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  • / / / Application Portfolio - Assetlink Marketing Operations Management By Assetlink Corporation Application Details Assetlink Marketing Operations Management (MOM) helps Global 2000 life sciences, consumer goods, financial services, and a variety of B2C and B2B companies to improve the efficiencies and effectiveness of marketing activities.
  • . Assetlink MOM helps manage every aspect of marketing includingmarketing strategy development, planning, budgeting, procurement, expense tracking, execution of marketing activities related to brand development, campaign management, collateral production, packaging and labeling, marketing communications and competitive intelligence.
  • . Assetlink MOM includes a powerful set of digital asset management tools that automate artwork production for customized collateral and packaging, Web publishing for sales and customer support and digital rights management.
  • . By managing all marketing information in a centralized location, Assetlink MOM delivers powerful marketing dashboards and in-depth marketing analytics for upper management.

    STOGEA :: Executive Master in Sales & Marketing Management
  • . Lavoro per LAUREATI Link Esterni Executive Master in Sales & Marketing Management Il Master Le imprese che si distinguono sul profilo del marketing pongono oggi la massima attenzione ai sistemi d´informazione, di analisi e di collegamento con la clientela .
  • . Hanno sviluppato un approccio al marketing come "management delle relazioni di lungo periodo" , con obiettivi quali la soddisfazione del cliente, la conquista della sua fiducia e quindi della sua fedeltà.
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    Seminario Marketing Management
  • Seminario MARKETING MANAGEMENT DEI SERVIZI DI CALL E CONTACT CENTER - Roma 2003 Si è svolta a Roma (presso la sede di Poste Italiane) il 6 e il 7 Febbraio 2003 la prima edizione del Seminario in Marketing Management dei Servizi di call e contact center, organizzata da Club CMMC in collaborazione con Risorse callcenter.

    Marketing Operations Management Symposium, Marketing Resource Management, Enterprise Marketing Management
  • . Speaker Panel: Conference Chairman: Michael Moon, President & CEO, GISTICS Hunter Hastings, Managing Partner, EMM Group Keith Gordon, Technology Operations, Bank of America Holly Garcia, Director Worldwide Marketing Resource Management, Hewlett-Packard Co.


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    Marketing and Operations (Joint Major): Curriculum: MBA Resource Guide - The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
  • . Examples of their first job assignment include brand managers who have to coordinate marketing and manufacturing for a particular product, project managers in consulting firms, members of new product develop teams, leaders of quality management programs, or managers in the service sector with responsibility for creating and marketing new services.
  • . Students are required to take the core courses in marketing and operations management, Marketing Research (MKTG 756) and Integrating Marketing and Operations (OPIM 655/MKTG 655).
  • . Remaining work for the major is satisfied by taking four credit units of electives from the following marketing and operations management lists.
  • . Requirements for the Marketing and Operations Management Major (Total of 7.5 credit units) MKTG 621/622 Marketing core courses (1 cu) OPIM 631/632 OPIM core courses (1 cu) MKTG 756 Marketing Research (1 cu) MKTG/OPIM 655 Integrating Marketing and Operations (.5 cu) plus 4 cus from the following two lists, with at least 1 cu from the Marketing list and 2 cu from the OPIM list.

    Digital Asset Management Media Marketing Content Automation DAM Software System
  • . (click to read story) Advertising, design and marketing services companies looking to stay ahead of the commoditization curve facing their service industry are increasingly standardizing on TeleScope digital asset management.
  • . TeleScope enables these companies to standardize internal best practices and promote account management efficiencies across agencies big or small.
  • . More importantly, it is extending client relationship well beyond the campaign through new and innovative brand management products and services.
  • . The world’s leading advertising and marketing companies are using TeleScope to deliver powerful and personalized digital media services that include project approval, workflow management, production automation and automated repurposing of digital masters.
  • . Web based production and project management tools that create a cost-effective client environment for managed reuse, archival and retrieval of all image, video multimedia content The most cost-effective way of creating a web-based “pitch reel library” that allows account managers to quickly review and assemble customized pitch reels on demand for customer presentations.

