Predictions for the 2005 Catalog and Specialty Retail Market

  • > > Feature Predictions for the 2005 Catalog and Specialty Retail Market By Casey Carey, Director of Marketing, Data Solutions, DoubleClick Stay posted on the latest research and trends—subscribe to the and more.
  • . I believe this to be particularly true as we look at some of the trends that will impact marketing in Catalog and Specialty Retail: .
  • . The Smart Marketing Report features trends, research and case studies on multi-channel and interactive marketing.

    Australasian Agribusiness Review - Volume 5, 1997
  • . 10 - 2002 Paper 4 ISSN 1442-6951 Festive Seasons in Asia: A Unique Marketing Opportunity Kaye Crippen, Grant Vinning, Scott Vinning.
  • . Festive seasons and special ceremonial events are often important opportunities for marketing food and fiber/textile products in Asia.
  • . For the purposes of this paper, the three key festive seasons of Christmas, Chinese New Year, and Ramadan and Idul Fitri (Aidilfitri) are reviewed for market opportunities in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore.
  • . This paper includes basic descriptions of each of these festive seasons and the special role of food and fiber products, and the implications for marketers.
  • . The issues of universal product and marketing systems versus regionalisation or localisation of the product offering are important considerations in an era of rapid globalization.
  • . In marketing food and fiber, these issues can be important in tapping into markets in Asia.
  • . Festive seasons and special celebrations, whether cultural or religious, can offer unique marketing opportunities.

    FRUIT LOGISTICA Virtual Market Place
  • FRUIT LOGISTICA Virtual Market Place Mehr Messe an 365 Tagen im JahrMore fair on 365 days per year Bitte haben Sie Geduld...
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    Norwich Bulletin - - Norwich, Conn.
  • . | 7 days Archive ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT New London Saturday market opens fifth season Norwich Bulletin NEW LONDON -- The fifth season of the New London Saturday market opens today, from 10 a.m.
  • . The New London Saturday market, a blend of artists, artisans, international specialty vendors, performers and feature events, opens its fifth season with new market coordinators, Migdalia Salas and Mark Gerard McKee.
  • . ADVERTISEMENT The market will continue most Saturdays throughout the summer until Aug.
  • . Salas, born and raised in the Republic of Panama, has extensive international marketing and cultural programming experience.
  • . Her passion for arts and ethnic crafts will serve to enhance the market's international and artistic development.
  • . McKee, originally from Pittsburgh, Pa., is an accomplished visual artist with a passion and understanding for craftsmanship that will provide the market with the highest degree of quality and support.
  • . Together, they will work toward making the New London Saturday Market a destination for southeastern Connecticut.


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    Market Wire - Professional Services: Advertising, PR and Marketing
  • Market Wire - Professional Services: Advertising, PR and Marketing Market Wire - Professional Services: Advertising, PR and Marketing Copyright 2006 Market Wire, Inc.
  • . Automotive Computers and Software Telecom Professional Services Dresner Corporate Services: National Storm Management Selects Dresner Corporate Services as Communications Agency of Record Fri, 16 Jun 2006 16:00:00 GMT CHICAGO, IL (MARKET WIRE) Dresner Corporate Services, Inc.
  • . Under the terms of the Professional Services Real Estate and Construction NLST IDS Worldwide, Inc.: IDS Worldwide, Inc.
  • . and HLS Worldwide Sign Joint Venture to Acquire US Security Firms Thu, 15 Jun 2006 16:03:00 GMT ORLANDO, FL (MARKET WIRE) IDS Worldwide, Inc.
  • . Announces Geo-Targeted Political TargetMercial(TM) Program Is Ready for 2006 Election Season Thu, 15 Jun 2006 14:06:00 GMT FARMINGDALE, NJ (MARKET WIRE) Commenting on the Company's product launch, Mr.

    Farmers' Market (Resource Management) - City of Santa Monica
  • . & Cloverfield Blvd) 9:30am-1:00pm Main Street & Ocean Park Blvd New ! Click to see which farmers' vend on Sunday WHAT'S FRESH - This week at the Market? Summer-style heat is bringing on some luscious berries just in time to complement the sweet peaches and nectarines that are covering the farmers' tables at markets throughout the Southland.
  • . This week Robert Poole's anxiously awaited boysenberries will arrive at the Wednesday market.
  • . Behind the Vegetables Inside the Fruit All four Santa Monica markets are Certified Farmers' Markets (CFM's).
  • . An estimated 900, 000 shoppers visit the markets every year.
  • . Collectively, they provide their customers year-round with a selection of fresh, seasonal produce that is pre-eminent among market programs in the state.
  • . Certified Farmers' Markets were established in 1978, when then-governor Jerry Brown signed legislation known as the Direct Marketing Act.
  • . There are three basic criteria for CFM's: (1) they must consist of farmers who possess a current Certified Producer's Certificate issued to them by their county's agricultural commissioner; (2) they must be non-profit entities, sponsored by the farmers themselves, a non-profit organization or a municipality; and (3) all produce and products sold at a California farmers' market must be grown or made in California.

