Direct Marketing with Value-added Products

  • Direct Marketing with Value-added Products Direct Marketing with Value-added products (or: "Give me the biggest one of those berry tarts!") By Jeri L.
  • . Any product can be considered value-added if it is originally grown by the farmer and increased in value "by labor and creativity." Value-added products are now being developed by small- to medium-scale farmers who do their own processing and sell direct to customers through farmers markets, individual and direct wholesale orders, or a Web site.
  • . The farm is beautifully positioned for a direct marketing farm operation: It is geographically a part of the valley, with its rich soil and wide variations in seasonal weather patterns, but is culturally and economically connected to the Bay Area.
  • . They sell to Alice Waters' Chez Panisse Restaurant in Berkeley, to Oakland's well-known Oliveto Restaurant and to other specialty restaurants and markets, such as Bill Fujimoto's Monterey Market in the Bay Area.
  • . Courchesne and Smith have also sold at Bay Area farmers markets for over 20 years.

    Catfish - Marketing
  • Catfish: Marketing rocessors - Market channels have been developed that are capable of handling the larger volumes of production of a mature industry.
  • . For most catfish producers, the most readily accessible market outlet is to sell directly to a processor.
  • . This is an outlet through which a producer can market a very large volume of fish.
  • . It is also a market that is available on a year-round basis.
  • . Processors generally deal with many wholesale or retail customers, and they thus have a market for different sized fish.
  • . For this reason, processors will generally allow more latitude in the size distribution of fish than may be permissible through some other market outlets.
  • . Direct Sales The primary alternative to selling to processors is to market directly to a customer further down the marketing chain.
  • . In direct selling, the producer captures all or a large portion of the marketing margin.
  • . The major problem with direct sales to consumers is that this is typically a very low volume market outlet.

    Cymfony's Marketing Insight: Information Overload, Mining Data for Nuggets
  • Insights on media measurement, blogging analysis, market research and corporate reputation management from Cymfony and guests.
  • . Blog sites Marketing and PR Resources | Information Overload, Mining Data for Nuggets Is anyone else feeling a bit overwhelmed with the amount of information and data available at any given moment? I've signed up for so many marketing, pr, media and advertising email alerts and newsletters that by the end of the day my head is spinning.
  • . I suspect most PR and marketing folks are in the same boat.
  • . Also, if a PR manager or Marketing Director is getting frayed at the edges it might be time to hire another staffer to help with the information analysis.
  • . Again that's why your industry's products make sense for the busy marketing or pr department.

    Which? shames Tesco nuggets
  • . But none of the supermarket brands could match Burger King's Chicken Strips or McNuggets, which contain 84 per cent and 76 per cent meat respectively.
  • . Which? food and health researcher Julie Hunter said: I think nobody really believes chicken nuggets are healthy, but some people might be surprised how little meat is actually in them, especially the supermarket varieties.
  • . The fast food favourite first came under scrutiny two years ago, when Which? tested nuggets from restaurant chains and supermarkets, finding that takeaway products contained nearly 20 per cent more meat than those on shop shelves.
  • . It's important that companies work harder to improve their nutritional value, particularly as nuggets are very popular with children. In terms of market value, children's products contribute about 14-15bn to the overall 700bn food and drink market in Europe.


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    Australian nugget gold coin marketing program launched American Metal Market - FindArticles
  • IN > > > > Article Content provided in partnership with FIND IN Find Magazines by Topic Australian nugget gold coin marketing program launched , by Australian Nugget Gold Coin Marketing Program Launched MAUI--The Australian Nugget gold bullion coin mass marketing program was launched last week in Sydney, Australia, making the legal tender coin the latest entry in the marketplace beside the Canadian Maple Leaf and the U.S.
  • . He predicted that the Nugget, issued in four denominations, will capture at least 10 percent of the world bullion coin market within five years.
  • . Goldcorp is charged with marketing the coins as part of the Australian International Gold Program to promote Australia as a major international producer of gold.

