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  • Marketing Alternatives for Texas Organic Fruit and Vegetable Growers Marketing is one of the most important factors in determining the success of any organic farming enterprise.
  • . These decisions range from determining the most marketable varieties to produce to deciding how to deliver high quality fruits and vegetables to consumers at a profit.
  • . However, marketing does not begin after the fruits and vegetables are produced.
  • . Instead, marketing alternatives need to be considered even before production takes place.
  • . Organic fruit and vegetable growers in Texas have several marketing alternatives.
  • . Volume of produce grown, location of the grower, time available for marketing activities, and quality of the organic fruits and vegetables are a few of the important factors to consider when choosing a market or combination of markets to use.
  • . Producers may be better able to use or develop more alternatives if they know the major characteristics of each marketing alternative.

    PCC | Statements of Support: Agriculture & Farmland
  • SENT VIA FAX June 12, 2003 Valoria Loveland, Director Washington State Department of Agriculture Olympia, Washington Dear Director Loveland: We are writing to express our strong support for WSDA's Small Farm and Direct Marketing Program.
  • . However, we urge you maintain the Small Farm and Direct Marketing Program at its current level.
  • . The Washington Sustainable Food & Farming Network (WSFFN) and many other organizations and individuals worked several years ago for the establishment of the Small Farm and Direct Marketing Program.
  • . This was in direct response to requests by growers for more assistance for small farms as well as marketing options that would help them to retain a larger percentage of the retail food dollar.
  • . The Network also worked to secure a portion of federal specialty crop funds for direct marketing, which were subsequently allocated through the Small Farm and Direct Marketing Program.
  • . (In fact, three different bills were sponsored in the House to create the Program, demonstrating the strong support within the legislature.) The Small Farm and Direct Marketing Program has shown itself to be an excellent investment of public funds.

    Starting a Farmers' Market
  • Starting a Farmers' Market Starting a Farmers' Market M.E.
  • . Swisher, James Stearns, and Jennifer Gove Overview There are many details that separate great farmers' markets from struggling or mediocre markets.
  • . Below are eight of the most important steps to consider as you start a farmers' market in your community.
  • . Also included are Useful Facts about Farmers' Markets, legal information, an example of bylaws and rules for a farmers' market and links to farmers' markets online.
  • . Community support for a farmers' market is invaluable.
  • . Getting "buy-in" from residents as well as government and businesses will ensure that the market is seen as contributing to the life of the community.
  • . In addition to the intangible factors, a good relationship with the market's neighbors will help in tangible ways.
  • . City and county government agencies and local business may be willing and able to help with finding a location, sponsoring and/or doing advertising for the market or other resources.

    Reducing Pesticide Use Through Technical Assistance and Market Incentives - Final Report | Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program | US EPA
  • . The objectives for the grant project were to 1) provide technical assistance on sustainable farming methods and 2) increase local, regional, and export markets for organic and eco-labeled food products.
  • . However, after an assessment of these approaches and methods, the original tasks have been modified to reflect a more appropriate and effective course of action for the WSDA Small Farm & Direct Marketing Program (formerly: Sustainable Agriculture Program).
  • . WSDA Small Farm & Direct Marketing Program Implementation In order to create a Small Farm & Direct Marketing Program (SF&DM), the WSDA has cooperated with other sustainable agriculture stakeholder groups in Washington.
  • . During an assessment of the needs of the sustainable agriculture community and the goals of the EPA, it was determined that the most effective focus area for a WSDA program would be in supporting direct marketing efforts to increase the economic sustainability of small farms.
  • . In order to address the EPA goals of reducing pesticide use and increasing the overall sustainability of agriculture in Washington, the Small Farm & Direct Marketing Program has developed as objectives to promote the adoption of environmentally sound production systems as a means to achieving economic viability.


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    Zhonka Broadband --> Surfbreaks - Free Community wireless Internet access
  • Zhonka Surfbreaks - Free Community Wireless access points Zhonka Broadband proudly partners with select cafes, markets, taverns, and public areas to provide complimentary wireless access in the communities we serve.
  • . Dancing Goats Espresso Bar 111 Market St.
  • . NE Olympia, WA European-style espresso bar is located directly across from the Olympia Farmers Market.
  • . The Dancing Goats offers ample parking, outdoor seating and is convenient to the Farmers Market and local marinas.
  • . Participants in this program will be listed on the Zhonka web-site and invited to participate in mutually beneficial co-marketing campaigns.

    [Homestead] organic marketing
  • [Homestead] organic marketing Rob Sat Jun 3 09:41:08 EDT 2006 Previous message: Next message: Messages sorted by: At 6/3/2006 06:23 wrote: > Don't forget, too, that you can sell up to $5000 in produce a year and label > it 'organic' without the licensing and bureaucracy.
  • . I suspect with the amount of traffic the Olympia market gets and the prices the farmers there get, they go past the $5k mark.
  • . > The farmers' market led to a much more brisk trade of us making delivery > rounds on a regular basis.
  • . The location of the market in Olympia is part of the draw.

