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  • A Starter Savings Account by of The Dollar Stretcher Dear Gary, My wife and I have been married for 5 months and I am still a college student.
  • . What is a 'money market account' and what type of low-risk investing do you suggest? There has got to be something better that the old fashioned savings account that makes 2 or 3%.
  • . To answer Mike's first question, there are two different types of accounts commonly known as "money markets".
  • . The first, a "money market account" is offered by banks, savings and loans, and credit unions.
  • . These accounts are government insured just like your savings account.
  • . And you can expect to earn more than if your money were in a passbook savings or interest bearing checking account.
  • . Rates paid by money market accounts will vary quite a bit.
  • . If you have a money market account you'll need to monitor your interest rate to make sure that it hasn't suddenly dipped.
  • . You will also find some money market accounts that invest in tax free instruments.

    NetBank Investor Relations
  • . As a NetBank customer, they can open and fund a new account, and even order checks with their new address, all before moving into their new home." WhiteFence users can earn rewards from $55 to $85 by opening a combination of checking and/or money market accounts and utilizing online bill pay and/or direct deposit services.

    NetBank Investor Relations
  • . More than 50, 000 Lehigh alumni have the opportunity to earn up to $175 in cash rewards for opening and funding a variety of NetBank accounts.
  • . When applying for a NetBank checking and/or money market account, alumni also have the option to donate or split the cash reward with the alumni association.

    NetBank Announces Marketing Alliance With
  • . ShopAtHome users have the opportunity to earn up to $175 in cash rewards for opening and funding a variety of NetBank accounts.


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    Vanguard - Money market accounts - Personal accounts
  • Personal Investors | » » Vanguard Money Market Accounts Vanguard money market accounts Personal and business accounts Vanguard offers a money market account type for almost any general investing need: Individual.
  • . Name yourself as the sole account owner.
  • . Open an account with your spouse or with someone else.
  • . Set up an account by irrevocable gift or transfer to a minor, with an adult custodian.
  • . Establish an account to invest assets held in an existing personal trust.
  • . Authorize another person, such as an attorney-in-fact or agent under a power of attorney, to act on your behalf for an account. (You must also complete a Vanguard Agent Authorization form.) Custodial account for a minor.
  • . Establish an account in a minor's name, although it will be administered by an adult custodian, where the investment amount is provided by the minor.
  • . Set up an account for one of the following types of entities: corporation, endowment, estate, foundation, partnership, professional association or corporation, limited liability corporation, sole proprietorship, or an unincorporated enterprise.

  • . The offer includes one year of free EarthLink Sprint Internet access for small businesses and entrepreneurs who open a OneCore Account.
  • . "Partnering with helps us achieve that goal by offering our members access to the best small business financial management service available today." With, EarthLink members can now manage their business finances through a single, integrated online account, and are just one click away from a whole host of financial services, including cash management, bill payment, payroll processing, 401(k) plans, credit, leasing, and merchant card services.
  • . integrates seamlessly with most of today's small business accounting software packages and offers value-added features, such as insufficient fund alerts and 30-day cash flow projections, to ensure businesses remain on top of their finances.
  • . Through a single, secure online account, businesses can access a powerful suite of fully-integrated services to handle cash management, bill payment, payroll, 401(k) plans, credit needs, merchant accounts and more, while earning money market returns on operating balances.

    BW Why PayPal May Survive Citi's Onslaught
  • . It claims to have 4.5 million customer accounts, to handle 25% of all transactions on eBay, and to funnel $2 billion in payments, annualized, through its servers.
  • . Using either a credit card or a bank account, anyone can send money online via e-mail.
  • . But if you want it sent to a bank account, Citi requires paperwork sent via snail mail, and that's not convenient.
  • . For one, Citi offers no insurance against fraud, while PayPal does -- though Citi's accounts are FDIC-insured.
  • . So if someone steals your bank account number and starts transferring money, good luck.
  • . It has also added features to keep it ahead of c2it, including a service allowing businesses to sweep payments into a high-interest money-market account at the close of each business day.

    BAI Online | Banking Strategies Retail Delivery Insights | FEBRUARY 15, 2006 VOL. 1 / NO. 12
  • . Alliances with 25 travel and Internet-services companies have generated 20% of NetBank's new account openings over the past two years, say at the Alpharetta, Ga.-based Internet bank.
  • . In return for an undisclosed referral fee, NetBank advertises on Broadband National's Web site, offering people who click over to the bank's site up to $175 in cash rewards when they open a NetBank account.
  • . Jeffries says the deal with, for example, has brought the bank an average of 500 new accounts per month for the past four months.
  • . Customers who come to NetBank via a link from the Broadband National site can receive $75 for opening and funding a checking account; $75 for a money market account; and a $25 Visa Gift Card for a certificate of deposit account.

