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  • . Marketing implements its business strategy to leverage go-to-market mechanisms.

    Uranium Marketing Annual Report
  • . 1994-2005 Data: 2003-2005 Data: Suppliers and Origins: Material and Contract Types: Pricing Mechanisms Distributions: New and Future Uranium The quantity of uranium delivered in 2005, under 23 purchase contracts signed in 2005, was 8 million pounds U 3 O 8 e, and the average price was $20.16 per pound.
  • . Price Mechanisms, Distributions and Contract Types by Pricing Mechanisms (Table 5.) Figure 7.

    Energy & Transportation Task Force Report
  • . TRANSPORTATION Utilize Government Travel Procurement Policy to Establish Markets and Promote Development and Production of Low Emission Vehicles (Market Mechanism).
  • . Award Government Procurement to Producers of Vehicles Employing New Technologies (Market Mechanism).
  • . Transportation Pricing Reform: Gasolilne Tax (Market Mechanism).
  • . Pay-As-You-Go Insurance (Market Mechanism).
  • . Transit-Friendly Government Procurement (Market Mechanism).
  • . Personal Motor Vehicle Miles Travelled & Emission Based Registration Fees (Market Mechanism).
  • . Commuter Choice (Market Mechanism).
  • . ENERGY A Tradable Emission Reduction Incentive for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Technologies (Market Mechanism).
  • . Provide Preferred Access to Government Technology Partnerships, and Regulatory Flexibility for Companies that Demonstrate Compliance with Environmental Performance Goals (Market Mechanism and Regulatory Changes).
  • . Provide Incentives to Assist in Commercialization of Renewable Energy Technologies for Commercial and Residential Application (Market Mechanism).

    Cultural Exchange via Internet - Evaluation (6). Forum of the HKW
  • Evaluation (6) - themes discussed Digital discourse / market mechanisms Repeatedly touched upon during the forum, was the assertion that by using the Internet in cultural exchange, the commercial structures built into the peculiarity of the medium as well as the market mechanisms as such have to be taken into consideration.


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    JSTOR: Quarterly Journal of Economics: Vol. 84, No. 3 (Aug., 1970), pp. 488-500
  • . This journal is licensed to JSTOR by The MIT Press The Market for "Lemons": Quality Uncertainty and the Market Mechanism George A.

    AGIMO | Marketing E-government
  • . Change the behaviours of clients using alternative service delivery mechanisms, such as call centres or shopfronts, by providing them with information online.
  • . Clients will then be less likely to use the alternative mechanisms for basic information enquiries.
  • . Use the results of website evaluation and usage analysis to provide market research information A range of information about the use of online services is available through mechanisms such as web logs, usage statistics, search engine analysis and feedback.
  • . Use online and offline consultation mechanisms as appropriate Online consultation mechanisms can be useful in consulting user groups who are already familiar with online services.
  • . However, online consultation, by its very nature, focuses on these groups, so care should be taken to consider mechanisms for involving user groups who are unfamiliar with the online channel, including offline consultation mechanisms.
  • . For example, online consultation mechanisms could seek feedback on more detailed issues regarding the proposed online service, such as navigation or design elements.

    SAUCE - Direct Marketing - Tips & Tricks - Market testing
  • Designing response mechanisms You have communicated with a customer who is all revved up and interested.
  • . Make the response mechanism simple and accessible.

    Search 4 Book Club
  • . During the late 1980s our view on business marketing changed remarkably: from a single transaction oriented, market mechanism-based description of marketing and purchasing we are moving into domestic and international buyer--seller relationships.

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    MainFrame: The Factasian Utopia
  • . Global institutions eliminate war, democracy evolves a service ethos and more problems are solved by market mechanisms.
  • . : Global institutions eliminate war, democracy evolves a service ethos and more problems are solved by market mechanisms.
  • . Market Nurturing A primary purpose of political institutions should be to nurture and develop market mechanisms which provide superior alternatives to centralised bureaucratic mechanisms in all walks of life.
  • . Intelligent logic will permit the design (through logical evolution) of arbitrarily complex molecular mechanisms, permitting machines to exceed the capabilities of living organisms without the burden of self reproductive capability.
  • . The functions performed by today's social and political institutions are realised in Factasia through these sophisticated market mechanisms.

    JMR4A Summary & Biography - American Marketing Association -
  • . Dan’s current research focuses on day-to-day irrationalities and on market mechanisms to try to overcome these irrationalities.