    [Homestead] organic marketing
  • [Homestead] organic marketing Clansgian at wmconnect.com Sat Jun 3 09:23:08 EDT 2006 Previous message: Next message: Messages sorted by: In a message dated 6/3/2006 1:19:38 AM Eastern Daylight Time, writes: > I was at the Olympia WA farmers market last Sunday and there were a > few vendors using the word "organic" but more were advertising no > pesticides, no added this or that...
  • . The farmers' market led to a much more brisk trade of us making delivery rounds on a regular basis.

    Travel Guide and Directory of Attractions in Olympia Washington State
  • . These are some lucky finds among a city where you’ll find bigger more striking features, like the Olympic Mountains, a State Capitol with a Dome 28- stories high, and a Farmer’s Market that is only second biggest in the state.
  • . Within walking distance are many visitor attractions, such as the Capitol Campus, the Washington State Historical Museum, the Farmers Market, and Percival Landing.
  • . Olympia Farmers Market 915 Washington Street NE Olympia, WA 360-528-8000 Downtown at the foot of Capitol Way in the Port of Olympia Plaza (360) 352-9096 Thur- Sun; Apr - Oct; Weekends Nov- Christmas 10-3:00 p.m.
  • . As one of the busiest farmers markets in the state, second in size to Seattle’s Market.
  • . But the market isn’t the only attraction.

  • Benefits

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  • | Food & Agriculture Organizations in Washington State Mark Musick > > 8.1 Organizations 8.1 Organizations 8.1.1 Food Alliance Food Alliance is dedicated to promoting expanded use of sustainable agriculture practices using market-based incentives.
  • . For participating farms the organization provides an extensive marketing program, including commitments from major retailers and food service companies to source and promote Food Alliance certified products.
  • . See related topics and documents Scott Exo scott@foodalliance.org Organization: Food Alliance Web page address: Phone: (503) 493-1066 Address: 1829 NE Alberta, Suite 5 Portland, OR 97211 8.1.2 From the Heart of Washington From the Heart of Washington is a marketing campaign designed to increase consumer demand for the state’s farm products and demonstrate the value of agriculture to our economy.
  • . See related topics and documents Shannon Hitchcock shannon@heartofwashington.com Organization: From the Heart of Washington Web page address: Phone: (509) 453-4837 Address: 105 South 18th Street, Suite 205 Yakima, WA 98901 8.1.3 Neighborhood Farmers Market Alliance The Alliance created and manages five of Seattle’s most popular farmers markets, located in the Columbia City, Lake City, Magnolia, University District, and West Seattle neighborhoods.

    Snohomish County : Farming Services : Business Help
  • . Through our programs and services, we work collaboratively with others in the community to address the critical issues of farm viability, farm transition, farmer education, farm product marketing, consumer education and community development.
  • . This site identifies marketing opportunities in each state, provides analysis to help take advantage of those opportunities, and develops and evaluates solutions, including improving farmers markets and other direct-to-consumer marketing activities.
  • . Click on the 'Farmers Market Directory' link on this USDA site to find a Farmers Market near you.
  • . This familiar local resource provides farm production information, consumer information, marketing reports, and other invaluable information and assistance to local growers.

    Washington Farmers Markets and Fruit Stands
  • WASHINGTON FARMERS MARKETS (74) State Farmers Market Representative Zachary Lyons Executive Director Washington State Farmers Market Association PO Box 30727 Seattle, WA 98113-0727 www.wafarmersmarkets.com Leslie Zenz Small Farm and Direct Marketing Program P.O.
  • . Box 42560 Olympia, Washington 98504 Phone: (360) 902-1884 Fax: (360) 902-2087 E-mail: Anacortes Farmers Market 7th Street & R Avenue Anacortes, Washington 98221 Contact: Gloria Shelton (360) 293-9404 E-mail: OPEN-AIR/SEASONAL May 13-October 14 Saturday, 9:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.
  • . Bainbridge Island Farmers Market Market Square Madison Avenue & Winslow Way Bainbridge Island, Washington 98110 Contact: Jaci Douglas (206) 855-1500 E-mail: OPEN-AIR/SEASONAL April 8-October Saturday, 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.
  • . Belfair Farmers Market Belfair School playshed State Road 3 Across from Theler Community Center Belfair, Washington 98528 Contact: Norma Stencil (360) 275-0616 OPEN-AIR/SEASONAL E-mail: May 6-October 28 Saturday, 9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.

