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  • . It is commonly used as a term to describe ways that creative low-budget but high impact campaigns can be waged to promote a product.
  • . (While Levinson's book was pitched to the small business sector many of tactics are also commonly used in grass roots advocacy and political campaigns).
  • . A "stealth marketing campaign" by in Philadelphia, San Francisco, New York and other large U.S.

    Campaign Enterprise - Permission Marketing Software per il vostro desktop!
  • Campaign Enterprise offre tutte le funzioni dei grandi servizi di Permission Marketing a un costo estremamente ridotto.
  • . Campaign Enterprise non deve essere utilizzato da una laboriosa interfaccia web, ma reagisce e lavora rapidamente e direttamente, come un elaboratore di testi o di fogli di calcolo.
  • . Sono molte le società, tra cui le principali aziende di Fortune 500, che utilizzano Campaign Enterprise non solo come strumento di marketing, ma anche per l'invio di fatture, come sistema di supporto, strumento per realizzare indagini, per inviare conferme d'ordine e altro ancora.
  • . Provate il nostro sistema, scaricando direttamente da qui la versione di prova: Clienti che utilizzano Campaign con soddisfazione: ToysRus, Microsoft, Quark Inc., WinZip, New York Philharmonic, Dreamworks, Bausch & Lomb e molti altri ancora Campaign Enterprise è disponibile in undici diverse versioni, che si differenziano solo per il numero di utenti che possono accedere contemporaneamente al programma e per il numero di e-mail inviate in un'ira.

    Campaign Enterprise - Permission Marketing Software per il vostro desktop!
  • Campaign Enterprise è la soluzione ideale per il moderno Permission Marketing e può essere gestito direttamente dal vostro desktop.
  • . Se disponete di un vostro indirizzo internet, potrete sfruttare tutte le funzioni di reporting di Campaign Enterprise.
  • . In breve le principali caratteristiche di Campaign Enterprise: Gestione completamente automatizzata di abbonamenti e cancellazioni, hardbounce e softbounce Campaign Enterprise mantiene automaticamente aggiornata la vostra banca dati grazie a OptIn/OptOut ed effettua puntualmente e regolarmente la verifica di eventuali problemi con l'indirizzo del destinatario.
  • . Provate il nostro sistema, scaricando direttamente da qui la versione di prova: Clienti che utilizzano Campaign con soddisfazione : ToysRus, Microsoft, Quark Inc., WinZip, New York Philharmonic, D Supporto di diversi tipi di contenuto HTML Potete inviare messaggi e-mail HTML-con tag HTML standard, ASP, Flash, etc.
  • . Numero illimitato di abbonati Campaign Enterprise non prevede alcuna limitazione in termini di grandezza del mittente o di numero di campagne effettuate.

    The Macintosh Marketing Campaign
  • | Archive: | Subjects: | Early Mac | The Macintosh Marketing Campaign Beyond 1984 The "1984" commercial is the best-known part of Apple's effort to market the Macintosh.
  • . ( on the Chiat /Day Web site.) (still from ) But the rest of the Macintosh marketing campaign, though less clearly-remembered, may have been more influential over the long run.
  • . New versions of the Apple II (the Apple IIe, and Apple IIc) aimed at more general markets gave the company experience in conducting broader advertising campaigns.
  • . (Apple publicity photo) One notable element of the campaign were the public accolades given to members of the design team.
  • . With very few exceptions, hardware designers, software engineers, and others receive little public attention in marketing campaigns; IBM's elaborate 1983 rollout of the IBM PCjr included no special material on the computer's developers.


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    NP National Marketing Campaign, NP Central
  • . The NP National Marketing Campaign is a timely and potentially powerful vehicle for unified action.
  • . But influence of this weight and magnitude is possible only if all NPs and NP organizations join the Campaign.
  • . If every NP not only contributes to the Campaign, but also contacts 10 other NPs to do likewise, we will more than reach our goal.
  • . Even NP students can be recruited to invest in their future; their direct contributions to the Campaign can be credited to NONPF or sent through that organization.
  • . Most important, make sure that your voice is heard by sending a check made out to: NP National Marketing Campaign and addressed to same at P.O.

    Making a Hit with Your Marketing Campaign
  •  You are here: >>> > > FREE Newsletter Sign Up Now for the Marketing newsletter!   Search Most Popular What's Hot Related Topics Making a Hit with Your Marketing Campaign from Considered a vital link in a show's promotional plan, direct marketing is vital only if it's done right.
  • . Direct marketing specialist Debbie Bermont, president of San Diego-based Source Communications, offers her golden rules for creating that vital, highly successful direct marketing campaign.