  • Benefits

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    New York's 529 College Savings Program Direct Plan - Investment Options
  • . You may choose up to five investment options per account.
  • . (Although 529 Plans allow you to reallocate your account once per calendar year, you may change the direction of your future investments at any time.) Learn more about, or to assess your risk tolerance, use Vanguard's .
  • . Although 529 Plans allow you to reallocate your account once per calendar year, you may change the direction of your future investments at any time.
  • . Vanguard ® Total Bond Market Index Fund (50%), Vanguard ® Inflation-Protected Securities Fund (25%), and Vanguard ® Short-Term Reserves Account (25%).
  • . Vanguard ® Short-Term Reserves Account (100%).
  • . Add to your account in New York's 529 College Savings Program Direct Plan with Upromise® Rewards — you'll get free money for college when you spend with hundreds of America's leading companies.
  • . The Income Portfolio and Interest Accumulation Portfolio invest in the Vanguard Short-Term Reserves Account which, in turn, invests in Vanguard Prime Money Market Fund. - IRA investment choices 4/06
  • . The complaint says Block officials did not adequately disclose the full extent of the IRA's fees, including $15 to open an account, up to $20 to compute the tax savings, $10 to maintain the account each year, $15 to add more money later, and $75 to close the account.
  • . $95 to transfer account to another institution.
  • . None $50 to close account.
  • . None $50 to close account.
  • . JP Morgan Chase Chase Retirement Plan (IRAs) $100 for money-market account.
  • . CDs of 1-10 years; money-market account; mutual funds; stocks; bonds.
  • . Can do systematic contribu- tions from bank accounts.
  • . $50-$100 annual fee, depending on account size.
  • . $60 per year if household accounts total less than $20, 000.
  • . $50 to close account.
  • . For bank-account deduction: $50 each time.
  • . $25 annual fee for accounts below $1, 000.
  • . Rowe Price IRA $1, 000 or $50 mini- mum monthly transfers from bank account or payroll deduction.
  • . $50 annual, waived for high-balance accounts.

    Establishing a Margin Account - Grain Marketing Boot Camp
  • Establishing a Margin Account Previously, the benefits of hedging with futures contracts to protect farm price risk have been discussed.
  • . Likewise, if the market makes a positive move, the trader (farmer) may take out money from the account.
  • . Being able to put money into the account to cover margin calls is vital.

    Insurers' Tactics in Marketing Drug Plan Draw Complaints - New York Times
  • . In addition, they said, some insurance agents have asked beneficiaries for personal information like Social Security numbers and credit card or bank account numbers.
  • . Christopher Eisenberg, director of health plan accountability at the federal Medicare agency, said the federal government had received "more than 100 complaints concerning misconduct by independent agents" marketing Medicare products.


    Milano Finanza Interactive Edition

  • . Investment Bank seeks top producing Institutional FX Salesperson with strong Real Money Account Relationships Comprehensive Recruiting Retribuzione: Compensation will be comm...
  • . level Institutional Equity Salesperson Oppenheimer Funds Retribuzione: $40k-43K Stati Uniti-NY-New York City 16 Jun Oppenheimer Funds is looking for an Assistant Account Executive BlackRock Solutions Inc.
  • . Oppenheimer Funds Retribuzione: Competitive Stati Uniti-NY-New York City 14 Jun The Associate Manager is an integral member of the account sales team that develops marketing plans to increase sales, market...

    CBIS : Account Opening Information and Transaction Forms
  • Account Opening Information and Transaction Forms | Investor Services Account Opening Information and Transaction Forms IMPORTANT NOTE: We are currently experiencing a problem with automatic totalling on some forms.
  • . Account Opening Forms Catholic institutions wishing to establish a relationship with CBIS must fill out and return the Investment Application, Certificate of Resolution and IRS W-9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number.
  • . For participants wishing to add our zero-balance checking feature to the RCT Money Market Fund, please download this form in addition to the New Account Opening Packet.
  • . It contains all of the information needed to establish a checking account, including check ordering information, a signature card, and information about the RCT Cash Resource Card.
  • . The forms are: Use this form to initiate a wire transfer from your CBIS account to a domestic bank.
  • . Use this form to initiate a wire transfer from your CBIS account to an international bank. @CallCenter