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  • . Designed by City Architect, Sir Horace Jones, and built by John Mowlem, Billingsgate Market opened in 1876 - the third market building to occupy the site since Roman times.

    LondonTown.com | London Shopping | Sunday (UP) Market at the Old Truman Brewery London | 91 Brick Lane | London hotel and vacation experts
  • LondonTown.com | London Shopping | Sunday (UP) Market at the Old Truman Brewery London | 91 Brick Lane | London hotel and vacation experts Saturday 17th June 1:48 pm Good Afternoon SAVE We have 33 special offers today SAVE We have 45 special offers today Shopping > Markets Sunday (UP) Market at the Old Truman Brewery 91 Brick Lane, E1 6QL For all you fashion and flavour-istas out there, here's another stop-off on your list.
  • . This market is a treasure trove of jewellery, vintage clothes, handbags, accessories, lamps, art and photography, topped off with some delicious food and drink stalls.
  • . Pick up some souvenirs in the popular Leadenhall Market shopping area and explore London's ancient churches.
  • . The Arkansas is a homely looking place with a few chairs and tables on the edge of Spitalfields Market, and all the meat served here is sourced, fresh and delicious, from the nearby traders.
  • . Map of 22 minute walk to the South West of (2.45 miles) What is the oldest annual sporting event in the world? Where was the Roman Forum? How do I become Lord Mayor? What was (and is!) the role of the coffee house in the development of global markets? Discover the answers to these questions and many other aspects of the 2000 year history of one of the world's most influential cities.

    Victorian London - Publications - Social Investigation/Journalism - London : A pilgrimage, by Gustave Dore and Blanchard Jerrold, 1872 - CHAPTER 19 In the Market Places
  • . Victorian London - Publications - Social Investigation/Journalism - London : A pilgrimage, by Gustave Dore and Blanchard Jerrold, 1872 CHAPTER XIX IN THE MARKET PLACES The Lady Bountiful of our time, at once wise and gentle and charitable: the Lady of the open hand; among her countless benefactions to her poor brothers and sisters, gave them Columbia Market, which she reared in the thickest of London squalor, on the site of Nova Scotia Gardens of unsavoury memory.
  • . And so in 1868, under liberal regulations unknown in the old markets, the spacious avenues of a fine architectural edifice were given up to the marketing of the ragged, the unfortunate, and the guilty.
  • . The costermonger drove his barrow past the gates to the byeways of Covent Garden or the alleys about overcrowded Billingsgate, as of old; the hosts of half-fed creatures massed far and wide around the building would not take the comfort and economy the new market offered, butwent to the street shambles and road-side barrows as of old.

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  • SEARCH COMMUNITY ALLIANCES / / Event Information Sleep.06 7 - 8 November 2006 Old Billingsgate Market London, United Kingdom Following on from its successful launch last year, SLEEP 06 will take place at Old Billingsgate Market, London, on November 7th - 8th 2006.
  • . Dedicated to the world of hotel design, and supported by a pan European marketing campaign, SLEEP 06 is a multi faceted event with leading exhibitors from the world of contract interiors.
  • . EVENT VENUE Old Billingsgate Market London, United Kingdom EVENT WEBSITE CONTACT Katie Bland Phone: +44 (0)870 460 7898 Email: ORGANIZATION Mondiale Publishing Ltd Waterloo Place | Watson Square Stockport, SK1 3AZ United Kingdom Phone: +44 (0)161 476 5580 Fax: +44 (0)161 477 3679 Email: Copyright© 1995-2006 Hospitality Net™ All rights reserved.


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  • etc.venues, London’s leading provider of meeting and training space, was awarded Gold in the Visit London Awards 2005 ‘Best for Business’ category at a dinner held at Old Billingsgate Market on 29th November 2005.
  • . -ends- For media information, photography and interviews please contact: jacinta francis account manager miranda leslau public relations & consultancy tel: 020 7263 5618 fax: 020 7263 0162 email: Editor’s Notes: The Meetings Industry Marketing Awards (MIMA) was launched in 2002 to lift the standards of marketing in the meetings and events industry and to recognise the marketeers.
  • . This Award was based on etc.venues’ various strands of the business: ranging from concern for the environment and CSR and the company’s vision of accessibility to an ongoing commitment to excellence, exceptional service and standards and to innovation within marketing and brand strategy.

    Apple Matters | Apple's Keynotes Under Lock and Key?
  • . Entertainment 2004 feature presentation by Frank Casanova (who is Apple’s Senior Director of Product Marketing, QuickTime and Graphics) and Steve Jobs launching the Apple iTunes Music Store in the UK, France, and Germany from the Old Billingsgate Market in London, UK.

