marketing and Economics students on campus We've always encouraged our students to consider an internship experience for a program elective course.
  • . You will also work with a professor in the Marketing and Economics Department to define individual learning objectives, complete related academic assignments, and arrange academic credit for internships.

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    ERS/USDA Briefing Room - Food Market Structures
  • . Features —This Current Issues in Economics of Food Markets edition examines the potential impact of excise taxes on snack foods.
  • . Recent Research Developments -This ERS Briefing Room outlines the economics of traceability, including private sector motivations for tracking food production and distribution.

    Market Efficiency and Marketing to Enhance Income of Crop Producers
  • . " , " 13-89, California Santa Barbara - Department of Economics.


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    Aquaculture Economics and Marketing
  • Aquaculture Economics and Marketing .

    CIAS: Managing a CSA farm 2: community, economics, marketing and training
  • Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems Menu Main Navigation Search Search our publications Categories Browse our publications on: Other resources Powered by Articles Managing a CSA farm 2: community, economics, marketing and training Community supported agriculture (CSA) farmers need communication and management skills to meet a variety of challenges in building a community of members, balancing income and expenses, marketing their farm, and obtaining training.
  • . This Research Brief focuses on community building, economics, marketing, and training.

    Speakers Platform Speakers Bureau: Jerry Porras, Speaker On: Business, Economics, Marketing / Market Planning, Organizational Skills, Performance Improvement
  • Jerry Porras TOPICS: Business Economics Marketing / Market Planning Organizational Skills Performance Improvement FEE CATEGORY:* 30.0k to 50.0k An esteemed academic who is widely published in both academic and management journals, Dr.
  • . Co-author of Built To Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies, he helps you build an organization that can stand the test of time, management changes, economics and other influences.

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  • . To gain access to this database, an ID and password are required or use the Internet PCs in the Management & Economics Library.

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    Cotton Marketing and Management
  • . (8/12/97) Is AZ Selling Itself Short on Crop Insurance? (11/7/96) Economics of Irrigation Termination.
  • . (9/14/94) The Economics of Production Costs, Harvest and Ginning Costs, Yield, and Quality Factors to the Termination Decision.
  • . (8/23/93) Termination Decisions and Economics.
  • . (4/19/93) 1992 Cotton Management Economics Notes 1992 Cotton Review and Call Option Harvest Strategy.
  • . (9/14/92) Harvest Economics and Marketing.