The ABCs of Mobile Marketing, Part 2

  • . Also ensure you include the following: How many campaigns has your mobile company launched? With which companies and brands? The number of campaigns and the size of the brands a company's worked with helps you understand its level of expertise.
  • . What are your company's customer care resources? Do I receive a dedicated account manager or support person? This should include number of support individuals, response times, levels of care , and so forth.
  • . There are a large number of both established and new entrants in the space.

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  • . We have gone from local channels of information, such as broadcasting over airwaves, TV and Radio, books, magazines, newspapers, and other channels of distribution, all of which were and still are censored by omission or commission, through any number of factors, whose biggest contributors were advertisers, to a global network of connections.
  • . You can post about anything, anytime, and have it lying in wait, Blogging also allows you to broadcast your latest gems through the magic of RSS, (Rich Site Summary or Real Simple Syndication) which creates bits of your posting called feeds, that are broadcast to sites that collect these bits that can be found through any number of sites that read and present them.
  • . I am already disenchanted with the AdWords campaigns for a number of reasons.
  • . Where the bullshit detector begins to scream above 100db mark is, you can find out the number of clicks came from Google, but they will not tell you where and which sites using AdSense, [the other component of their advertising empire], are accounting for the rest of the click thru’s you are being charged for.

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  • . I recommend it to folks for a number of reasons.
  • . And I do this for a living! Marketing Note to companies: If your product does not have a 800 number and/or a website address clearly marked on your packaging, my money stays in my pocket.
  • . This is a numbers game, not a talent game.
  • . There were a number of things things I wanted to find out.
  • . Armed with the Model and Serial number he was able to provide me with the part numbers.
  • . I then asked him if these were new part numbers or superceded part numbers.
  • . He said No, as well as checking a number of internal sources to confirm this.
  • . One of the things I learned in the wrecking and bodyshop business is that part numbers matter.
  • . When a competent manufacturer produces a product that begins to break down in large numbers, they usually examine the failures, create a solution and put it into production.
  • . This creates a situation of creating a new part number that is distinct from the old part number.
  • . Despite the fact that the class action has been settled, my wife’s washer was purchased in September of 2004, and the posting above contains a picture of the Model and Serial Number of her washer.

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  • . More importantly, phone numbers are like an ID card; they identify the individual.
  • . It can vary based on the number of messages sent and the traffic on the network, but making contact with the target audience is usually a question of minutes, even seconds.


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  • . It didn’t cover anything new to me but I have been reading about SEO for a number of years, including some of Brad’s other materials, but it did reaffirm what I currently practice in my own Off-Page SEO activities and it’s always good to be reminded of what is smart practice.
  • . Confusing isn’t it! Every website has a reputation value and incoming links determine that reputation, however it’s not about the number of incoming links but the quality and reputation of the sites that link.
  • . Anchor Text Number three in the Off-Page SEO technique list is anchor text .
  • . Link popularity is all about the numbers, not the quality.
  • . Link popularity is all about the numbers, not the quality.
  • . Well, we’re seeing more and more that Link popularity is about quality, not numbers.
  • . The other point, and this is where I think PageRank is important still is that I prefer to look at it as more than just a number.

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  • . You can have the waitstaff collect email addresses on index cards or have a survey card printed and collect customers’ phone number, fax number and address too for other marketing purposes.
  • . In order to control the number of coupons each customer can print and use, most pizza operators recommend making the offer expire a few days after it is issued.
  • . This, they say, cuts down on the number of people who try to cash in on the same offer more than once.

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  • . Also ensure you include the following: · How many campaigns has your mobile company launched? With which companies and brands? The number of campaigns and the size of the brands a company's worked with helps you understand its level of expertise.
  • . · What are your company's customer care resources? Do I receive a dedicated account manager or support person? This should include number of support individuals, response times, levels of care , and so forth.
  • . There are a large number of both established and new entrants in the space.

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  • . Side note: What would Rusty James have on his iPod? Posted by: on Jun 15, 06 | 10:55 am | [0] (4 views) | [0] | Tue Jun 13, 2006 A Local Phone Number in Another Country | Setting up shop in say Japan or the UK can be a pretty big expense for a small business, but offering a local phone number, giving the impression of a local presence, just got a little easier.
  • . A new company called allows you to pay a set monthly fee and offer a local phone number, which directs to your phone, in a growing list of countries.
  • . Callers only pay for the local portion of the call just like they were calling a local number.
  • . You can buy packages that come with minutes and get your phone number up and running with a few clicks.
  • . There are lots of companies out there willing to offer you International calling plans, but I like the local phone number aspect of this service and I think local, abroad prospects might as well.

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  • . Industrial economists or organizational economists study the market structure of particular industries in terms of the number of competitors within those industries and examine the market decisions of competitive firms and monopolies.
  • . A number of economists combine a full-time job in government, academia, or business with part-time or consulting work in another setting.
  • . Bachelor’s degree holders may face competition for the limited number of economist positions for which they qualify.
  • . However, they will qualify for a number of other positions in which they can take advantage of their economic knowledge by conducting research, developing surveys, or analyzing data.
  • . These numbers are not tollfree, and charges may result.

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  • . June 13, 2006 - This concludes our roundup of a number of the most popular new real estate search verticals.

