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  • Money Market Sterling Deposit Rates Week commencing 12 June 2006 Instant Access Call account up to 4.00% gross pa 14 days Notice account up to 4.25% gross pa Other Notice accounts Interest is paid half yearly on Instant Access Call accounts and 14 days Notice accounts, on 1st January and 1st July each year.

    Northampton Cooperative Bank Deposit Products
  • Deposit Products | Checking and Savings Accounts Northampton Cooperative Bank offers deposit products to meet the financial needs of people - just like you - within our Marketing Area.
  • . To come in to open an account, just stop by one of our convenient .
  • . No monthly charge if the balance is maintained * Free Coop Gold Personalized Checks High Rate Special Unlimited ATM Transactions (Surcharges assessed by other banks may apply) Unlimited transfers using our call 1-800-501-2667 Free travelers checks Free * If the combined deposit balance falls below the $5, 000.00, a monthly service charge of $12.00 will be deducted from your Coop Gold Checking Account.
  • . Minimum deposit to open the account is $50.00 Minimum balance to waive service charge is $500.00 * - Free with Direct Deposit! 1st order of 50 personalized checks free Unlimited Coop ATM Transactions Non Coop ATM Transactions - 5 per cycle free - .75 cents thereafter.
  • . (Surcharges assessed by other banks may apply) Unlimited Check Writing - No Per Check Charge Unlimited transfers using our call 1-800-501-2667 Free * If the minimum required balance falls below the $500.00, a monthly service charge of $5.00 will be deducted from your NOW Checking Account.

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  • . A household probably has a basic checking account and, possibly, a student loan.
  • . For example, how does technology affect product purchases, account access or bill payment? Gain insight into Internet users, high-speed vs.
  • . They are heavy users of nearly all banking and investment products including money market accounts, credit cards, annuities, and personal lines of credit.
  • . Their use of financial services focuses on the most basic products such as savings and checking accounts, money orders, and bill paying services.
  • . Rural Downscale – These low-income renters in rural areas use basic services like regular demand deposit accounts.
  • . Downscale Sunbelt Security – Secure because of their high home ownership ratesm, Downscale Sunbelt Security households use basic services such as checking accounts and CDs.

    Money fund - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  • . Money market accounts Banks in the United States formerly were allowed to offer money market mutual funds directly to their customers via the same channels as their other bank accounts.
  • . In addition, the banks were required to generally transfer all of their customers money into these funds into bank accounts.
  • . These accounts were in most cases named "money market savings accounts", which is simply a marketing term for a high interest yielding savings account with a higher minimum balance requirement.
  • . These funds are usually setup so that money is swept to them overnight from a company's main operating accounts.
  • . Large national chains often have many accounts with banks all across the country, but electronically pull a majority of funds on deposit with them to a concentrated money market fund.
  • . Retail money funds Retail money funds are offered primarily to individuals with moderate-sized accounts.


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    BAI Online | Banking Strategies Retail Delivery Insights | FEBRUARY 15, 2006 VOL. 1 / NO. 12
  • . Alliances with 25 travel and Internet-services companies have generated 20% of NetBank's new account openings over the past two years, say at the Alpharetta, Ga.-based Internet bank.
  • . In return for an undisclosed referral fee, NetBank advertises on Broadband National's Web site, offering people who click over to the bank's site up to $175 in cash rewards when they open a NetBank account.
  • . Jeffries says the deal with, for example, has brought the bank an average of 500 new accounts per month for the past four months.
  • . Customers who come to NetBank via a link from the Broadband National site can receive $75 for opening and funding a checking account; $75 for a money market account; and a $25 Visa Gift Card for a certificate of deposit account.

    BAI Online | Banking Strategies | November/December 2005 | Fighting The New Deposit War Rising rates and margin pressure require tactics that go beyond pricing
  • . Core deposits pose the most urgent concern, especially the outlook for household "nest egg" balances, typically kept in money market deposit accounts (MMDAs) and savings accounts.
  • . Additionally, the checking account business requires attention as banks search for new ways to attract customers now that free checking is commonplace.
  • . Account usage is often driven by factors other than rates.
  • . People variously use this family of accounts as a safe place for savings; as a place to park money they want to segregate from their checking accounts; for funds earmarked for long-term investment; and for high-yield savings with easy withdrawal.
  • . Examples include accounts positioned for house-hold funds intended for long-term investment, "rainy day" savings accounts that emphasize safety and product bundles that offer a complete household cash management solution for the sophisticated.

