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  • . Langnas Stockholm Langnas Turku .
  • . Mariehamn Stockholm Mariehamn Turku .
  • . Stockholm Mariehamn Stockholm Turku .
  • . Tallinn Helsink i Turku Kapellskar .
  • . Turku Langnas Turku Mariehamn .
  • . Turku Stockholm ABOUT VIKING LINE FERRIES Viking Line commenced service in 1959, when the S/S Viking began sailing between the Finnish mainland, the Åland Islands and Sweden.
  • . Viking Line M/s Amorella Take a cruise from Turku and relax all day and all night.
  • . Cruise to the night with M/s Isabella - every evening from Turku.
  • . People either had to fly or take a night boat that made a detour to Mariehamn during its voyage between Turku and Stockholm.
  • . Meanwhile the route network gradually expanded to include Naantali (later Turku) and Helsinki as destination ports in Finland, as well as Stockholm on the Swedish side.

  • . Tallinn already has strong relations with Turku and Tampere, the candidate cities of our neighbours.

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  • . Every aspect of submitting to and attending film festivals is covered, from an exhaustive listing of festivals and their entry deadlines (the Turku, Finland, Lesbian and Gay Film Festival deadline is in July, so get cracking) to what to wear to the industry party you'll be crashing (big pants with big pockets, the better to stash giveaways and whip out business cards).

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  • . However, the legacy of the Hansa -- the title, by the way, of a superb economic study by Professor Urpo Kivikari of Turku University -- still has the power to inspire.


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  • . Petersburg, Turku.

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  • . After several months of sail, he arrived in what is now the Turku region, which used to be very small at that time.
  • . At his arrival in Turku, St.
  • . This wise man was the nowadays well-known Gnome of the Turku Castle, who administered Turku together with his elfin brothers, although the Castle had not yet been built by that time.
  • . It appeared that the Gnome of the Turku Castle had a good friend called Old Man Christmas.
  • . Nicholas that his name came from an old popular belief prevailing in Finland and in Scandinavia, according to which an elf or a fairy is to see to the happiness and welfare of a household, and that the Gnome had already done this kind of work for many years in Turku, and is still continuing this work at this very moment - just like the famous Finnish writer Sakari Topelius has told us in his beautiful story.
  • . And he took permanent residence in Korvatunturi, from where he occasionally travels with his flying reindeer to Turku to meet his old pal, the Gnome of the Turku Castle.

  • . Helsinki became the capital in 1812 under Russian control, replacing the role Turku had served during Swedish domination.
  • . The largest cities are greater Helsinki with about 911, 000 people, Tampere with 189, 000, Turku with 169, 000, and Oulu with 114, 000.
  • . Despite the notable innovations of the twentieth century, much of the national architectural identity resides in older buildings that have achieved an iconic status: the medieval castles at Savonlinna and Turku; eighteenth-century vernacular wooden churches; the early nineteenth-century neoclassical center of Helsinki designed by C.L.
  • . In 1995, 2.2 million people had graduated from a senior secondary school, vocational Downtown street in Turku, Finland.
  • . The physical and social sciences are highly developed and well represented at major institutions such as the University of Helsinki, University of Jyvaskyla, University of Oulu, University of Tampere, and the University of Turku., uw online ferry specialist
  • . Havens:StockholmKapellskarMariehamnTurkuHelsinkiTalinnFaciliteiten:Live musicRestaurantsFood Garden Viking Buffet Shopping Seabridges:InformatieHavens:YstadSwinoujscieFaciliteiten: TT-Line, een private scheepvaartmaatschappij, onderhoudt al sinds 1962 rechtstreekse veerbootverbindingen tussen Duitsland en het zuiden van Zweden.

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  • . Renotech Oy, based in Turku/Finland, is one of the suppliers that contributed to "Color Fan-tasy's" interior.

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