    The Long Tail
  • . Nathanial Talbott, in a long meditation on software that goes from rails (iron variety) to Rails (the programming language), makes an interesting analogy: "The transcontinental railroad was to the real estate of inland America as iTunes is to the music marketplace of today.
  • . The offering will succeed at the lower end of the market, but won't completely ruin the party for high-end vendors." Edward Jay Epstein writes in Slate on the economics of shifting movies TV and movies from broadcast and theatrical distribution to downloading: "The real issue for the studios is how they can dig into this potential gold mine without undermining their existing revenue streams.
  • . Since the 1980s, the studios have managed their revenue by employing a system of "windows" to release their products to different markets....
  • . While the system delivers favorite mainstream content, it can also provide files that constitute small niche markets which only in the aggregate can generate large revenues." Paid Content points us to the AIM IPO filing for Opus Media, a London-based online movie company that runs the Indian movie portal

    Ecotrust Food & Farms - 2003 Fisherman-Chef Connection
  • Ecotrust Food & Farms - 2003 Fisherman-Chef Connection CONTACT Deborah Kane Vice President Food & Farms Tel: 503.467.0763 Ericka Carlson Marketing & Sales Manager Ecotrust Food & Farms Edible Portland Tel: 503.467.0803 DONATE TO ECOTRUST Your contribution provides essential funding to help ensure the operational and programmatic needs of Ecotrust.
  • . Fisherman Scott Boley and New Seasons Market Buyer Alan Hummel talk about fish.
  • . Fishing for Connections The first-annual Fisherman-Chef Connection conference builds linkages between sustainably minded chefs, retailers and the fishermen who haul in the catch By Derek Reiber As their options narrow, fishermen are searching for new markets for their products, and they're increasingly tapping into a new movement that's supporting the creation of a vital and thriving regional food economy.
  • . Kenyon Hensel, an independent fisherman and distributor from Crescent City, Calif., said "You must be willing to wed yourself to the person who you're selling to." Laura Anderson, with a fishing family background, worked on developing new market opportunities for fishing families on the West Coast before starting her own company, Local Ocean Seafoods.

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    Ecotrust Food & Farms - Multiplying the connections
  • Ecotrust Food & Farms - Multiplying the connections CONTACT Deborah Kane Vice President Food & Farms Tel: 503.467.0763 Ericka Carlson Marketing & Sales Manager Ecotrust Food & Farms Edible Portland Tel: 503.467.0803 DONATE TO ECOTRUST Your contribution provides essential funding to help ensure the operational and programmatic needs of Ecotrust.
  • . Restaurant owner Greg Higgins kicked off the daylong event by noting the growth of farmers markets and community-supported agriculture (CSAs), and the increase in diners inquiring about the source of their food.
  • . Regional fast-food chain Burgerville sponsored this year's conference, and local natural-foods grocer New Seasons Market and food-service managers Bon Appetit and Aramark attended the event.
  • . New Seasons Market also aided Weckerling after heavy August rains caused splits in many of her heirloom tomatoes.
  • . After disappointing sales at one Orenco Station farmers market, New Seasons' Orenco Station store chef, Renaud Desland, bought $2, 200 worth of her tomatoes and other vegetables the rest of the summer.

    Powell's Books - Art of War & The Art of Marketing: A Translation for Marketing Warfare by Sun-tzu
  • . The marketing advice clearly follows Sun Tzu's principles, with the complete text of The Art of War on the left-hand pages and its line-by-line adaptation, The Art of Marketing, on the facing right-hand pages.
  • . Synopsis: The complete text of The Art of War on the left-hand pages and its line-by-line adaptation, The Art of Marketing, on the facing right-hand pages.
  • . What Our Readers Are Saying Product Details ISBN: Subtitle: Sun Tzu's the Art of War Plus Author: Sun-tzu Publisher: Clearbridge Publishing Subject: Marketing Subject: Military art and science Subject: Marketing - General Copyright: 1999 Edition Number: 1st ed.

    Hotel Industry News :: Hotel News Resource
  • . 2006-06-16 Sales and Marketing Published in conjunction with STR (Smith Travel Research) and endorsed by the Hotel Association of Canada.
  • . 2006-06-16 Trends Manugistics Webinar team decodes group pricing -'total property spend' is new measure - By Graham Young 2006-06-16 Sales and Marketing Background: Over the past several years a number of online booking engine vendors have launched different versions of a one-screen booking engine...