    Online Financial Innovations: Internet Strategies for Financial Institutions. ONLINE BANKING REPORT
  • . OBR subscribers have instant access to an online library of nearly 100 reports covering essential subjects such as epayments, security, pricing, online lending, account aggregation, business planning, and so on.
  • . Investment and deposit accounts : Savings accounts, time deposits (CDs), foreign currency, bonds, money market accounts, sweep accounts, mutual funds, and other investment accounts; conservative and value investment vehicles; messaging and alerts; website usability; asset allocation; portfolio management; company news and alerts; indexed mutual funds and deposit vehicles; inflation adjusted products; “coffee house” investors; life-cycle investing; brokerage services.
  • . Fee-based services : Online money orders; credit reports; credit bureau and fraud monitoring; guaranteed payments; expedited and trackable services (FedEx); real-time transfers; foreign exchange; long-term image and transaction archives; premium service offerings; accounting and financial management services; small- and micro-business services; insurance and risk reduction products; virtual safe deposit and other backup services.

    FHLB Dallas - Products - Term Deposit Auction
  • . All interest payments are deposited into the members interest bearing DDA account.
  • . The cash proceeds from the redemption of the deposit will be credited to the member's demand deposit account on the date the Bank calls the deposit.
  • . If a deposit matures or is called on a non-business day, the principal plus interest due will be credited to the member's demand deposit account the following business day.
  • . Funds for accepted bids will be debited from the members' FHLB Dallas' Demand Deposit Account on the day of the auction.
  • . If a deposit matures on a non-business day, the principal plus interest due at maturity will be credited to the member's demand deposit account the following business day.

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    AOL News - Cash Becomes a Hot Investment
  • . Money in retail certificates of deposit exceeded $1 trillion earlier this year for the first time since 2001, according to Federal Reserve data, while deposits in savings accounts, including money-market deposit accounts, are now at record highs of $3.6 trillion.
  • . That compares with the national average of 0.78% on a money-market bank account and 2.74% on a three-month CD, says Greg McBride, a senior financial analyst at
  • . Brokerage firms are beginning to tout their cash accounts.

    Merrill Lynch Brokers Rave About New Deposit Account
  • Merrill Lynch Brokers Rave About New Deposit Account Michael Hayes May 1, 2000 12:00 PM Merrill Lynch brokers are buzzing about the firm's expansion into banking, most notably Merrill's sweep of cash into an FDIC-insured deposit account instead of a money market.
  • . "All the people who have been going to banks can come here and get that same insurance." Instead of earning 2 percent interest at a bank, clients can now earn 5.4 percent interest through Merrill's FDIC-insured money market deposit accounts.
  • . In March, Merrill began sweeping moneys from client retirement accounts and Merrill Lynch Direct discount brokerage accounts into the new money market deposit accounts, according to a Merrill spokesperson.
  • . Moneys from other types of accounts will be moved later this year.
  • . "If you can get more on your deposits at Merrill, why would you keep it in the bank?" Money market deposit accounts are held by Merrill Lynch Bank & Trust and Merrill Lynch Bank USA, two institutions that should see assets skyrocket as a result, according to brokers.

    Banking - Types of Accounts
  • | FREE Tutorial BANKING - TYPES OF ACCOUNTS CATEGORY SEARCH OUR OTHER TUTORIALS DESCRIPTION Although banks offer a wide variety of accounts, they can be broadly divided into five types: savings accounts, basic checking accounts, interest-bearing checking accounts, money market deposit accounts, and certificates of deposit.
  • . All five are insured by the FDIC (in most cases, up to $100, 000 per account).
  • . Most banks offer all of these types of accounts, so the bank you choose probably won't restrict this decision, although it does make sense to choose the account type you want first, so you can focus on that type as you shop around to various banks.
  • . Here is a brief description of each type of account: Savings Accounts These are intended to provide an incentive for you to save money.
  • . They usually pay an interest rate that's higher than a checking account, but lower than a money market account or CD.
  • . Some savings accounts have a passbook, in which transactions are logged in a small booklet that you keep, while others have a monthly or quarterly statement detailing the transactions.

