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  • Adding Intelligence to Information | For more information about Claritas products and services, call today! 1-866-737-7429 Quick Links > About VNU About VNU VNU is a global information and media company with leading market positions and recognized brands in marketing information (ACNielsen), media measurement and information (Nielsen Media Research) and business information (Adweek, Billboard, The Hollywood Reporter, Computing, Intermediair).
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  • . Marketing information VNU offers worldwide insight in consumer behavior.
  • . Claritas, part of the VNU Marketing Information Group, offers lifestyle data, demographic information and purchase preferences of American consumers for precision marketing applications.
  • . Other companies within the group include: ACNielsen ACNielsen is the global leader in market research, information and analysis and measure what fast moving consumer goods are sold through the retail channel.

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  • . See how we can answer your questions today! Click Here For More Solutions from Claritas! 2006 Update Details (Requires ) Over 50 report and map selections – Demographic reports, demographic maps, business reports, and much more to provide you with in-depth information to analyze your markets and better target your consumers.
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  • . Our target marketing information includes critical marketing research data about the population, consumer behavior, consumer spending, households and businesses within any specific geographic market area in the United States.
  • . Claritas is a target marketing information company dedicated to helping you with consumer and B2B marketing, and dedicated to maximizing your profitability with measurable demographic target marketing programs, marketing research tools and B2B marketing software.
  • . Adding demographic software, consumer market analysis, and niche marketing intelligence to information reflects Claritas' holistic approach to providing client solutions and our commitment to fostering target marketing innovation.

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  • . Want to find out more? Read (PDF 22KB, ), which includes information on starting out, ideal personal qualities, agencies and client-side, qualitative and quantitative, day to day work, career path and training.

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  • | Marketing Information Insights into today’s global consumers VNU Marketing Information: an industry leader in market research.
  • . About 9, 000 clients in the consumer packaged goods broaden their insights into their markets, products and customers using VNU Marketing Information products and services.
  • . Other business segments include the financial services, automotive, travel, IT, telecommunications and pharmaceutical industries benefit from our market information.
  • . ACNielsen is the cornerstone of VNU’s Marketing Information operations.
  • . It integrates information from multiple sources and transforms raw data into strategic insights and tailor-made recommendations.
  • . Services of ACNielsen Retail Measurement ACNielsen supplies manufacturers and retailers of fast-moving consumer goods with essential information on competitive sales volumes, market shares, distribution, pricing, merchandising and promotional activities.
  • . One of the ways to gather this information is by capturing the sales information in over 170, 000 stores via checkout scanners or through in-store audits.

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  • . Bibliographic Information: (Published simultaneously as the Journal of Relationship Marketing, Vol.
  • . 1.) About the Book One of the most important new concepts in marketing is customer equity—here’s the essential information you need to create and manage it!This book presents thought-provoking, cutting-edge writing on customer equity management.
  • . Handy charts, tables, and figures make complex information easy to access and understand.Capturing Customer Equity: Moving from Products to Markets is divided into five chapters: Developing Relationship Equity in International Markets This chapter delves into the realm of relationship marketing to define the term relationship equity and presents strategies for enhancing relationship equity in international markets via personal relationships as well as consistent processes and outcomes.
  • . Book Information: © Haworth Press, Inc.

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  •    |    | Twenty Two Different Types of Surveys for "Market Analysis" Including Information Measured and a Sample Survey Survey Name Survey Content Example Surveys 1 - Market Description Surveys For determining the size and relative market share of the market.
  • . Such studies provide key information for determining market growth, competitive positioning and tracking share of market.
  • . The CEO usually wants to know this information.
  • . The aggregation of this information provides information about the diffusion of innovation process for the market and product as a whole… What are the levels of Awareness – Knowledge – Intention – Purchase – Repurchase? 4 - Customer Intention - Purchase Analysis Surveys Directed at understanding the current customer.
  • . 15 - Advertising Message Effectiveness Surveys (Media and Message) Advertising testing for message effectiveness is directed at identifying the impressions, feelings, and effectiveness of the ad in moving the respondent to a desired goal (increased awareness, more product information, trial, repeat purchase).

    If It Sells Soap It Can Help Sell Innovations: A Useful Lesson from Marketing
  • . The marketing profession recognizes that potential customers need different information at each stage in the process.
  • . Providing the right information at a given stage allows the customer to move rapidly from stage-to-stage and ultimately to adoption.
  • . Providing the wrong information at a given stage can stall or abort the adoption process.
  • . Our work suggests that small businesses adopt waste minimization innovations in similar stages and that the type of information needed at each stage is similar to that for other innovations (Bierma and Waterstraat 1995a, Spring; Bierma and Waterstraat, 1995b).
  • . Messages: General information about needs; anecdotes from similar companies about need and benefits; mass media useful here; use "hot button" words.
  • . Messages: Availability and simplicity of information on innovation; success of others in overcoming barriers to adoption; mass media may be useful here.
  • . INFORM AND EVALUATE Description: The search for information on alternative products and evaluation of those alternatives.