    Brand Autopsy: jumboSHRIMP Marketing Video on YouTube
  • thought-provoking discussion on all things marketing-related THE PRACTICE & THE PRACTITIONER Subscribe Articles Books on the Brand Autopsy Examining Table Stats & Stuff Powered by Member since 12/2003 | April 17, 2006 jumboSHRIMP Marketing Video on YouTube What started out as a whim ended up being ...
  • . This weekend I decided to create a super-condensed version of my jumboSHRIMP Marketing presentation.
  • . Basically, I recorded my voice and synced it up to some of my jumboSHRIMP Marketing powerpoint slides and then converted it into a video.
  • . View for yourself—click below to watch the ten-minute jumboSHRIMP Marketing presentation.
  • . Ya know … posting this marketing knowledge nugget on YouTube makes it so easy for others to share either through an email or through embedding the video in a blog posting.
  • . So please, if compelled, pass along this jumboSHRIMP Marketing video to others … especially to anyone looking for a speaker to present at an upcoming business event.

    Brand Autopsy: Six Degrees of Marketing Organizations
  • thought-provoking discussion on all things marketing-related THE PRACTICE & THE PRACTITIONER Subscribe Articles Books on the Brand Autopsy Examining Table Stats & Stuff Powered by Member since 12/2003 | June 07, 2006 Six Degrees of Marketing Organizations In the May 29 edition of Brandweek, from a Booz Allen Hamilton study which asked marketing executives about the structure/function of their marketing department within their overall company.
  • . After analyzing the responses, Booz Allen researchers identified that there are six types of marketing organizations.
  • . 1 | Marketing Masters 2 | Senior Counselors 3 | Service Providers 4 | Brand Builders 5 | Best Practice Advisors 6 | Growth Champions 1 | Marketing Masters “… enjoy the authority to coordinate with other major business functions.
  • . 3 | Service Providers are the coordinators of “… advertising, promotion and public relations at the request of the company’s brand and product teams.” 4 | Brand Builders provide “… marketing services like communications strategy, creative output and campaign execution of key brands, but their leadership role and decision rights on strategy and investment are all but negligible.” [The National Marketing Department at Whole Foods Market worked exactly this way when I was there.

  • . Focus Gold Nugget is not a marketing competition.
  • . Although relevance to the marketplace is considered, aesthetic merit, innovation and effectiveness in design/planning are the key criteria.
  • . Nationally recognized marketing and market research consultants, publishers and senior editors complete the roster each year, ensuring fair attention and analysis for each entrant.

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    Its all about marketing your widget
  • Its all about marketing your widget Published on Thursday 10th of June, 2004 Search engine optimization, done right, is all about marketing your widget.
  • . The rant, to a degree, showcases a common misconception of what good SEO really is: good marketing, not smoke and mirrors.
  • . Know your market Therein, ladies and gents, lies the golden nugget, and what lies at the heart of good marketing and therefore good SEO: know your market .
  • . In order for John to do what he outlines, he needs to know and understand the market for his article.
  • . Solid, long-term SEO means building an accessible website based on a deep understanding of your market and your user base.
  • . In the scope of marketing on the internet, the website is the interface between the (your) company and its market .
  • . Doing it right Providing fresh, relevant, informative, accessible content in a manner that a user can find it is done first and formost by knowing your market.
  • . Only after you've done your market research do things like and come into play.

    MarketingProfs - How to market to sales and marketing execs?
  • | MarketingProfs KHE Sponsors Create, send & track in minutes with VerticalResponse.
  • . Reach 190, 000 marketing decision makers Strategy This is a CLOSED question.
  • . How To Market To Sales and Marketing Execs? Posted By: on 2/7/2004 9:08 PM (EST) 250 Points The economic buyers of the software my company sells are senior sales and marketing executives at firms with $20M+ in revenue.
  • . SoI presume that you are selling solutions to the top end of the market, this product comes with a hefty price tag, a lot of customisation and a long sales cycle.
  • . The first thing I would do is a physiographic and demographic segmentation of your target market.
  • . What do sales directors care about? What do they read, listen to, care about? The first top of the head idea is to see if you can get an article published in a top sales and marketing journal, failing which, some really interested, creative and well executed advert in the top marketing and advertising magazines in your area.
  • . Just be careful who you get into bed with the market perception of these companies will rub off onto your company and brand.