    Managing a direct email marketing campaign
  • Managing a direct email marketing campaign Email direct marketing is a means of selling or promoting a product or service, for example: an email announcement about a members-only price, a limited-time offer, or an upcoming event.
  • . How to manage an email campaign As an example scenario, consider an airline that wants to send a weekly message to millions of customers.
  • . How can the airline approach its email marketing campaign? We recommend these guidelines: Define objectives: promote advance ticket sales, increase frequent flyer members, etc.
  • . We suggest software for email campaigns, or services for outsourced email lists.

    Daily Kos: IMPEACH: The Guerrilla Marketing Movement
  • . by on [ ] Call it the Bedsheet Banners Campaign has the aura of the people speaking.
  • . These are somber times and this campaign needs to reflect that.
  • . It may also make impeachment into an issue in the 2006 campaign.
  • . I used a lot of it during the Recall election, when I worked for the Huffington campaign.

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    State Library: Statewide Library Marketing Initiative
  • Washington Secretary of State: STATE LIBRARY STATEWIDE LIBRARY MARKETING INITIATIVE Washington State's Campaign for Libraries Welcome to Year Two of Washington State‚Äôs Campaign for Libraries! In keeping with our goal to increase public awareness of, value for and use of libraries, last year we launched radio and print advertisements across the state to communicate with the public.

    Spread Firefox Wins Best Marketing Campaign at UK Linux Awards - MozillaZine Talkback
  • Spread Firefox Wins Best Marketing Campaign at UK Linux Awards Tuesday October 18th, 2005 The Mozilla community marketing site won the Best Marketing Campaign award at the 2005, which were presented at the earlier this month.
  • . Spread Firefox beat off competition from the with its qualifications and with its security campaign.

    Developing a Marketing Campaign
  • | : : Developing a Marketing Campaign Most internet companies do not know this, but there is a difference between marketing and advertising.
  • . An effective marketing campaign will shape your customers image of your company in a positive manner.
  • . In order to have a good marketing campaign, you must first define the image you want to portray.
  • . In designing your own marketing campaign, be sure to find a way to speak to your customers.
  • . A marketing campaign is not something that can be rushed.

    Adrants » Fake Disease Created For Viral Movie Campaign?
  • Fake Disease Created For Viral Movie Campaign? There's a little rumor going around that a disease called Morgellons, a creepy skin disease that involves little bugs a bug-like sensation under the skin, and the websites associated with it are just a viral marketing campaign for the upcoming movie A Scanner Darkly .
  • . Michael Shostack of The Halting Point has some information pointing to the likelihood the disease is, in fact his opinion, a viral campaign.
  • . Shostack, who, since one never knows when it comes to virals, may actually be part of the viral campaign, points to a Slashdot which says "Imagine having a disease that is so controversial that doctors refuse to treat you." The Slashdot story leads to a June 2005 Popular Mechanics about the disease which has, reportedly, been around since 2002 when websites (, ) about the disease began appearing.
  • . On the other hand, the fact the disease's websites are registered may give credence to the notion the movie studio co-opted the disease (or created it along with a fake history) and created a viral marketing campaign around it.


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  • . A complete email solution, DARTmail Full Service allows you to focus on your marketing strategy while your account management team takes care of the campaign details.
  • . A web-based Email Solutions application, DARTmail Self Service helps marketers and publishers target, time and deliver their campaigns.
  • . An award-winning licensed software application, UnityMail allows marketers and publishers to deploy measurable email campaigns with the control and flexibility of an in-house solution.

    Disney announces new marketing campaign - Orlando Sentinel : Tourism
  • . The promotion, along with a worldwide advertising campaign called "Where Dreams Come True, " is aimed at surprising visitors with previously unimagined experiences, Disney officials said.
  • . The campaigns also will involve a small handful of new attractions, including the previously announced "Finding Nemo: the Musical" show at Disney's Animal Kingdom, and a new "The Seas with Nemo and Friends" ride through Living Seas at Epcot.
  • . This new campaign comes immediately after Disney's "Happiest Celebration on Earth" promotion for Disneyland's 50th anniversary, which was credited with boosting attendance at both Disneyland and Disney World.
  • . "Perhaps this campaign may yield good results as well, " said Ady Milman, a business professor at the Rosen College of Hospitality Management at the University of Central Florida.

    B.L. Ochman's weblog - Internet and corporate blogging strategy, and online marketing trends, with news and commentary: Hugh Macleod's Stormhoek Marketing Campaign Wins Major Award
  • . | Hugh Macleod's Stormhoek Marketing Campaign Wins Major Award Hugh Macleod created the blog-based marketing campaign for South African winery that involved sending wine to other bloggers and holding 100 wine tasting dinners.
  • . The campaign has bested the big guys including Chivas Regal, Campari and Mateus Rose to win "The Best Consumer Campaign" by the 2006 "" at the London Wine and Spirits Fair. @CallCenter