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  • . A gala awards dinner will take place at Old Billingsgate Market on Tuesday 29 November.
  • . on +44 (0) 20 7234 5820 International Luxury Travel Market 2005 International Luxury Travel Market is the biggest worldwide travel show dedicated to the luxury sector and a key event for any organisation wishing to target luxury buyers.
  • . VisitBritain is offering the opportunity to join them at the International Luxury Travel Market in Cannes from 5-8 Dec 2005.
  • . Participation includes fully furnished stand space, pre-show marketing and full-show support.

    Launching Smartphone: Microsoft's Christensen on the Marriage of "Smart Software and Small, Stylish Mobile Handsets": Q&A: As the lines between business and personal time increasingly blur, Samsung
  • . 22, 2002 Microsoft Resources: • • Juha Christensen (R), corporate vice president, Mobile Devices Marketing Group, announcing availability of Microsoft Smartphone software in London Oct.
  • . 22, 2002 — At a packed celebration in London's Old Billingsgate Market, Microsoft today announced the worldwide availability of the Microsoft Windows Powered Smartphone software.
  • . Does the market really need a platform for new ones? Christensen: That question comes up a lot with customers, so we've given it some thought.
  • . Since it's an open, Windows-based development platform, manufacturers and developers can quickly and easily add applications and services to the product that meet the needs of other users and niche markets.
  • . Is that how you'll measure the impact of Smartphone on the market? Christensen: Sales are certainly important, but we expect Smartphone will have a more significant and longer-lasting impact on the market by serving as a lightening rod for the development of a rich, new ecosystem in mobile communications and collaboration.

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    FT.com / Comment & analysis / Columnists - Mudlark: Marchpole goes for retro look
  • . Marchpole, which has expanded into the US with the acquisition of Moda America, US licensee for Emanuel Ungaro, is expected to announce today trading in line with market expectations.
  • . Instead, they were reserved for the choice of venue – Old Billingsgate market, which had a very special meaning for the former chief executive of Lloyd’s.
  • . After the first world war, Jim Chamberlain, Prettejohn’s grandfather, founded a business in Billingsgate market that he ran until he died towards the end of the second world war.

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  • . The Caulfield team has over 40 years' experience gained in private practice, investment banks and in the London recruitment market, which provides us with a fundamental understanding of the London legal market, allowing honest and objective advice at all times.
  • . Eversheds combines local market knowledge and access with the specialisms, resources and international capability of one of the world's largest law firms.
  • . Longbridge International Sponsor Visit our sponsors website by clicking on their logo LPA Legal Recruitment Sponsor Based in the heart of legal London, LPA operates through four divisions LPA Private Practice, LPA In-House & Banking, LPA Partners & Teams, and LPA Marketing/Support Services and draws on its extensive contacts and market knowledge to offer a level of service considered by many to be unrivalled.
  • . PLC has launched a range of premium web services through www.practicallaw.com all now market-leaders in their practice areas.
  • . The Royal Bank of Scotland has a strong reputation in the Professional Services market.

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  • . 08.06.2006 Visit London has launched a viral marketing campaign to promote the capital over the World Cup period.
  • . 30.11.2005 The 2012 bid team were just one of the winners at the Visit London Awards held last night at Old Billingsgate Market.
  • . 24.11.2005 David Higgins joins the Olympic Delivery Authority, Visit London launches new Luxury guide and river marketing campaign.
  • . 27.07.2005 This week's Visit London news includes the latest information from the TIER group and Visit London's marketing plans.
  • . 15.03.2005 London Wakes Up! to the youth market.

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  • . Dopo l'annuncio di ieri, Tom Boger, Director of Power Mac Product Marketing in Apple, ha offerto dei dettagli tecnici sui nuovi G5, dicendo che, come nell'Xserve, il modello di G5 al top della gamma di 2.5GHz ora usa la nuova tecnologia a 90-nanometri, che è risultata con dimensioni più grandi di quanto ci si attendesse.
  • . Mercoledì, ore 7.40, 9 Giugno, anno 2004 iTunes raggiunge gli 85 milioni di download reg Joswiak, vice president del marketing hardware in Apple ha detto che iTunes Music Store ha raggiunto la cifra di 85 milioni di download.
  • . Secondo il CEO di Apple, Steve Jobs, iTunes Music Store ha un market share del 70% di download nel nuovo segmento della musica legale negli USA.
  • . Promo All-Inclusive Cliccare x ingrandire L'evento avrà luogo presso l'Old Billingsgate Market alle ore 11.00 ed Apple lo presenta in questo modo: "La più grande storia della musica sta diventando ancora più grande".


