NARDA NEWS—November 2005

  • . "Constructing spaces of solidarity in the face of market hegemony" is a five day gathering, from 8–12 November, where lay leaders, center and movement directors, and people of faith will gather to encounter the religious realities in Guatemala and the creative possibilities of communities of faith responding to social, economic, and spiritual crises.

    Merge IOC and ONGC
  • . It has complete hegemony of the northern and eastern markets with 90 per cent of the refining capacity and 100 per cent of the pipelines capacity in the regions.
  • . The privatisation of IOC's marketing assets may result in a private sector hegemony, leading to contravention of the 'competition' objective.

    KMWorld '99 -- The Premiere Event for Knowledge Management -- Competitive Intelligence Track -- Competitive Intelligence, Knowledge Management, Market Research, Competitor Analysis
  • . The application of CI as a knowledge tool for building competitive strategy gives organizations perspective in the war for market hegemony by helping to anticipate future scenarios and drive the measures to overcome competitive threats in the medium- and longer-term.

    FoRK Archive: Match Marketing to Your Company's Maturity
  • . Today, we are living under the Microsoft hegemony, although, as Gates has correctly foreseen, the Web threatens it at its roots.


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    Bad Subjects: Red Ken Read
  • . And in that sense, far from representing a challenge or focus of opposition to Blairism, his victory confirms the practical and intellectual hegemony of the "Third Way".
  • . And in that sense, far from representing a challenge or focus of opposition to Blairism, his victory confirms the practical and intellectual hegemony of the "Third Way".
  • . In the manner and cause of Red Ken's victory is revealed the true scope and extent of Blairism's hegemony.

    Fitness Culture and Nike's Role Therein
  • . Placing Nike's rise to market hegemony in terms of cultural realignments, Cole writes: It is not a coincidence that Nike became Nike during the decades marked by significant economic and political shifts, whose corresponding cultural emphases were on fitness, health, addiction, and individual responsibility.

    Cook Report February 1994
  • . In the global marketplace, positioning for mass-market hegemony misses the fact that, in most other business arenas today, economies of scale have long since given way to economies of scope. - Culture In International Marketing And Buyer Hehavior
  • . Many anthropologists have become interested in how dominant societies can shape the culture of less powerful societies, a process some researchers call cultural hegemony.

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    Tough customers: how to reach Gen Y
  • . For sheer spending power and cultural hegemony, this consumer group is unrivaled in American history.

    India: 2005 Patent Act Ð Death By Patent? SEP '05
  • . Large global research and development companies (Big Pharma), in response to their loss of market hegemony, have lobbied to strengthen intellectual property protections for pharmaceutical products and processes.

    How Does Open Source Technology Affect Marketing?
  • . Big industry players such as IBM and Novell have aligned their businesses behind open source, while Microsoft views it as a threat to its hegemony.

    Meeja Hoors
  • . Both are glib appropriations of the modern british consumer’s absolutist -speak by Aus/US firms in further bids for market hegemony.
  • . Cockeny-centric? Just a touch, mate, innit? News International loves hegemony that pays out in captive proles who pay to be imprisoned (except, , on Merseyside).


    University of Birmingham - Staff

  • . 2003, New Consumption Communities: resisting the hegemony of the marketing process, 3rd International Critical Management Studies Conference, Lancaster University, July 7-9 Szmigin, I.

    Give the People What They Don't Want
  • . I'd be submitting to the very adcult hegemony to which the focus groups showed such antipathy.

    eBusiness Consulting Services for the hospitality industry
  • . - Consolidation is the name of the game The consolidation of the travel agency/intermediary market in the U.S., which has been very intensive in the past 24 months, has created a hegemony of several large dominant players (Travelocity, Expedia, etc) and only a few remaining independent travel players worth mentioning (e.g. @CallCenter