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  • . Michael's House 1 George Yard London, EC3V 9DH Tel Fax published: 5.24.06 Transparency of European Bond Markets date:  may 24, 2006 contact: Byron Ousey,   020 7554 1446/07831 580160 A cross market group of associations¹ has today published two independent studies on the corporate and government bond markets in Europe, “ ” and “ .
  • . To impose pre-trade transparency via regulation would be risky, as it would require significant changes to the microstructure of the market.
  • . Greater post-trade transparency would benefit some market participants but should be designed and implemented carefully and be market-led if possible.
  • . Where transparency is high, trade size tends to be low.
  • . The differing levels of transparency seem appropriate for all major market participants.
  • . The study suggests that regulatory imposition of greater transparency could adversely affect liquidity in the government bond markets.

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  • . April 29, 2006 SEM Project Pricing + Transparency in Market Conversations I just became an even greater because of this recent post: .
  • . I don't feel like I have the authority, and I suspect that I would have significant push back from my boss when it comes to the permission.Fishkin can just jump in and talk as openly as he wants about whatever he wants and his tendency towards transparency makes his blog very very valuable to the industry.
  • . Please write that down in your blog tip book along with ;)Do you think publicly traded companies could benefit from this level of transparency? How about B2B companies with, say, 500 or more employees?I do.
  • . I think this level of transparency should spread into larger companies - even publicly traded companies like my .
  • . A higher level of transparency could have helped us in our market from the get go, as we've been transitioning from an egregiously ill-managed, ill-run top-down organization into the stronger, more grass-roots empowered organization of today.

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  • . (The stat may be skewed by the fact the category name was changed from "referrals" to "lead generation/referrals.") Still, many believe the system is broken because of the lack of transparency.

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  • . The strengthening of the market information service has proved an effective instrument from the beginning of the project since it contributed effectively to improved market transparency and strengthened the bargaining position of smallholders.


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  • . Peter Møllgaard and Per Baltzer Overgaard, 1996, Law-Assisted Collusion? The Transparency Principle in the Danish Competition Act, European Competition Law Review 17: 339-343.
  • . Peter Møllgaard and Per Baltzer Overgaard, 2001, Market Transparency and Competition Policy, Rivista di Politica Economica (Antitrust, Regulation and Competition: Theory and Practice) 91: 11-58.
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  • . Peter Møllgaard and Per Baltzer Overgaard, 1999, Market Transparency: A Mixed Blessing?, Centre for Industrial Economics, University of Copenhagen, Discussion Paper #99-15 (February 2002 version ).

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  • . Pre-Launch The pre-launch objective of Radar Dynamics ® is to provide transparency of the marketplace.
  • . Post-launch The post-launch objective of Radar Dynamics ® is to provide transparency of the marketplace and to determine the performance of an agent and its competitors according to the five Key Success Factors.

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  • . Hot marketing word du jour: "Transparency".

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  • . Commercial traders, food security experts and aid agencies agree on one thing: market transparency and coherent government policies are essential.

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  • . On both the state and federal level, efforts to combat the anti-competitive pressures of captive supplies have focused on mandatory price reporting and market transparency.

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  • . With a short sequence of words we can paint a picture (more accurately a cartoon such as single parent, liberation feminist, male chauvinist, rebellious teen) that fills in paragraphs in black and white Transparency is simply having the template be congruent with the viewer.

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  • . Whether local or global, the digital world we all increasingly inhabit is one of inexorable transparency, where the customer is better informed and more quickly aware than ever before.
  • . They wanted transparency, and so did I, but they knew they couldn't politically push through the apparent price increase, even though I'd have gladly given them back the over-riders.
  • . This was a huge frustration for me as, at that stage, with an international organisation driven by entrepreneurs all pulling together, I was in a position to guarantee total transparency in all markets, subject to the client giving a fair price in all markets.
  • . And for an industry that wants to be thought of as a profession, in a world where transparency is inexorable, that's no place to be.

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  • . Categories Press Releases Resources News Delivery Options Related categories: Advertisement Story Tools Tools for Registered Users | News Story Software provides market transparency tool kit.
  • . Search the industrial web for: Search for suppliers of: Press Release Release date: October 3, 2005 BondDesk Launches Market Transparency Tool Kit, MarketView & Trade Monitor System Price Discovery and Exception Report Toolkit Helps Firms Meet Changing Regulatory Requirements NEW YORK, Oct.
  • . 3 / -- BondDesk Group ("BondDesk"), a leading retail fixed income trading platform operating under Regulation ATS, and a provider of software solutions to the securities industry, announced today the launch of their new market transparency toolkit, MarketView & Trade Monitor System (TMS).
  • . The first of its kind, the MarketView TMS transparency toolkit includes: -- MarketView, a price discovery tool, allows fixed income professionals to evaluate bond prices as fair and reasonable within the context of prevailing market conditions.


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  • . Specifically, the Commissioner stated that “there is never a shortage of individuals or interests that believe that such [upward price] movement reflects market abuse or manipulative behavior.” Her speech goes on to criticize efforts to enhance natural gas market transparency, including provisions contained in the CFTC reauthorization bill approved by the House of Representatives in December 2005.
  • . APGA continues to work towards enhancing natural gas market transparency.
  • . If you have any questions on the letter or APGA’s on market transparency issues, please contact APGA Vice President for Congressional Affairs Dave Schryver at 202-464-APGA.

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  • INTRODUCTION INFORMATION AND MARKET TRANSPARENCY São Paulo consensus was adopted at its eleventh quadrennial conference in June 2004 - UNCTAD XI - held in Brazil.
  • . It then call for strengthening the capacity of UNCTAD to regularly disseminate specialized information and analysis, covering a broad range of commodity issues and establish networks so as to contribute to market transparency and to develop collaborative tools to facilitate the use of this information".
  • . These decisions adopted at UNCTAD XI complement the mandate given to UNCTAD at its tenth session which recognized inter alia that " market transparency and information should be improved, as should capacities of developing country enterprises to access and use information, particularly in electronic form, and training to this end should be supported" (par.
  • . 68)" as well as that UNCTAD work's should focus on (...) "assisting in increasing market transparency and information flows through, inter alia, collection and publication of relevant commodity information and data on a regular and frequent basis (par.

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  • IN > > > > Article Content provided in partnership with FIND IN Find Magazines by Topic NASDAQ vice chairman talks about XBRL, capital market transparency and role of CPAs - technology - Alfred Berkeley; extensible business reporting language , In Aug.
  • . "NASDAQ is committed to increasing transparency for investors, which ultimately will help restore investor trust in the quality and integrity of the information that fuels the markets, " said Alfred Berkeley, vice chairman of NASDAQ.
  • . He also discusses, among other things, how XBRL will help improve the transparency and delivery of important data and the instrumental role CPAs will play in companies' use of XBRL in the future. @CallCenter