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  • . Marketization Die Marketization ist die Gesamtheit der unternehmerischen Aktivitäten, um eine Unternehmung marktorientiert (market-driven) auszurichten (Kotler 1989).

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  • . We have the standing and a special obligation to "just say no" to further marketization of academia, if anyone can.

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  • . The Fundamental Driving Forces of Chinas Marketization.

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  • . And choice, according to Kenway and Epstein (1996) is an umbrella notion for the processes that are embraced in the concept of the marketization of education.
  • . Emerging educational markets are also associated with the concepts of quality - What is perceived as a good school and how can schools gain competitive advantage on such markets? Markets and quality The notion of choice serves as 'umbrella concept' in discussing the marketization of education (Trnavcevic, 2001a; Trnavcevic and Zupanc Grom, 2000).
  • . The informal arrangements which are "created by the actors, in this case especially schools, who seek to change or modify the nature of the competition which confronts them" (Waslander and Thrupp, 1995, p.1) are therefore better indicators of the marketization processes than the formal properties being typically established by legislation.
  • . Area of research interest: educational policy - marketization of public education, equity, qualitative methodology.


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    Marketization and the Recasting of the Professional Self: The Rhetoric and Ethics of Personal Branding -- Lair et al. 18 (3): 307 -- Management Communication Quarterly
  • . 3, 307-343 (2005) DOI: 10.1177/0893318904270744 © 2005 SAGE Publications This Article Services Google Scholar Marketization and the Recasting of the Professional Self The Rhetoric and Ethics of Personal Branding Daniel J.

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  • . And, more specifically, whether the mass-marketization of luxury goods is good for those selling luxury goods.

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  • . As Deng Xiaoping’s reforms evolved, and especially after Deng’s “tour of the South” in 1992, when he signaled permission for high-speed marketization of the economy, China’s media changed beyond recognition.

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  • . Joseph Pegasus Chauffeured Motor Cars Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Limo God Location: Spring Hill Florida Registered: August 17, 2004 Posted quote: Originally posted by Viperion Corporation / I guesss thats an example of "Negative Marketization" -- when your marketing efforts actually produce negative effects instead of the intended, positive ones.
  • . Reagan "How Lucky For Those In Power That People Don't Think" Take a Guess? Limo God Location: Phoenix, Arizona Registered: July 10, 1999 Posted I guesss thats an example of "Negative Marketization" -- when your marketing efforts actually produce negative effects instead of the intended, positive ones.

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  • . Is not any place where communication/conversation is taking place a place where marketers can (attempt) to inject themselves? The "marketization" of the conversation could be or more of the participants can be promoting something through their direct words.
  • . Or the marketization of the conversation could be environmental/contextual...the company logo shirt a participant in the conversation is wearing, the backdrop of the photo, the choice of venue itself.

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  • . This process of marketization is influenced by regional and local context variables, but is also subject to transnational or global dynamics.
  • . The workshop uses the outlined framework to address the following questions: How can the interrelations between the successful marketization of technological innovations and structural context be explained? The structural context includes institutional factors (such as the arrangements of labor markets, dominant organizational patterns of individual firms), and market structures (e.g.
  • . The marketization of innovations can entail both the emergence of new markets for hitherto unavailable goods and the evolution of existing markets through innovative stimuli that stem from new components or new procedures.
  • . Which innovation services are crucial for the development and marketization of innovations, and how do they function in specific innovation regimes? The generation of new knowledge and the provision with a sufficient capital flow to invest in the development of the new product are crucial services which often have been described as preconditions for the development and marketization of new products.