    Library of Congress / Federal Research Division / Country Studies / Area Handbook Series / Caribbean Islands / Appendix C
  • . MARKET INTEGRATION MECHANISMS Caricom seeks to achieve economic integration through market forces.
  • . The Common Market contains a number of important mechanisms for liberalizing trade.
  • . The final market integration mechanism aims at providing guaranteed markets and prices for Caricom exports to overcome the volatile trade in primary commodities.
  • . MECHANISMS OF COOPERATION IN MARKETING AND PRODUCTION Joint regional action in production and marketing activities is viewed by Caricom as a means of coordinating and controlling each member's output to avoid injury to other members or to the entire region.
  • . One important mechanism in this regard is regional industrial programming aimed at promoting specialization and economic diversification and avoiding duplication of investment.
  • . The Caribbean Food Corporation, founded in 1976, is the main mechanism for planning and implementing the strategy's objectives.
  • . MECHANISMS OF FINANCIAL COOPERATION Financial cooperation tries to fulfill the objectives of economic integration by facilitating payments for intraregional trade and by mobilizing investment funds to productive sectors of the economy.

    Medical Radar
  • . This entails a thorough understanding of underlying market mechanisms with the identification of benchmarking opportunities across potential competitors, target audiences and countries.


    Embassy Jobs

  • . A thorough knowledge of market mechanisms, constraints, and practices for opportunities for U.S.

    EASA Biennial conference 2006
  • . The increasing emphasis on market mechanisms, indeed their elevation to a kind of ‘mantra’ leading to greater prosperity and development, makes such an examination all the more interesting and timely.
  • . In particular it examines three performative or protentive mechanisms by which corporations try to tame chronic uncertainties via knowledge processes that construe distinctive forms of temporal politics: 1) The attempt to fold consumption back into production, thereby appearing to bring full circle the unruly circuit of production-consumption, a process that Callon terms the 'economy of qualities'.
  • . This is a more chaotic and open-ended mechanism through which to wage the politics of time, since its protentive and pre-emptive qualities seem more completely speculative; the activity has as much symbolic as economic value.
  • . Theoretically, the paper expands on recent work on performativity in markets by Callon, Barry and Slater and others; in its attention to the temporal politics immanent in these processes and the diversity of mechanisms, more and less virtual, it constitutes a revision of Miller and Carrier's notion of 'Virtualism'.

    RPOptions | Spotlight: Market-Based Mechanisms Improves Forecasting at HP
  • Search : Market-Based Mechanisms Improves Forecasting at HP Market based systems such as the stock and commodities exchanges have long been used as an instrument to aggregate complex information and provide insight to observers.
  • . Despite the risks, the benefits from employing market-based mechanisms are attractive.
  • . Although other techniques such as surveys or market research can also integrate information, a market-based mechanism may complement or outperform such methods to enhance information accuracy in a quick and cost-effective manner. | Pharmaceuticals | Marketing Pharmacogenomics| brands | brand | branding news
  • . Working proactively, researchers try to understand the genetic mechanisms of disease, and the influence of different "genetic backgrounds." Retrospective investigations look at drugs already on the market.
  • . Also, pharmacogenomic products will work by treating the mechanisms of a disease, and biology shows that the same mechanism could be at the heart of several apparently different diseases.
  • . So rather than segment, you pool patients." He cited multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and Graves disease – three very different conditions, but all with a similar biological mechanism.
  • . The drug targets the genetic mechanism caused by the abnormality that leads to cancer.

    EUROPA - Fisheries - Frequently Asked Questions - Markets
  • . COM has the following objectives: applying common marketing standards; establishing Producers' Organisations (POs); instituting a price support system based on intervention mechanisms (withdrawal prices, carry-over aid and private storage aid) or compensation mechanisms (tuna for canning); establishing a regime for trade with non-member countries.
  • . The EU has created mechanisms to correct the worst effects of these fluctuations.
  • . These intervention mechanisms involve Community aid for taking off the market unsold products (withdrawal) and for carry-over measures - storing or processing fish products with a view to putting them back on the market when there is more demand.
  • . These mechanisms apply to specific products chosen as representative of Community production.
  • . Market intervention mechanisms are activated when the prices of products placed on the market fall below withdrawal prices.
  • . The market mechanisms are implemented by recognised Producers' Organisations, which receive aid to assist their operations.

    ICANN | Criteria for Assessing TLD Proposals (15 August 2000)
  • . As noted in the White Paper, market mechanisms that support competition and consumer choice should, where possible, drive the management of the DNS.
  • . What effect would the proposal have on registrar-level competition? Does the proposal restrict the ability of accredited registrars to offer registration services within the TLD on competitive terms? What mechanism is proposed for selecting registrars? e.
  • . If accredited registrars are not permitted to offer registration services within the TLD on a competitive basis, are there other, effective mechanisms for providing competitive choices to domain-name holders seeking to register within the TLD? f.
  • . Does the proposal provide for a reasonably accessible and efficient mechanism for resolving domain-name disputes? c.
  • . Does the proposal make adequate provision for Whois service that strikes an appropriate balance between providing information to the public regarding domain-name registrations in a convenient manner and offering mechanisms to preserve personal privacy? e.

    Marketing Policies--News
  • . Pricing Policies ¡¡¡¡China currently applied a mechanism of market-based pricing under macro-economic adjustment.
  • . ¡¡¡¡The government guidance price mechanism was a more flexible form of pricing. @CallCenter