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  • . (NASDAQ: ORCC), a leading provider of Internet financial services, today released results of a study on the impact of its premium online financial management service, Money HQ SM , on deposit account balances.
  • . Results show that for those consumers who were enrolled in Money HQ for one year, deposit account balances increased 115 percent more than those of consumers who were not enrolled.
  • . From October 2004 through October 2005, Money HQ end-users' deposit account balances increased 48 percent, compared to 22 percent for a control group of online banking end-users who did not enroll in Money HQ.
  • . The study included checking, savings, certificate of deposit, IRA savings, and money market accounts of over 2, 000 online consumers.
  • . The service provides access to third-party financial account information, detailed bill presentment, security alerts, and advanced payment and funds transfer tools.
  • . The Company's proprietary account presentation, payment, relationship management and professional services are branded to its client banks, credit unions, card issuers and payment acquirers.


    SOHO Finance -- A Starter Savings Account

  • A Starter Savings Account by of The Dollar Stretcher Dear Gary, My wife and I have been married for 5 months and I am still a college student.
  • . What is a 'money market account' and what type of low-risk investing do you suggest? There has got to be something better that the old fashioned savings account that makes 2 or 3%.
  • . To answer Mike's first question, there are two different types of accounts commonly known as "money markets".
  • . The first, a "money market account" is offered by banks, savings and loans, and credit unions.
  • . These accounts are government insured just like your savings account.
  • . And you can expect to earn more than if your money were in a passbook savings or interest bearing checking account.
  • . Rates paid by money market accounts will vary quite a bit.
  • . If you have a money market account you'll need to monitor your interest rate to make sure that it hasn't suddenly dipped.
  • . You will also find some money market accounts that invest in tax free instruments.

    First National Bank River Falls - Prescott
  • . Account Options We have a special account option to fit your business…big or small…one that grows with your business.
  • . Give one of our Commercial Lenders or Personal Bankers a call today! Regular Business Deposit Accounts Choose check imaging or check safe keeping.
  • . Small Business Checking A checking account for the small entrepreneur.
  • . A checking account that can grow with your business.
  • . Organization Checking To support the communities we serve we offer this free checking account to non-profit organizations and clubs.
  • . There is no maintenance fee on the account when a $300 or greater balance is maintained.
  • . Money Market Account Unlimited in-person deposit and withdrawal privileges.
  • . Compound your interest payments for the highest yield or have it directly deposited to another account with First National.

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  • . - A consumer/small business advocate changing the way banks treat Canadians - mlm no security deposit Mastercard/Visa wealth enhancement car bonus house bonus leadership bonus home-based business entrepeneur training program cash advances - Offshore Banking and Trust Software - Cash Depot is your source for ATM machines - Investment banking private equity stock broking services - Banking services including brokerage and trust services, credit cards, checking accounts, IRAs, CDs.
  • . - ING Bank provides financial solutions worldwide through an international network - Instant Confidential bank accounts for individuals and companies.
  • . - Savings and Certificate of Deposit Accounts on the Internet - provides marketing services for oil and gas leases, unleased mineral owners, drilling prospects, royalties, working interests - Over 160 Credit Sources.

    Savings Account Interest Rates - Northfield Savings Bank, Vermont - current money market rates
  • We have a range of savings accounts to meet your needs.
  • . Rates are subject to change after savings accounts are opened and fees may reduce earnings.
  • . Minimum Deposit to Open Balance to Obtain APY Annual Percentage Yield (APY) Interest Rate $1, 000.00 $0 - $500 0.00% 0.00% $1, 000.00 $500 - $10, 000 0.40% 0.40% $1, 000.00 $10, 000 - $25, 000 0.50% 0.50% $1, 000.00 $25, 000 - $50, 000 0.60% 0.60% $1, 000.00 $50, 000 - & Up 0.75% 0.75% Health Savings Account Rates posted 6/14/2006, but may change at any time. @CallCenter