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  • . This is likely to require identification of those factors for which the strongest case can be made that a significant market imperfection exists which discourages the optimal use of risk management tools, and suggestions for ways of improving the ability to accurately measure the extent of and reasons for any remaining problems related to private provision 35.

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  • . Topics included: pricing, output and quality decisions; the impact of productivity improvements on costs; quality-cost tradeoffs; transactions costs as a determinant of the boundaries of the firm; market imperfection and the role of regulation.

    The Becker-Posner Blog: Pharmaceutical Patents
  • . Are there laws that pharma co.s must provide drugs at the Candadian govt's prices? How are they punished if they opt out of the market because they don't like the prices? Anyway, it seems that a good neoclassicist would be enthusiastically in favor of dropping artificial import restrictions, and you don't make a particularly strong argument that the initial-investment market imperfection justifies imposing an import-based market imperfection.

    A (Legal) View from a Bridge Over Troubled Waters: Metaphors for Information and its Value in the Information Age
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  • . In the stock market, the limited availability of information will, in effect, create temporary points or eddies of market imperfection.
  • . These points of market imperfection may allow the holder to take advantage of the imperfection (in that the holder has a knowledge of some matter that others do not) to buy and sell shares and make a profit.
  • . Such temporary inefficiencies and imperfections may or may not be viewed as beneficial.
  • . However, some information-related imperfections are rewarded - for example a party through its own efforts may gain access to some knowledge that has not yet reached the market - for example of a revolution in a far-off place.
  • . What is common to both of these examples is a time delay effect - the temporary market imperfection taken advantage of is really a question of timing.


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    Methodological and Technological issues in Technology Transfer
  • . In a number of case studies (e.g., , , and ) subsidies significantly enhanced the transfer and adoption process because they addressed a specific market imperfection and were either limited in extent or duration, or they took the form of logistical support or training.
  • . The critical policy decision in support of technology transfer, therefore, is under what conditions do one or more of these approaches most directly and cost effectively address market imperfections, social, economic and environmental needs.

    Whipple's Conundrum, Dirty Windows, and Other Economic Anomalies
  • . CONCLUSION Most academic examples of market failure are examples of human imperfection, not market imperfection.

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  • . Institutional aspects (market microstructure, market imperfection and trading mechanisms) of fixed income securities will be also discussed but limited in scope.

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  • . The slightest imperfection, inconsistency or error will send your documents straight into the employer's garbage can.

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    Renewables Portfolio Standard: Electricity Journal Article
  • . Specifically, we discuss why a "renewables portfolio standard" is the most efficient means of correcting market imperfections and for moving toward sustainability.
  • . The first is whether market imperfections exist.
  • . Imperfections in competitive markets ought to be corrected through policies that affect how the market works, if the cost of correction is reasonable.
  • . Yet, the problems of market imperfections are seldom acknowledged in discussions about restructuring electricity markets.
  • . On the contrary, faced with market imperfections, free marketers simply declare "let the market work." In this journal, for example, guest editorialist Ken Maize wrote, "Clearly, consumerists and environmentalists believe they cannot win in a competitive environment .
  • . Renewables are also faced with market barriers, another category of market imperfection.
  • . Of course, correcting all of these market imperfections, while theoretically a technical economic question, is not easily done by economists.

  • . Main Academic Articals : Imperfection of Market Division and the Dunctions of Enterprises, Beijing :Economic Research, No7, Jun 1997.

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  • | January 07, 2006 Imperfection has a nice editorial post at Corante pulling together some ideas kicked off by, who suggested that marketers could place less emphasis on flawless promo materials: Now, with the advent of cheaper and more accessible production methods maybe, therefore, our collateral doesn't have to be perfect any more.