    Metropolitan Group
  • . With only four simple screens, the software puts a powerful marketing and management tool in the hands of fundraisers.
  • . Eric Friedenwald-Fishman Co-Authors Marketing That Matters April 3, 2006 Creative Director / President is the co-author of Marketing That Matters : 10 practices to profit your business and change the world .
  • . Washington State Library Statewide Marketing Initiative February 1, 2006 After a year of successful work with the Washington State Library developing and implementing a training for hundreds of library staff from school, academic, and public libraries as part of a statewide marketing initiative, MG has launched the second year of the campaign with revitalized creative, collateral featuring variable data printing, and enhanced trainings.
  • . Senior Director Jennifer Gilstrap Hearn will present "Get Strategic: Coordinate Public Relations and Marketing to Reach Your Goals, " Saturday, June 24, 1:30–5:30 p.m.


    Fruit and Vegetable Production Publications: NRAES-104

  • Sustainable Vegetable Production from Start-Up to Market Publication Number: NRAES-104 Cost: $38.00 Length: 280 pages ISBN: 0-935817-45-X Date of Publication: August 1999 A description, , and are below.
  • . Sustainable Vegetable Production from Start-Up to Market, NRAES-104 ($38.00 plus S&H/sales tax, 280 pages, August 1999), introduces the full range of processes for moderate-scale vegetable production using ecological practices that minimize the need for synthetic inputs and maximize stewardship of resources.
  • . Sustainable Vegetable Production from Start-Up to Market provides practical information on such essential matters as selecting a farm site; planning and record keeping; marketing options; and systems for starting, planting, protecting, and harvesting crops.
  • . Initial chapters address principles and practices essential to planning and launching a business: the practical implications of sustainability, getting started, farm business management, and marketing.
  • . Sustainable Vegetable Production from Start-Up to Market was written by Vernon P.

    Search Engine Journal » Apple Puts New iPod Photos On the Market
  • 2/23/2005 Apple Puts New iPod Photos On the Market Apple today updated its iPod photo collection by introducing a new slim 30GB model, which holds up to 7, 500 songs, for $349 and a new 60GB model, which can store up to 15, 000 songs, for $449.
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    Joint Effort Marketing (JEM) Grant Program
  • | Joint Effort Marketing (JEM) Grant Program The Wisconsin Department of Tourism administers a $1.13 million Joint Effort Marketing (JEM) Grant Program.
  • . The advertising plan must be consistent with the current statewide marketing plan and target markets beyond the local area.
  • . JEM offers non-profit organizations a variety of options to assist in the development of marketing initiatives: Destination Marketing, New Event, Sales Promotion, Existing Event, and One-Time, One-of-a-Kind.
  • . Three years of funding are available for Destination Marketing projects and the years do not need to be consecutive.
  • . Destination Marketing applications are reviewed twice each year.
  • . A Sales Promotion must offer significant incentives for a limited period of time (usually 6-8 weeks) to persuade a targeted market to visit the area.
  • . An Existing Event project may be awarded funding for advertising in a new geographic market, targeting a new demographic audience or advertising placed in a new medium.

    Fort Collins Farmers' Market
  • . Collins Farmers’ Market.

    Direct Marketing
  • . A new section discusses implications of Internet marketing and e–commerce for agriculture.
  • . Introduction Many growers, especially new ones, are inclined to start production without giving a second thought to the business of marketing.
  • . Good marketing is an absolute must for a successful agricultural enterprise.
  • . After all, what good is a product if one cannot sell it consistently for a profit? Diversification out of commodity crops may mean becoming familiar with, or even creating, new marketing systems.
  • . Existing marketing channels very often do not accommodate the new producer well—especially the small producer.
  • . This publication describes direct marketing of produce (and to a lesser extent livestock) and lists additional resources for those who are interested.
  • . ATTRA has more information on marketing animal products.
  • . Some farmers may use direct marketing for particular products while simultaneously participating in traditional markets.
  • . Alternative Marketing Formal research on alternative marketing mechanisms has been scattered and hard to access by producers.

    Welcome Oregon Farmers' Markets Association
  • . FARMERS' MARKETS The popularity of farmers' markets in the United States has grown concurrently with organic production and consumer interest in locally and organically produced foods.
  • . This research describes the significance of farmers' markets as market outlets for many organic farmers, and recent shifts in relationships between organic growers, market managers, and customers.
  • . Market managers in more than 20 States answered questions by phone pertaining to the 2002 market season.
  • . Their responses provide insight into recent grower, manager, and customer decision making and attitudes about foods advertised and sold as organic at farmers' markets.
  • . Released Tuesday, April 6, 2004 Chefs Collaborative Food Innovation Center The Food Alliance OSU Extension Service Extension Small Farm Program Oregon Department of Agriculture: Marketing Division Food Safety Division Measurements Standards Division Oregon Agriculture Associations Agri-Business Council of Oregon U.S.
  • . Farmers' Markets Links California California Certified Farmers' Markets Washington Washington Farmers' Markets Assoc. @CallCenter