    I Sold It Through The Grapevine
  • . That's the number of moms P&G has enrolled in Vocalpoint, a so-called word-of-mouth marketing program it has developed to pitch its own and other companies' products.
  • . "We know that the most powerful form of marketing is an advocacy message from a trusted friend, " says Steve Knox, Vocalpoint's CEO.
  • . But this puts the company at odds with the recently formed Word of Mouth Marketing Assn.
  • . "As the leader in the industry, P&G has a higher obligation to set the right standard." Indeed, no major corporation has embraced word-of-mouth marketing as aggressively.
  • . About a year ago, P&G began developing Vocalpoint to market directly to moms, which it defines as women with children ages 19 or under.
  • . Where P&G has made the greatest gain since starting Tremor is in understanding how to make word-of-mouth marketing more predictable.
  • . "We were all interested." Adds Lavonda Harrington, 28, another Columbus connector: "My daughter loves the foot-shaped sponge." That kind of buzz may explain the explosive sales results in the three test markets from the campaign last October.

    sys-con category @ SYS-CON Media
  • . TOP JAVA LINKS YOU MUST CLICK ON BREAKING NEWS FROM THE WIRES Breaking i-technology news stories and press releases as they happen from our partners "PR Newswire" and "Marketwire." We do not publish "BusinessWire" press releases.
  • . 17, 2006 12:09 AM By Marketwire Vince Barabba, former General Motors executiveand current chairman and co-founder of Market Insight Corporation, todayhas been named to the Market Research Council Hall of Fame.
  • . 17, 2006 12:04 AM By Marketwire The law firm of Sarraf Gentile LLPhas filed a class action on behalf of purchasers of thesecurities of InfoSonics Corp.
  • . 17, 2006 12:01 AM By Marketwire Canadian Superior Energy Inc.
  • . 16, 2006 11:42 PM By Marketwire Hollinger Inc.
  • . 16, 2006 11:15 PM By Marketwire Electrovaya Inc.
  • . 16, 2006 10:56 PM By Marketwire Beverages (GBVS) will conduct a live pressconference on at 10:30 a.m.
  • . 16, 2006 10:17 PM By Marketwire China Education Resources Inc.
  • . 16, 2006 10:07 PM By Marketwire XcelPlus International, Inc.


    ListChannel.Com - Tune Into Your Email : Internet_Nugget

  • . It is delivered to your inbox once every two months, giving you insights into how to market your website to the people you want to reach, cost effectively.
  • . It aims to give website owners insights into how to market their website to the people they want to reach cost effectively, and achieve a good ROI.
  • . (Added: 13-Feb-2003 Hits: 0 Rating: 0 Votes: 0) - Reviews (0) - new Top Marketing Experts Tell All - marketing tools, tips, techniques and strategies that get more prospects, more customers, more sales and profits fast.
  • . Automated Follow-Up Marketing VISIT (Added: 12-Feb-2003 Hits: 0 Rating: 0 Votes: 0) - Reviews (0) - A publication devoted to total beginning online Business owners or marketers.
  • . Includes online marketing tutorials, jokes, and other informative marketing articles.
  • . (Added: 13-Oct-2001 Hits: 61 Rating: 10.00 Votes: 2) - Reviews (0) - Tips, tools, manuals, guidelines for beginning marketers.
  • . (Added: 24-Jun-2001 Hits: 71 Rating: 0 Votes: 0) - Reviews (0) - An e-zine for the thoughtful Internet marketer.

