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  • . Typical projects include: Competitor research Due diligence Product and market positioning research Market sentiment benchmarking Market trends and opportunities reporting Business plan validation Best practice benchmarking Performance audits Market growth forecasts Testimonials "We chose to commission research from E-consultancy primarily because of the depth of relevant contacts they can draw upon.

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  • . They allow your business to stay in tune with market sentiment as it unfolds.
  • . What are they saying? What type of comments are being posted by the audience? In what context are others linking to them? How about your own blog? You do have one right? If you do, what type of feedback are you seeing? How are others linking to you and in what context are they linking to you? Blogs and RSS allow you take advantage of the rise and fall of market sentiment allowing you to obtain a competitive edge.

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  • . Do executives in the $100, 000+ job market share that thick-skinned view? According to a survey conducted by, the world's leading $100, 000+ jobs Web site, market sentiment in the third quarter of 2005 remains largely optimistic, though it is trending downward for the second quarter in a row.
  • . According to a survey conducted by, the world's leading $100, 000+ jobs Web site, market sentiment in the second quarter of 2005 remains optimistic, though down slightly from the first quarter of 2005.

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  • . [Sep 16 2002] Advertising and market research industry growth in Japan is stagnant to slightly positive, while business awaits further evidence of a rise in consumer sentiment.


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    Asian Consumer Growth Prospects Index
  • . The index is designed to provide a relative index of consumer sentiment and demand in the next 12 months, based on the rough premise that advertising and marketing campaigns for most consumer products take around that time from conceptualization to launch to revenue generation.
  • . April 2003: While the consequences of the war in Iraq dominated Asian consumer sentiment in March, this month's survey reinforced that SARS has emerged as an even greater threat to consumer spending in Asia for the next 12 months.
  • . Most affected is consumer demand sentiment in South Korea, which previously had very strong prospects for the next 12 months.
  • . Conflict in Iraq may affect consumer growth in Islamic majority countries like Malaysia and Indonesia, and countries with ongoing unresolved issues like the Philippines, through anti-global sentiment and oil pricing issues.

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  • . Current market sentiment seems to be that actual harvest results and the October 12th crop production estimate are needed to validate the USDA's September numbers.

    Noise Traders, Market Sentiment, and Futures Price Behavior ewp-fin/9707001
  • . The same informmation is available at: as as Noise Traders, Market Sentiment, and Futures Price Behavior Paper:ewp-fin/9707001 From: Date: Mon, 21 Jul 97 10:37:45 CDT Title: Noise Traders, Market Sentiment, and Futures Price Behavior Author: Dwight R.
  • . For a complete list of OFOR working papers see Keywords: Noise Traders, Sentiment, Forecast Bias, Causality JEL: G, G0, G1 EWPA-references: Report-no: OFOR-97-02 Abstract: The noise trader sentiment model of De Long, Shleifer, Summers, and Waldmann (1990a) is applied to futures markets.
  • . Thus, returns can be predicted using the level of noise trader sentiment.
  • . The null rational expectations hypothesis is tested against the noise trader alternative using a commercial market sentiment index as a proxy for noise trader sentiment.
  • . The time- series predictability of futures returns using known sentiment levels is tested in a Cumby-Modest market timing framework and a more general causality specification.

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  • » IPOs set to bloom: First-quarter deals to gauge market sentiment VINCENT RYAN Feb 7, 2000 12:00 PM Access 3 FREE White Papers Fine tune your IMS deployment strategy by learning from IMS early adopters, learn how to master the triple play, and ensure your IMS implementation meets requirements.

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    Marketing in a downturn
  • . Says Henkels Satish Kumar, With poor sentiments and uncertainty, the immediate reaction of people is to save and postpone purchases.
  • . As Chairman Burman explains, In the current depressed market sentiments, it may not be possible to increase the pace of growth, hence it becomes important to explore fresh growth avenues in the form of new products.
  • . As Vasant Nangia, CEO of jewellery brand Oyzterbay, says, One thing is clear; no single player can generally afford to spend to raise visibility and actually reverse market sentiment, a trap that many market leaders sometimes fall into.

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  • Financial Daily from THE HINDU group of publications Friday, Mar 08, 2002 News Features Stocks Port Info Archives Group Sites - Commentary - Sensor Infoteh stocks buoy market sentiment Anand Ram STOCK markets on Thursday staged a remarkable recovery as frontline technology stocks and other index heavyweights had a sunny day.

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  • . Does the participatory design-connected market sentiment survive those transitions? 2.

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  • . Market Sentiment: The Financial Markets are not always driven by all logic and rationale.
  • . There is also a strong, underlying Market Sentiment, which is also the case with viewerships.