    MacSecrets News Online Segreti, Indiscrezioni, Notizie, Test, Prove prodotti, Convegni, Aggiornamenti, Consulenza, Suggerimenti, Secrets, iMac, Macintosh, iBook, PowerBook, PowerMac

  • . Promo All-Inclusive Cliccare x ingrandire Venerdì, ore 8.50, 18 Giugno, anno 2004 Il lancio di iTunes Music Store Europa disponibile in QuickTime pple ha lanciato iTunes Music Store nel Regno Unito, Francia e Germania nell'ormai famoso evento che si è tenuto all'Old Billingsgate Market di Londra il 15 giugno scorso.
  • . E' stato anche mostrato il player di musica MP3 iPod, come il dispositivo meritevole e responsabile per il successo di iTunes, che detiene il 60% del market share US.
  • . Mercoledì, ore 8.35, 16 Giugno, anno 2004 Aperto iTunes Music Store Europa nel Regno Unito, Francia e Germania ome era stato annunciato, ieri alle ore 11.00 all'Old Billingsgate Market di Londra, Apple ha tenuto l'importante evento in cui Steve Jobs, davanti a 400 invitati dei media e VIP, ha annunciato il lancio dell'iTunes Music Store in Europa e precisamente nel Regno Unito, Francia e Germania.
  • . L'Old Billingsgate Market, sulla riva del fiume Tamigi, era tappezzato da poster silhouette multicolori di iPod, come si può vedere nella foto di Macworld UK, che ripubblichiamo.

    Fixed Income e-Trading Conference
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  • . How much is really traded electronically? And what will be the next big e-trading products? IRS? CDS? Senior representatives from the trading platforms will discuss the "trends as told to us" in a panel format and quite possibly disagree with them! Moderator: Alex Chambers , Fixed Income Editor, EuroMoney Panelists: Mark Austen , Vice President and Executive Director, The Bond Market Association Iain Baillie , Head of Europe, MarketAxess Europe Ltd.
  • . And to find out what the regulators are up to? Where is price transparency in bond markets? Who is providing it? How much of it? And to whom? And does Europe need TRACE? Or is it a case of American transparency vs.
  • . And how do you develop a trading process and technology infrastructure to meet this requirement? Is it simply a matter of ticking some boxes? How will it impact market participants' behaviour and trading models? And is it the beginning of the end for the human trader? Moderator: Dr.

    Billingsgate at Five in The Morning
  • . ummer or winter, light or dark, rain or shine, it matters not; as the clock strikes five, the bell rings and the market opens .
  • . The Clerk of the Market, the representative of the Corporation, is there, to act the part of major-domo [house-steward]; the vessels are there, hauled up in tiers in the river, laden with their silvery cargoes; the porters are there, running to and fro between the ships and the market; the railway vans and carts are there, with fish brought from the several railway stations; the salesmen are there at their stands or benches; and the buyers are there, ready to buy and pay.
  • . Every one wants to get the prime of the market; every salesman tells his clients that good prices depend almost as much on early arrival as on fine quality; and thus evey cargo of fish is pushed on to market with as little delay as need be.
  • . Bunning built the present market---a structure not without elegance on the river front; but the street arrangements are becoming more crowded and difficult to manage every year.

    CNN.com - iTunes going for a song in Europe - Jun 15, 2004
  • . The night before the highly anticipated AOL/Apple launch, Napster UK Limited, a subsidiary of Roxio Inc., unveiled a new exclusive three-month marketing deal with ntl Inc., the UK's leading broadband distributor.
  • . last year, iTunes has sold 85 million tracks and commands 70 percent of the legal download market.
  • . Jobs attended iTunes' European launch in London's Old Billingsgate Market on Tuesday featuring guest performer Alicia Keyes.

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  • Nyhedsarkiv 28-07-2005 SA leading the way in wine marketing Five years ago, South Africa was no more than an incidental player on the international wine stage, but today, armed with a growing share in major export markets, the country is setting the pace for its wine-producing competitors in the way it presents to the trade.
  • . We are, in effect, bringing the industry to the nexus of the European market.
  • . We have chosen this route as more and more of the buyers on the Continent are converging on London to establish what is new in the international marketplace.
  • . Already attracting on-line bookings, the Mega Tasting is being seen both as a mark of South Africas maturity and assuredness in tackling global markets, and a measure of the respect the country has been accorded as a serious contender in the world of wine.
  • . In Denmark sales almost doubled between 2000 and 2004, giving the country a 4, 5% volume share of the retail market.

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