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  • . , a 28-year-old assistant professor of marketing at York University in Toronto, is fast becoming a bright light in high-tech consumer research.
  • . A former record producer and label owner, Giesler has researched and written extensively on technology, consumption and marketing.
  • . It's an entirely new beast: a revolutionary device that transforms listeners into "cyborgs" through a process he calls "technotranscendence." Unlike the Walkman, the iPod taps into a "hybrid entertainment matrix, " in which functions like random shuffle are a key construct, not just a cute marketing device.

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  • . Our marketing team regularly provides assistance to the channel partners in terms of marketing tools, advertisements, marketing training, etc.

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  • . In apertura di lavori la professoressa Maria Carmela Ostillio presenterà i risultati di un’indagine europea sull’ottimizzazione degli investimenti in IMC (Integrating marketing communication).
  • . Un’occasione per approfondire il modello Matrix, lanciato da DDB come strumento in grado di misurare l’efficacia delle campagne di marketing tramite un preciso sistema econometrico.


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  • . Websites | Saturday, 17th June 2006 The Matrix Wed 5 Nov 2003 Matrix's movie-marketing revolution ANGUS HOWARTH AT 6am today in Los Angeles, 9am in New York, 2pm in London, 5pm in Moscow, 10pm in Beijing and 11pm in Tokyo, film fans can sit together for the world’s first globally-synchronised film release.
  • . But James White, the news editor of Total Film magazine, said it is mainly a marketing ploy.
  • . As a result of the huge marketing push for the second Matrix film, Matrix Reloaded was able to become a box-office juggernaut in international markets.
  • . "Now, Warner Bros will be able to say ‘look at how much money it made in one day’, which creates another bit of press and attention." While Hollywood is becoming more sophisticated with its marketing, it is doing so at a time when film fans have access to more sources of information than ever before.

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  • . Panelists share their perspectives on finding creative-and effective-marketing alternatives to reach an already media-bombarded audience.
  • . marketing, llc Jay Frank, Artist & Label Relations, Launch/Yahoo Mark Frieser, CEO, Consect B.J.

  • . All the top executives in each of the hot industry sectors, from Broadband & Mobile to DRM, ITV, Set-Top, Search, Home Networking, Marketing and Advertising, DTV, HDTV, SVOD, VOD, DVD, Games & On-Demand TV participate in these conferences.
  • . Media Summit New York is the Premier Conference on Television, Film, Cable & Satellite, Broadband, Wireless, Publishing, Radio, Magazines, News & Print Media, Advertising and Marketing - Media Summit New York is produced by Digital Hollywood.
  • . CBS Television Network; Mike Shaw, President, Sales and Marketing, ABC Television Network; Tim Spengler, Executive Vice President, Director, National Broadcast, Initiative; Elizabeth Herbst-Brady, SVP/Director, Broadcast Investment, Starcom USA; Alan Rutherford, Global Media Director, Unilever Plc; Alan Schulman, Chief Creative Officer, Brand New World; Michael Kassan, Principal, Media Link, LLC ; Glenn S.

  • . Ira Rubenstein, Senior Vice President, Digital Sales and Marketing, Sony Pictures Blair Westlake, Corporate Vice President, Media/Entertainment & Technology Convergence Group, Microsoft Bob Greene, SVP, Advanced Services, Starz Entertainment Group David L.
  • . Alan Citron, SVP Marketing, Movielink Virl Z.
  • . President, X2 Corporation Brad Kayton, VP Marketing & Business Development, PRISMIQ David Novak, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Video Without Boundaries, Inc.
  • . Richard Bullwinkle, Senior Director of Product Marketing and Chief Evangelist, Mediabolic Peter Kaars, Business Development Manager, Philips Electronics Janet Snowdon, Business Development Manager, IBM Digital Media Group Udo Eberlein, founder and President, Nero, Inc.
  • . Chris Coleman, Vice President Marketing, BroadQ Martha Nalebuff, Director of Policy and Strategy, Windows Client Strategic Relations and Policy Division, Microsoft Corp., Moderator Track III: Behind the Digital Home & Mobile Consumer: Chips, Microprocessors & Optical Technology Define the Future of Entertainment - from DVDs, MP3s, HD & Set-Tops to Games, PDAs and PCs Sandip H.

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