    Grocers gas up - Sacramento Business Journal:
  • . Choose Another Market: Search Exclusive Reports > > > Highlights Email Alerts Get the latest local business news in your inbox.
  • . Bizjournals Directory Find local business services by clicking on a category Grocers gas up Raley's, Albertson's plan mini-marts Sacramento Business Journal - November 23, 2001 by Staff Writer Two supermarket rivals, Albertson's Inc.
  • . Raley's first gas station-convenience store would be built along with a 65, 000-square-foot Raley's supermarket that the grocer is constructing in Galt.
  • . It would be near Albertson's existing supermarket at Southgate Plaza.
  • . Supermarket chains are increasingly selling gasoline.
  • . Another locally based chain, Nugget Market Inc.
  • . The Food Marketing Institute estimates that 3 percent of grocery stores offer gasoline.
  • . By one estimate, 1, 800 supermarkets sell gas in the United States.
  • . Five percent of gas sales nationwide, or 1 billion gallons a year, are made through supermarkets.
  • . A leg up for Albertson's: Few supermarket chains other than Albertson's offer a convenience store with their gas stations.

    Heist - Marketing research - Fog Knitting for Trainee Ferrets (using labour market information)
  • | You are here: > > > Fog Knitting for Trainee Ferrets (using labour market information) Working with universities and colleges for marketing success Search Information about...
  • . Fog Knitting for Trainee Ferrets (using labour market information) For colleges and universities serving local markets, labour market.
  • . Information can be a potentially useful starting point for marketing decision-making.
  • . Is Labour Marketing Information (LMI) the key to unlocking the door to understanding the needs of your local communities? The general feeling towards LMI is that it will come in handy sometime but it can be filed away with all the other interesting scraps and tomes of information generated by worthy sources.
  • . The art of turning labour market information into labour market intelligence requires all the skills of knitting fog! This is compounded by the fact that all labour market information is gathered to meet someone's specific needs and these rarely coincide with your own requirements.

    Marketing Measurement Today: Market Knowledge: Part 1 - Use It or Lose It
  • . Thoughts on solving the tough problems in measuring return on marketing Thursday, April 13, 2006 Market Knowledge: Part 1 - Use It or Lose It Companies act on the basis of market knowledge: the knowledge of customers and competitors as garnered by individual employees.
  • . Research conducted at Case Western Reserve University and published in the Journal of Marketing explored how a company’s market knowledge and strategic actions drive its innovation and performance over time.
  • . and Apathy Intelligence about the market is necessary to satisfy customers better than the competition can.
  • . Similarly, decision makers may resist reconsidering their individual market knowledge after communicating with others in the organization.
  • . This is particularly troublesome when you consider that new and improved products get to market only by swapping information and surfacing new know-how.
  • . They also found that changes in the quantity of market knowledge are likely to intensify the need to adjust marketing and general business strategy.

    Barnes & - Brand Hijack: Marketing Without Marketing - Alex Wipperfurth - Hardcover
  • 0 Items Find Related Items Other books by • Find Related Books • More on this Subject Search for titles on this subject by checking only those that interest you: Nonfiction Brand name products -> Marketing Consumer behavior Marketing -> Brand choice Brand Hijack: Marketing Without Marketing Format: Hardcover | Pub.
  • . ABOUT THE BOOK - PREVIEW WHAT'S INSIDE ABOUT THE BOOK Brand Hijack: Marketing Without Marketing FROM THE PUBLISHER Out of nowhere, a brand like Red Bull, The Blair Witch Project , or even the Howard Dean campaign takes off with little or no conventional marketing.
  • . How do these "accidents" really happen, and why do they ultimately succeed or fail? Welcome to marketing without marketing: the emergence of the hijacked brand.
  • . Far from representing the absence of marketing, this book describes the most complex sort of marketing possible, as well as the least understood.
  • . Brand Hijack offers a practical how-to guide to marketing that finally engages the marketplace. @CallCenter