ESOMAR - Marketing Research Glossary - A

  • . Association Technique is a form of projective technique where participants are presented with some stimulus material and they are then asked to respond with the first thing that comes to their minds.
  • . Atomistic Test is a test that aims to assess participants’ reactions to individual elements of a product or concept (in contrast to a holistic test that looks at a product or concept as a whole).
  • . Attempt is when someone tries to contact a potential research participant, whether or not anyone is actually reached and whether or not the contact results in the potential respondent participating in some research.

    Technology Marketing Course: Product Launch, Brand Building, Product Positioning, and Placement
  • . Special Features Participants are invited to attend a dinner the first evening of the course, providing an opportunity to share information and ideas with the instructor and other participants.
  • . Each participant will receive the book, The New Positioning by Jack Trout with Steve Rivkin.

    Mining for Gold - Marketing Other Services to Affluent 401(k) Participants : Market Research Report
  • . This report examines additional services that can differentiate providers, and presents strategies for targeting affluent 401(k) participants, including online targeting, coordinating the retail and institutional sides of the business, and partnership/alliance development.

    Marketing series page
  • Solutions for Small Business Small Business Development Center STRATEGIC MARKETING SERIES (2613) You may choose from the individual programs listed below, but most participants benefit from taking the entire series of all four sessions and save 10% over the cost of individual sessions.


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  • . Save for the goods, a medieval European market is much the same as a 21st-century financial market: It is a place where buyers and sellers can come together to trade information and strike bargains; it vouches for the trustworthiness of participants and their goods, and regulates them through codes of behavior, tacit or otherwise; it lets the appropriate prices for a bargain be discovered; and it provides a clearing house for the financial side of transactions.
  • . And the best technology in the world won't matter if market participants can't connect to it.
  • . (See: ".") Leverage participants.
  • . Trustworthiness of the participants is an essential foundation of any successful market.
  • . Market owners should also not be market participants.
  • . Enron, of course, also developed bigger trust issues, but those turned bad into disastrous for its marketplace because it was such an important market participant.

    The MLS Book Review - Making the Case for Your Library: A How-To-Do-It Manual
  • . Librarians at all levels join in such discussions, and participants often help one another by passing on job opportunities or serving as mentors, collaborators, or resources.
  • . Regular participants in popular groups can gain enough name recognition that they later go on to run for office in library organizations or write for library periodicals—and improve their chances of getting interviews and job offers.
  • . Participants will remember people whose messages are consistently on-topic and useful.

    Energy Probe - Nuclear Power, Utility Reform - IMO hears from market participants
  • . "This is a commendable and crucial exercise, to know if the IMO is focusing on the same things as the participants want it to, " said IPPSO Executive Director Jake Brooks.
  • . He noted that "We can no longer separate reliability standards from commercial standards, " and said that "the Standards will be more cognizant of the commercial activity of the market." Under Ontario's market design, Operating Reserve is currently procured by the IMO on behalf of the market participants, and billed for through uplift charges.
  • . He also observed that there is a much higher appreciation amongst market participants about the advantages of open electricity borders than amongst the public in general.
  • . Mike Kurichuk of Bowater said that participants need to develop additional sensitivity to regional issues.
  • . In northwestern Ontario the grid is weak, and participants like Bowater could help with reactive power, if there were appropriate incentive in place.
  • . The IMO asked participants for their suggestions as to how future stakeholder consultations should be organized.

    Real Estate Executive Seminar: Strategies for Project Development, Capital Market Access, and Regulatory Compliance - Participant Mix; Harvard Business School Executive Education
  • . Participant Mix Real Estate Executive Seminar is designed for senior executives with substantial, long-term experience in real estate, including real estate owners, REIT officers, private real estate developers.
  • . Typical participant titles may include: CEO; Managing director/Managing partner; President; COO; CFO; Senior vice president; Principal; Chief counsel; and General manager.

  • Benefits

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    Strategic Marketing Management - Printable; Harvard Business School Executive Education Program
  • . Strategic Marketing Management introduces participants to the process of developing and managing marketing strategy, examining how firms create and sustain customer value—from market analysis and product positioning to communications and channel systems design.
  • . Participants learn how to evaluate marketplace potential and risk from the perspective of the firm's unique ability to develop and deliver goods and services of meaningful customer value.
  • . Participant Mix Strategic Marketing Management addresses the needs of two distinct executive groups.
  • . Participant titles may include, but are not limited to: Brand manager; Business intelligence manager; Director business development; Director of operations; Financial analyst; General manager; Senior marketing manager; Marketing director; Marketing manager; and Vice president of marketing.
  • . While participants devote time and intellect to the learning experience, sponsoring companies agree to assume fees, provide for reasonable expenses, and relieve individuals of their work responsibilities during the program.

    CyberEdge Journal : Annual market study seeks participants
  • . Participants also receive a discount on their purchase of the full report.

  • FOR PARTICIPANTS OF THE CONFERENCE Secretariat of the Conference PO/Box 150, Mosńow, Russia Telephone: +7 (495) 782-4834 Tel./Fax : +7 (495) 737-7289 The preliminary program of the Second EurAsian Marketers Forum Moscow, 6-8 of June, the Congress Center of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation The special Entry word for the event participants: Mr.

    Windletter - View of the Greenpower Market - Ten years On
  • NOVEMBER 2003 VIEW OF GREEN POWER MARKET: TEN YEARS ON By Kathy Belyeu AWEA Staff hen experts and market participants gathered in Chicago at the beginning of November, it marked the 10-year anniversary of the green power market, according to Blair Swezey of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.
  • . The next challenge is reaching the mass market, but with the experience market participants have built in the previous 10 years, the green power market will be an interesting one to watch.


    Competitive Marketing Strategy - The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

  • . Past participants from all over the world have included upper and middle managers from a broad range of industries, including health care, pharmaceuticals, energy, technology, other industrial products, and consumer packaged goods.
  • . are available when four or more participants attend a program.

    NSNS /MouseTracks/ The List of Marketing Lists
  • . Participants are invited to share suggestions, questions, and experiences on business initiatives that they are undertaking to improve health care quality, decrease cost, or otherwise attract new members and providers.
  • . All participants are asked to stay on topic and refrain from posting commercial messages and ads, except for simple announcements.
  • . Interested participants could be drawn from advertising agencies, new media developers, Internet presence providers & consultants, and corporations who are either already on the net or who are considering an Internet presence.
  • . Participants receive e-mails of interest concerning the topic of "Relationship Dissolution", include news of new articles and/or conceptualizations as well as NoRD Workshops on the topic. Research Resources [Glossary]
  • . Anthropomorphic A research technique in which participants describe a product, service or brand in terms of a human being with personality traits so that the participants' feelings about the object/brand can be determined.
  • . At-home testing A product sample is provided for participants to use at home.
  • . Attitudinal scaling A moderation technique in which participants are instructed to conceptualize the product or service on a two-dimensional scale, such as price and quality.
  • . The goal is to better understand the participants' feelings about the product or service.
  • . Conceptual mapping A moderation technique in which participants are asked to place the names of products or services on a grid.
  • . Conjoint association A moderation technique in which participants are asked to choose between two hypothetical products or services, each of which has different attributes.
  • . Co-op payment The payment provided to participants as an incentive to come to the focus groups or answer surveys.

    10th US Hispanic Marketing
  • . Participants will learn how to: Obtain U.S.
  • . During this session participants will learn how much product and profile matter when deciding on a communications strategy, whether in-culture, in Spanish, in English, or all of the above.
  • . Evaluating media and communication models through the acculturation/language preference prism will also help participants to establish their language approach and communications strategy. @CallCenter