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  • . FOR MORE INFORMATION RightNow Technologies Inc.
  • . "We like their approach, their knowledge base, the way they'll take information unique to an organization and capture some lead information, " said Deb Kohls, vice president of business development and customer support.

    ACNielsen Trends&Insights - Media on the Move: How to Measure In- and Out-of-Home Media Consumption
  • essential information and consumer insight for better marketing decisions In this section Related information > > Consumer Insight Magazine Media on the Move: How to Measure In- and Out-of-Home Media Consumption Linda Dupree Senior Vice President PPM New Product Development, Arbitron Inc.
  • . John Bosarge Senior Vice President VNU Advisory Services “Project Apollo” is the working title for a new marketing information service being explored by Arbitron and VNU in collaboration with Procter & Gamble.
  • . What differentiates Project Apollo from current offerings are the synchronized data source (all information comes from a single panel of consumers who have agreed to participate in this program), the granularity of the data, the direct link of media information to purchase behavior or intent, the first-ever total view of media consumption—in and out of the home—and an ROI metric powerful enough to satisfy the most demanding CEO.
  • . The idea is to adopt a holistic approach to measurement, tracking consumer multi-media usage, integrating it with lifestyle and attitude information, then relating that data to the sales response, all for the same sample of consumers—an industry first.

    ACNielsen Trends&Insights - Case Study—Blurring the Boundaries: Moving from Market Research to Consultancy
  • . On the other, a market research company could also provide information-based consulting.
  • . Then we studied where each number came from in the financial institution's transaction and card information database.
  • . These sessions generated a wealth of quality information about MasterCard's quarterly reporting issues.
  • . Instead of “self” and “others, ” the two axes of relationship are Client's ability to share information on their business/industry, an Supplier's ability to build knowledge based on information provided by the client.
  • . In this modified Johari's Window, greater ability on the client's part (to share information) and on the supplier's part (to build knowledge) minimizes blind spots and areas of the unknown.

    Burkhardt Research - Marketing and Competitive Intelligence Specialists
  • . Such information allows clients to better provide responsive products and services that succeed in the marketplace.
  • . CONSUMER DEMOGRAPHICS Who are your customers? What are their defining characteristics? How is a demographic group changing? How can you locate and effectively reach them? How can census data be obtained, studied, and put to practical business use? Burkhardt Research Services studies and reports upon consumer demographics so that you can put such information to use.
  • . Burkhardt Research Services will locate, read, and evaluate these reports to find the information you need.
  • . DATABASE SEARCHING - highly concentrated, relevant market data is provided directly within commercial information databases EMBASSIES/CONSULATES - These foreign government representatives promote the development of their country's business climate.
  • . GOVERNMENT RECORDS - Decisions made by government, government legislation, and government knowledge provide a wealth of information for corporate decision makers.


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  • . Once users' needs and challenges are clearly defined, this information can be used by engineers and designers to guide critical decisions toward meeting users' needs.
  • . A more concrete example would be the Three Mile Island accident, which was the result of engineers lacking information about an open valve because of a poorly designed interface.
  • . For example, information about customer habits can be delivered to product teams to help them better address business needs.
  • . Theoretical Research and Knowledge Transfer A usability laboratory can provide designers with theoretical information related to human psychology, marketing, market strategy, sociology, and culture.
  • . As part of its research activities, a usability professional can collect and understand information for everything from how humans make buying decisions to how they perceive quality.
  • . Information on how humans think as individuals and groups related to our products and services would be provided.
  • . Thanks! More Information It is possible that this article did not answer your questions about usability.

    Moving WebWord > Representations and Perceived Information Architecture (PIA)
  • > > Representations and PIA (17-Oct-2001) If you want to know when new articles go online, Representations and Perceived Information Architecture (PIA) Article by Summary This article discusses two key ideas.
  • . First, it briefly outlines four ways to represent the same information.
  • . Second, it provides a high level overview of Perceived Information Architecture.
  • . Modes As you can see below, I created a diagram that represents four different ways to represent the same information.
  • . Of course, the nested diagram is represents exactly the same information as the hierarchy.
  • . The third mode is a generic set representation of the information.
  • . Using numbers and parentheses, this is very compact way to represent the information.
  • . The final mode is an English description of information.
  • . They all basically represent exactly the same information.
  • . Representation and Perceived Information Architecture Depending on what you want to capture, your mode of representation will probably change.

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    Telecom Market Moving Towards Deregulation - Quebec Coalition of Internet Providers Supports the Creation of a Tribunal to Protect Fair Competition
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  • . For further information: or to coordinate an interview with the Coalition representative, please contact: Isabelle Johnson, Marketing Communications, Canada Ltd., Uniserve Communications Corporation, (514) 481-5715 ext.
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