    Milano Finanza Interactive Edition
  • . State Street Retribuzione: Excellent + benefits Regno Unito-Londra 16 Jun Working closely with Global Marketing's Regional Coordinator in the UK, this role provides central project management and coo...
  • . Regno Unito 16 Jun Head of Middle East and Africa Sales: Market leading trading system provider - fast efficient pricing and risk management for...

    Marketing Operations Management: Information From
  • On this page: Marketing Operations Management Marketing Operations Management Marketing Operations Management (MOM) is a vision of end to end marketing optimization, from planning and budgeting, through marketing content management, to global marketing execution and analysis.
  • . The Marketing Resource Management (MRM) industry, including software vendors such as Aprimo and Assetlink, aims to assist organizations realize the goal of business-oriented, measurable marketing rather than the traditional reliance on 'gut' feelings in the marketing process.
  • . It may not have been reviewed by professional editors (see ) Mentioned In Marketing Operations Management is mentioned in the following topics: Copyrights: Wikipedia information about Marketing Operations Management This article is licensed under the .

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    PLANETHOTEL - FORMAZIONE - Marketing management alberghi e hotels per dirigenti e operatori
  • . Ecco dunque l'ottava edizione delle giornate del marketing-management alberghiero, dedicate ai professionisti del mondo dell'ospitalità.
  • . Gli argomenti scelti hanno l'obiettivo di approfondire le conoscenze nelle principali aree di attività in albergo, dalla gestione delle risorse umane al management, dalla qualità del servizio alle strategie di marketing e vendita.
  • . Relatore: Federico Belloni 17 ottobre 2005 Yield Management: come ottimizzare il rendimento dell'albergo Obiettivo dell'incontro è la comprensione dello Yield Management, ovvero delle tecniche che contribuiscono alla ottimizzazione dell'occupazione e del profitto.
  • . VITTORIO MOLINARI Dopo una quindicinale esperienza maturata sia in Italia che all'estero in alberghi individuali e di catena, tra cui Radisson Sas e Marriott, ha rivestito ruoli di management per l'organizzazione e la gestione dei reparti room division e meeting & congress, e la supervisione nel reparto food & beverage.
  • . Attualmente è consulente e formatore Teamwork per il Revenue/Yield management e per i reparti room division (front/back office, booking ed housekeeping) e food & beverage.

    Marketing Operations Management - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  • Marketing Operations Management (MOM) is a vision of end to end marketing optimization, from planning and budgeting, through marketing content management, to global marketing execution and analysis.

    Marketing management - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  • . Marketing management is a discipline focused on the practical application of and the of a firm's marketing resources and activities.
  • . In contrast, a small may have no marketing personnel at all, requiring the firm's partners to make marketing management decisions on a largely ad-hoc basis.
  • . In the widely used text Marketing Management (2006), and define marketing management as "the art and science of choosing and getting, keeping and growing through creating, delivering, and communicating superior ." From this perspective, the scope of marketing management is quite broad.
  • . The implication of such a definition is that any activity or resource the firm uses to acquire customers and manage the company's relationships with them is within the purview marketing management.
  • . The broader, more sophisticated definitions of marketing management from Drucker, Kotler and other scholars are therefore juxtaposed against the narrower operating reality of many businesses.
  • . The source of confusion here is often that inside any given firm, the term marketing management may be interpreted to mean whatever the marketing department happens to do, rather than a term that encompasses all marketing activities -- even those marketing activities that are actually performed by other departments, such as, , or .

    Digital Asset Management
  • Title Sponsors DAM London 2006 Launched in 2001, the Henry Stewart Digital Asset Management ("DAM") Symposium serves as the industry event for DAM project leaders.
  • . Digital Asset Management is a set of business strategies and technologies concerned with the storage, protection, retrieval and re-use of digital files.
  • . DAM was initially used by the media and entertainment industry for the management of video and print assets, but in the past five years has been widely adopted by advertising and corporate marketing departments, who use DAM to manage brand materials and collateral, and government sectors.
  • . Media Asset Management ("MAM"), is considered by many to be synonymous with DAM, but carries connotations of usage primarily in the management of rich media assets.
  • . In 2004 Henry Stewart launched the Marketing Operations Management ("MOM") Symposium, which is now co-located with the DAM Symposium.
  • . MOM is a parallel market concerned with the optimisation and automation of marketing processes from budgeting and planning through management of marketing digital assets and collateral production, to campaign management and analysis.