    Data Mining and Analytic Technologies (Kurt Thearling)
  • . Over the past fifteen years I have been involved in the creation of a number of commercial data mining software applications, including Darwin from Thinking Machines (now part of Oracle), Xchange Dialogue for Modeling, AnVil's Data Analysis Platform Technology (ADAPT), and Pilot Software's Discovery Server.
  • . The authors recently revised the book, making a large number of improvements.
  • . Each section will describe a number of data mining algorithms at a high level, focusing on the "big picture" so that the reader will be able to understand how each algorithm fits into the landscape of data mining techniques.
  • . This paper describes a number of methods to visualize data mining models and provide the user with sufficient levels of understanding and trust.

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  • . Every time we sent out a press release about a Sustainable Softworks product, we saw a significant spike in the number of software downloads, even if only one media outlet picked up the story.
  • . Alternatively, consider limiting the number of times prospective users can launch your program - that eliminates a potentially stressful or irritating deadline while still making sure that people who want to use your program purchase it.
  • . Those numbers contributed directly to the bottom line.
  • . We were able to save a number of sales that otherwise would have been lost.


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  • . Lucas Graves [February 7, 2006] They're Net-savvy number crunchers, and they're teaching Madison Avenue the lessons of the pay-per-click universe.
  • . Best of ISP-Lists [March 1, 2005] The customer is number one until the bill is overdue.
  • . Alex Goldman [May 6, 2004] How much of you do you own? Individuals do not control the use of their name, address, phone number, or even DNA.

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  • . Develop a clear picture of what mediums provide you with the highest number of quality candidates or the greatest number of new client leads.
  • . In this example you would need to ensure that your marketing measurement system tracks both the number and quality of candidate applications received from each media source.
  • . Results can be broken down into: The number of job applications received per source, The number of interviews conducted per source, The number of placements made per source.
  • . What media source yields the best quality candidates? 2, 000 applications per month from an Internet job board may sound impressive, but how many of these candidates were interviewed and converted into placements? How does the effectiveness of each media source differ depending on the: Skill level sought? Location of role? Seniority of role? Client Marketing: Number of new client requisitions received per media source.

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  • . In the fictitious table above you can see that although the Daily Telegraph attracts the second most number of placements, the Telegraph's 'cost per placement' is $1, 500 as opposed to $104 per placement for the agency's corporate website.
  • . Once your measurement system is established, you may also wish to consider developing reports that show you which media source delivers the highest number of 'quality' candidates for various role types or locations.
  • . Tips and Traps In establishing your marketing measurement system there a number of actions that you can take to increase the accuracy and reliability of your data.
  • . Media-specific e-mail addresses or reference numbers.
  • . Another variation on this is to use media-specific job reference numbers (e.g.
  • . add the letters "TA" to the front of your job reference number for all advertised jobs in the Australian newspaper).

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  • . Telemarketers ARE NOT ALLOWED TO : ask for personal identification or financial information like Social Security, Medicare, or credit card numbers, or bank account numbers and information; enroll you in a plan.
  • . To register, call 1-888-382-1222 (TTY 1-866-290-4236) from the number you wish to register.
  • . Registration is free and will remain in effect for five years unless the number is disconnected or you remove it from the registry.
  • . To help protect yourself, take the following precautions: 1) Protect the confidentiality of your sensitive personal information, such as your Social Security number, your Medicare number and your bank account numbers.
  • . You can give out your address and phone number to receive additional materials, but protect your personal identification numbers and financial information.
  • . Even once you are enrolling in a plan, DO NOT give out credit card numbers or bank account information to pay over the phone or Internet.
  • . DO NOT give out a credit card or bank account number over the phone or online.

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  • . Additionally, Ehrenreich's book has appeared on the New York Times' best-seller list, a feat "The Marketing of Evil" has yet to achieve despite WND's repeated claims that the book is a "bestseller." Without that sales number for Kupelian's book, the library number is meaningless as a point of comparison; a more accurate way to measure the purported bias claimed in the article would be to compare the number of library copies to total copies sold.

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  • . As people become familiar with searches on the internet, they tend to use a greater number of words in their search phrases to more clearly identify what they are looking for.
  • . Keywords need not only to be relevant – they also need to be used by searchers in sufficient numbers to warrant bidding on them.
  • . This straight-forward tool will show you the number of searches done on a given keyword during the previous month in the Yahoo! Search Marketing (formerly Overture) network – which includes Yahoo!, MSN and other search engines.
  • . Since Yahoo! and MSN handle approximately 48% of all searches done in North America, the search numbers available from this quick, easy and free source is an excellent representation of the internet.
  • . The search numbers you see on the Keyword Selector Tool are the total number of searches for that keyword, however you can only reasonably expect to get a small portion (usually 3%-5%) of those searchers to click on your ad, so a search term with 100 searches in a month might only deliver 3 to 5 clicks/visitors to your site.

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  • . To do a rough estimate on the number of clicks and costs you can expect, multiply the counts by the appropriate CTRs and bid costs to see your estimated costs.
  • . Unfortunately, Google AdWords does not provide cost or bid estimates – a fast-and-dirty method of calculating your Google AdWords costs and clicks is to simply to use the numbers you have estimated for Overture.
  • . As you can imagine there are any number of factors that can happen that will impact on the accuracy of your budget – including your main campaign goal as established in Part 4.
  • . There is very little point in saying that you want to make 100 PPC related sales if you do not have a budget that will pay for the number of clicks required to make that many sales. @CallCenter