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  • . Theology 148 1.
  • . Theology Revenues, by Category 148 2.
  • . Top-Selling Theology Titles Based on Revenues 149 3.
  • . Theology Unit Sales, by Category 151 4.
  • . Top-Selling Theology Titles Based on Units Sold 153 5.
  • . Number of Theology Titles Published, by Category 154 6.
  • . Publishers' Shares of the Theology Market 154 7.
  • . Theology Market Share by Region and Binding Type 159 8.
  • . Theology First Quarter 2005 Results 161 H.

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  • . Cain, PhD, Priests of the Sacred Heart John Cain, who has earned advanced degrees in theology, philosophy, and business, joined the development office of the Priests of the Sacred Heart in 1986, and currently serves as associate director for fundraising.
  • . Cain was the academic dean and vice president of the Sacred Heart School of Theology, and taught philosophy and ethics at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

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  • . The most popular subjects are: Design studies; Business; Management studies; Economics; Theology & Religious studies; and Computer Science.

    United States of America market background - Education UK Marketing - British Council
  • . Popular subjects for USA students pursuing graduate education in the UK are: Business; History; Law; Politics; Theology / Religious Studies.


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  • . Fulfillment theology does not reflect the teaching of the Bible.
  • . In Schuller's book, Self-Esteem: A New Reformation, he re-defines sin: "Sin is any act or thought that robs myself or another human being of his or her self-esteem." This was indeed radical surgery on the body of biblical theology.

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  • . A mortal.” The Brown theology—asserted, lecture style, in speeches by two of his main characters, both scholars—holds that Jesus was a proto-feminist married to Mary of Magdala, his favorite disciple and the mother of his offspring.
  • . Dan Brown’s best-seller was now under steady assault, its theology attacked by a series of books bearing titles such as “De-Coding Da Vinci” and “Breaking the Da Vinci Code, ” which deconstructed Brown’s scholarship and convincingly refuted many of his key claims (such as Christ’s divinity having been decided by the fourth-century Council of Nicaea, on a close vote).
  • . Boucher concluded his article by suggesting that “The Da Vinci Code” might make a better opera than a film, offering the old advice that “if it’s too silly to be said, it can always be sung.” Such confutation was notable, because the ostensible veracity of Brown’s history, if not his theology, had been part of the book’s allure.

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  • . occupation as an unholy marriage of free market theology and imperial ambition.

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  • . He holds a double BA Degree in Biology and English Literature from Assumption College, and an MA in Pastoral Counseling/Theology from Weston School of Theology in Cambridge.

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  • . One writer commented, "The Chronicles of Narnia are a work of art and having new stories written without the Christian theology that C.S.
  • . We'll need to be able to give emphatic assurances that no attempt will be made to correlate the stories to Christian imagery/theology." Hanselman wrote that the script does not characterize what "true Christianity" is, and said it should stay that way.

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  • Helping Theology Matter: A Challenge for the Mainline by William C.
  • . Several years ago in the midst of one of its well-publicized battles about sex, the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) proclaimed, "Theology matters." At first glance, this was a slogan to warm the heart of a theologian.
  • . After all, theology means thinking about our faith, and for Christians our faith ought to lie at the core of our lives.
  • . So why wouldn't theology matter? Yet anyone looking at pastors' lives, seminaries' curricula or denominations' priorities these days recognizes full well why it needed to be said that theology matters.
  • . "Theology" is a word that scares off most Christians today, and changing that state of affairs seems low on nearly every list of priorities.
  • . We've too often defined theology as something done by experts, and once we assume that theology isn't a part of the lives of ordinary people, then the work of those experts doesn't seem very important.
  • . If most of us don't need to reflect about our faith, how necessary can such reflection be? Thanks to a grant from the Lilly Endowment, I recently had the chance to spend six months talking to all sorts of people about how theology might better connect with Christian laypeople.

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  • . occupation as an unholy marriage of free market theology and imperial ambition.

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  • . Smith - The Frugal Gourmet (United Methodist Clergyman and TV cooking personality; interested in theology and food and the historical aspects of food being a key to the meaning of any culture.