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  • . We currently have four excellent partners who are helping and advising us on this program - DMG World Media, Bonhams and Bonhams & Butterfields, Carter's and Antiques & Art Australia, and Trajan Publishing Corporation. / Arts & Weekend / House & garden - In love with the Tuscan love of colour
  • . Trajan's column, the Pantheon in Rome, Michelangelo's David, Marble Arch and Mark Quinn's "Alison Lapper Pregnant", now on display in London's Trafalgar Square – are all sculpted in Carrara marble.

    Animazoo’s GypsyGyro-18 Draws Swords At Roman Expo //
  • PRESS RELEASE: Animazoo’s GypsyGyro-18 Draws Swords At Roman Expo Press release supplied by Games Press 17:46 12/09/2005 For immediate release 12th September 2005 Visiting public will bear witness to the fact that Rome really wasn't built in a day, being virtually transported back in time at the 'Building Virtual Rome' World Expo in the city's Markets of Trajan from Thursday.

    TypeRight Feature: Copping an Attitude
  • . Recent examples of this age old method of "borrowing" are ITC's version of "Bodoni" designed by Sumner Stone (with Jim Parkinson, Holly Goldsmith and Janice Prescott Fishman), as well as Robert Slimbach's "Jenson" and Carol Twombly's "Trajan, " which were both released by Adobe, to name but a few.
  • . A few years back Brian Schorn, then a design student at Cranbrook, showed us a typeface that he designed called "Admorph." The typeface was based on drawings of Trajan as found in the book The Alphabet by Frederic Goudy.
  • . However, the digital version of the font was created using proprietary digital drawings of Adobe Trajan digitized by Carol Twombly.
  • . To digitally render a font based on Trajan from scratch requires great expertise and craftsmanship.
  • . To release Admorph commercially, we figured it would be of considerable help to use Adobe's digital version of Trajan.
  • . So we wrote Adobe a letter asking to license the digital drawings of Trajan for this project.


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  • . Atmosphere plus! Muñecas rusas Cristal Ajedreces Iconos Muñecas rusas Gorros rusos Iglesia y mercado Mekong Delta markets < Digimax U-CA 5, Kenox U-CA 5 / Kenox U-CA 50 > Mercado de flores Mercado de flores Hamacas Mercado de flores Mercado de flores Mercado de flores Suecos Mercado de flores Mercado de flores Trajan's Markets under the Lights Pondy Bazaar, Chennai.
  • . 07/21:- Inside one the shops that formed part of the hemicycle of Trajan's Markets.
  • . 07/20:- The outer passageway on the second level of the hemicycle of Trajan's Markets.

    Turkish Odyssey/Places of Interest/Aegean/Ephesus
  • . John was martyred under the rule of the Emperor Trajan.
  • . The Nymphaeum of Trajan is a 2C AD building with two stories built by an Ephesian in memory of the Emperor Trajan.
  • . In front of the building there was a pool with water cascading from beneath the colossal statue of Trajan.

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  • . As a columnist for both Krause Publications and Trajan Publishing, he appeared regularly in seven monthly magazines with a combined circulation of over 1 million readers.

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