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  • . Introduction For most business firms, locating and specifically targeting unique market segments is both a reality and a necessity in today's competitive marketplace.
  • . What is Market Segmentation? In order to be a true market segment, the people or organizations in each segment must respond differently to variations in the marketing mix compared with those in other segments.
  • . This implies that for any classification scheme to qualify as market segmentation, the segments must exhibit these behavioral response differences.
  • . In their 1978 book Research for Marketing Decisions , Paul Green and Donald Tull set four basic criteria for market segmentation: The segments must exist in the environment (and not be a figment of the researcher's imagination), The segments must be identifiable (repeatedly and consistently), The segments must be reasonably stable over time, and One must be able to efficiently reach segments (through specifically targeted distribution and communication initiatives).

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  • . Why do you think that the one you have put first is the most important? Why do you think that the one you have put last is the least important? Step 2 - Who uses their balloons for what? Having decided the most important way to split their market, we can now start to look at the different segments within that market.
  • . Go to the and make a list of all the different market segments or groups that you can find there.

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  • . This is not something that is arbitrarily imposed on : it is derived from the recognition that the total market is often made up of submarkets (called 'segments').
  • . These segments are within (i.e.
  • . Contents The requirements for successful segmentation are: within the segment between segments segments are and segments are and segment is large enough to be .....
  • . Top-down and bottom-up (1980) describes of segmentation as the top-down approach : You start with the total population and divide it into segments .
  • . These profits can be increased further if the market can be segmented with different prices charged to different segments (referred to as ), charging higher prices to those segments willing and able to pay more and charging less to those whose demand is price elastic.

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  • . Who are their target market?? Over $100, 000 2 or more segments are sought with a MM for each segment, different marketing plan for each segment.
  • . For segmentation to occur: Segments must have enough profit potential to justify developing and maintaining a MM Consumer must have heterogeneous (different) needs for the product.
  • . Need to determine the variables that distinguish marketing segments from other segments.
  • . More variables creates more segments reducing the sales potential in each segment.


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  • . This guide includes books and other resources that discuss marketing to particular segments of the population along with other sources that are important in determining the size and power of a particular market segment.

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  • . Marketing Strategy A marketing strategy identifies customer groups which a particular business can better serve than its target competitors, and tailors product offerings, prices, distribution, promotional efforts, and services toward those market segments.
  • . Concentrating their efforts on one or a few key market segments - target marketing - gets the most return from small investments.

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  • . The table below shows some examples of market segments (or groups): Type of Market Segment Shared Group Characteristics Demographic Segment Measurable statistics such as age, income, occupation, etc.
  • . Here are examples of target segments that can be created using the above table: Women business owners between the ages of 25 and 60 earning more than $25, 000 annually form a demographic segment .

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  • . Product Firms have a range of products that will be targeted at different groups or segments.
  • . | Segments Groups with the same or similar needs and wants often divided by age, gender, income, lifestyle, and culture.

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  • . Market segmentation This page will help you understand how a market can be divided into and why segments are important in marketing.
  • . Segments Groups with the same or similar needs and wants often divided by age, gender, income, lifestyle, and culture.

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  • Reconciling market segments and personas Elaine Brechin, Senior Designer Market segmentation and personas are two different techniques that are often perceived as conflicting methods, but they are actually complementary tools that organizations can use to design and sell successful products.
  • . Personas bridge the gap between market segments and product definition.
  • . An example Personas and market segments provide different kinds of information.

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  • Welcome to Consumer Segments, Defined and Described Detailed Customer Segmentation Profiling MyBestSegments features details about all of Claritas' segmentation systems, including PRIZM NE and P$YCLE NE.
  • . (Requires .) Market Segments Explained Think of MyBestSegments as a "photo album" of consumer markets.
  • . Each of the Claritas market segments has its own pages that display "snapshots" of the segment's demographic traits, lifestyle preferences and consumer behaviors.
  • . You'll always find detailed information about market segments for your analysis.
  • . Updated Market Segmentation Information MyBestSegments features information about Claritas' segmentation system and is the only source for detailed segment descriptions for all of Claritas' products.
  • . Claritas provides you with the information foundation: market segmentation data, demographic data, consumer marketing data, marketing analysis tools, market demographic applications, and marketing strategy expertise – all needed to examine market segments and execute profitable target marketing opportunities.

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  • . Featured Marketing Concept "This approach divides broad markets, consisting of customers possessing different characteristics, into smaller market segments in which customers are grouped by characteristic shared by others in the segment.


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  • . This approach divides broad markets, consisting of customers possessing different characteristics, into smaller market segments in which customers are grouped by characteristic shared by others in the segment.
  • . Identify segments within the overall market Choose the segment(s) that fits best with the organizationís objectives and goals Develop a marketing strategy that appeals to the selected target market(s) - Marketing Stories Find links to hundreds of marketing stories from around the Internet in our .

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  • Specific Market Segments: Exercise: General Articles by Business Owner's Toolkit.
  • . Specific Market Segments Note : The groups profiled below were selected based on available online articles, not any priorities for covering one group over another! Mature Age Groups Strategies for targeting 50+ customers are discussed, including further segmentation of the senior market based on activity level, discretionary time and other factors. @CallCenter