    Farmers jammed up by regulations
  • . The 87-page handbook, "Farm-to-Cafeteria Connections: Marketing Opportunities for Small Farms in Washington State, " explains how to start a farm-to-cafeteria program and includes numerous resources and case studies of successful projects.
  • . "Farm-to-cafeteria projects improve the quality of food served in institutions and increase community access to fresh, local foods through school lunch programs and other cafeterias by building connections between farmers and food service buyers, " says Kelli Sanger, coordinator of WSDA's Small Farm and Direct Marketing Program.
  • . WSDA works with small farms, farmers markets, institutional food services, chefs and non-profit organizations to connect consumers directly to farmers who sell fresh, local products.
  • . Educating students about food sources Farm-to-cafeteria programs provide local markets for farms and often integrate education about local food and farming issues with the food served in the cafeteria.
  • . Farmers markets will be included in the revised definition of temporary food establishments.


    $30K grant for mobile slaughter unit

  • . The grants are for projects related to: improving and promoting farmers markets; mobile livestock processing facilities; direct marketing promotional campaigns; direct marketing assistance; and commercial community kitchens.
  • . "Our goal with these grants is to improve the economic viability of small farms, " said Leslie Zenz, manager for the department's small farm and direct marketing program.
  • . The success of these projects will mean that consumers will have greater access to locally raised chicken and other meats, small-scale farmers will have greater access to processing facilities, and farmers markets will continue to thrive and grow around the state." The grants were awarded to non-profit organizations, public entities and farm organizations.
  • . The following projects were approved: Bellingham Farmers Market - $10, 900 to develop advertising and promotional materials, increase special events and activities at the farmers market, and create "meet the producer" profiles to use in market promotional activities.

    Business Examiner
  • . Last November, the City created a Parking Benefit Improvement Area with the intent of funneling funds into providing more parking, cleaning up and beautifying the neighborhood, recruiting and retaining businesses downtown and marketing the area.
  • . Artists, who sell their work at the gallery on a commission basis, get to keep 60 percent of the sale price as opposed to 50 percent commonly offered in other galleries, she points out Dash to the rescue? In January, Intercity Transit (IT) began offering downtown pedestrians a free shuttle service between the Capitol Campus and Olympia Farmers Market.
  • . Although it’s not necessarily due to Dash, the couple has experienced significant growth in its business over the years since it opened in 1999 at Olympia Farmers Market.

    Business Examiner
  • . Patrick Williams of Patrick Williams Consulting/The Selling Sherpa was recently elected vice president of marketing for the Northwest Chapter of the National Speakers Association.
  • . Stern Neill, professor, Milgard School of Business at University of Washington Tacoma Class of 2005 Neill has continued his efforts to educate future business leaders, advance marketing knowledge, and engage the local community.
  • . His undergraduate marketing students are working to develop marketing plans with local retailers Metro Coffee, Next to Nature and Indochine.
  • . His MBA students developed marketing ideas for the 2006 season of the Tacoma Farmers Market.
  • . Neill was recently elected to serve as a board member for Tacoma Farmers Market.
  • . He has also had an article published in the Journal of Business Research, entitled "The effect of strategic complexity on marketing strategy and organizational performance." Jacob Stewart, co-founder, Zhonka Broadband Class of 2003 Stewart continues to run his high-tech small business in Olympia.

    WSFMA Handbook
  • A Handbook for Washington State Farmers Markets This handbook offers samples of articles of incorporation, by-laws, rules governing.
  • . markets and market vendor agreements.
  • . They are from different markets around the state.
  • . of Agriculture Regulations for Farm Direct Marketing handbook and the Montana Organizing a Farmers Market handbook.
  • . The market rules, by-laws and articles of incorporation are only included as samples.
  • . Markets differ in organization.
  • . The WSFMA urges new markets to plan, not only for the immediate future but for your market in years to come.
  • . Consider what can happen as your "little, friendly, informal market" begins to bring in customers and dollars.
  • . Consider the impact future market growth will have upon your market's public and private benefactors, the local business community, the site owners, consumers and your market's farmers.
  • . Most of the farmers' markets in this state depend on their volunteers.
  • . For further information about the Washington State Farmers Market Association and for help in starting a new market contact our director, Zachary Lyons via zach @ wafarmersmarkets.com, or by calling (206) 706-5198.

    Farm to School: Publications and Case Studies
  • . The Crunch Lunch Manual: A case study of the Davis Joint Unified School District Farmers Market Salad Bar Pilot Program and A fiscal Analysis Model.
  • . Direct Marketing to Schools— A New Opportunity for Family Farmers.
  • . Santa Monica Malibu Unified Scho ol District's Farmers Market Salad Bar Case Study .
  • . A Case Study of The Davis Farmers’ Market: Connecting Farms and Community .
  • . Innovative Marketing Opportunities for Small Farmers: Local Schools as Customers , USDA 2000.
  • . It is a comprehensive guide to direct marketing strategies and contains an extensive resource section of organizations and relevant publications.
  • . Procuring Produce for Farmers’ Market Salad Bar Programs in Southern California School Districts .
  • . A Case Study of The Davis Farmers’ Market: Connecting Farms and Community .
  • . : North Carolina Farm Fresh is a directory of pick-your-own farms, roadside farm markets, and farmers markets throughout North Carolina.

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