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  • . I've been seeing more and more of this - marketing myopia.

    Marketing Myopia
  • Marketing Myopia: Do You Have Scotoma? 6/17/2006 4:20:30 AM Do You Have Scotoma?“What is scotoma?” you ask, “And how does it relate to me as a business owner?”Scotoma is essentially a blind spot, and—as a business owner—having a blind spot can be fatal to your business.
  • . When the owner focuses too intently on working in his business (as the technical expert) instead of on his business the blind spot develops, narrowing the owner’s overall vision until he is blind to growth opportunities and marketing myopia sets in.For instance, a pressman—let’s call him George—at a large printing company becomes disenchanted with further employment prospects and decides to form his own printing company.
  • . AMC can see where growth can occur because we are not blinded by familiarity otherwise known as marketing myopia.Eliminate your marketing myopia by contacting Advanced Marketing Consultants.Visit our Catalog.Tim Cohn is a and author of the upcoming book (download a free Powerpoint sample) .

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  • On this page: Marketing myopia Marketing myopia Marketing myopia is a term used in that describes an unnecessarily common affliction among business people.
  • . Because the world is inherently unpredictable, we are all subject to myopia to a certain extent according to Theodore Levitt (1960) who coined the term.
  • . People who focus on, various predictive techniques, and the can rise above myopia to a certain extent.
  • . (1960) "Marketing Myopia", Harvard Business Review , July- August, 1960.
  • . It may not have been reviewed by professional editors (see ) Mentioned In Marketing myopia is mentioned in the following topics: Copyrights: Wikipedia information about Marketing myopia This article is licensed under the .

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  • Online edition of India's National Newspaper Monday, May 20, 2002 Business Published on Mondays Features: | Life | Marketing myopia INDIA IS a large commercial vehicle market.
  • . Has their myopia been fuelled by fashionable titles on `Guerrilla Marketing' and e-commerce that airport bookshops often sell a lot of? The Volvo advantage One company that seems to have got around this collective myopia is Volvo.


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  • FEATURE ARTICLE | MARKETING MYOPIA RE-VISITED: WHY EVERY COMPANY NEEDS TO LEARN FROM THE WORLD by and and Cocooning, or competing only in your home markets, may make you feel secure, but it is not an option in today’s global economy.

    Marketing myopia
  • » Marketing myopia VINCENT RYAN Jan 24, 2000 12:00 PM Access 3 FREE White Papers Fine tune your IMS deployment strategy by learning from IMS early adopters, learn how to master the triple play, and ensure your IMS implementation meets requirements.

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  • | Insurers' Marketing Myopia June 2001 Don't insurers realize the value of being customer focused instead of product focused? Yes, but they are hampered by a lack of direct access to clients, development of intellectual capital, and consistency on improving the bottom line.

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  • . Subscribe via Email Enter your Email Powered by Other Blogs Now Reading Crossroads Reads Technorati Profile | Jun 08, 2004 Multicultural Blinders, Marketing Myopia Continued The San Francisco Chronicle recently carried a .

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    How To Use Direct Marketing Techniques To Get The Marketing Job You Want A Guide For College Students

  • . In a landmark Harvard Business Review article, "Marketing Myopia, " Theodore Levitt stressed the need for businesses to define themselves not in terms of the products they sell, but in terms of the customers they serve.
  • . To avoid the same kind of marketing myopia, think of yourself as a marketing manager trying to launch a new product (rather than thinking of yourself as one of several thousand students all trying to break into the job market). @CallCenter