Communication and Sales, Part One

  • . For example, if you were looking for a chimney sweep, wouldn't it be nice to know what they do that makes them better than their competitors? If you are the chimney sweep, you might be thinking, "If I give away the secrets that make me a great chimney sweep my competition will steal those secrets and put me out of business!" The rewards you gain from sharing your competitive advantage overwhelms any minor gain to your competition.

  • . Market maintenance and repair activities Section of market Frequency Responsibility COMMON PARTS: - outside areas Sweep market common parts before starting operation.
  • . Daily Market cleaners Sweep market stalls before starting operation.

    Impact of marketing liberalization on dairy marketing and the dairy marketing system in Kenya
  • . However, over the years, the KDB has limited its operations primarily to the regulation of businesses involved in the processing and distribution of dairy products, at the risk of leaving the industry in the hands of a nationwide cooperative dairy processing and marketing cooperative called the Kenya cooperative Creameries Limited (the KCC), at least upto 1992 when the "Winds of Change" in the name of marketing liberalization began to sweep across the industry.
  • . The two subsystems are briefly reviewed below, focusing at the situation prior to 1992 when the fever of marketing liberalization began to sweep the dairy industry in Kenya.
  • . Time now appears to be ripe for studies to document the patterns of actual changes in prices of milk and milk products and market shares among the major players in Kenya's dairy industry since the "Wind of Change" in the name of marketing liberalization began to sweep across the industry in May 1992.

    'Operation Clean Sweep' - Atlanta Business Chronicle:
  • . ft.: 15, 131 SF Bizjournals Directory Find local business services by clicking on a category Business Pulse Survey: 'Operation Clean Sweep' Hartsfield GM Ben DeCosta seeks another No.
  • . DeCosta has appointed his director of marketing and development, Robert Kennedy, to head up Operation Clean Sweep.


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    Law Enforcement Actions
  • . The Internet played a prominent role in the sweep.
  • . Operation Mousetrap was a law enforcement sweep that attacked misrepresentations by invention promotion firms.
  • . As part of the Field of Schemes Sweep, the FTC brought two cases involving alleged pyramid schemes.

    Reaching the Mass Market
  • . So how did iRobot Inc., a boutique engineering contractor based in Burlington, Mass., make the transition so successfully? The company's first mass-market offering, Roomba, a sleek, silver trilobite vacuum designed to sweep rooms on its own, appeals to anyone saddled with cleaning chores, and has topped best products lists across the country.

    State Administration For Industry & Commerce (SAIC) People's Republic of China
  • About Us Links     >>     Promote Internet Sweep & Enhance Consumer Protection----Address by Deputy Director General Sun Wenxu of Consumer Protection Bureau of SAIC   February 28, 2006, Beijing, China Today the Ministry of Information Industry (MII), the State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC) and the Internet Society of China (ISC) jointly sponsor Internet Sweep Day for 2006.
  • . Internet Sweep Day for 2006 is launched in response to the program of International Consumer Protection and Enforcement Network (ICPEN), aiming at consumer protection in the ICPEN members.
  • . Internet Sweep Day is such an activity that the incumbent chairman decides the theme and time as well as provides a sample of sweeping for reference.
  • . The Sweep activities encourage participants, based on their distinct circumstances, to examine the Internet operations and identify suspect websites and Spam for sweeping.
  • . Since 1997, ICPEN has carried out 6 Internet Sweep Day.
  • . Hence, to actively participate in the activities of ICPEN is not only a good manifestation of China to earnestly honor its international commitments and obligations, but a right indication of China to show its determination to sweep Spam and junk messages and maintain a sound Internet environment to protect consumers¨ rights and interests.

  • . Netezza’s data warehouse appliance has clearly demonstrated that it helps retailers cost effectively interrogate details to get a very clear picture of these key areas.” “As the data warehouse appliance leader, Netezza continues to sweep the retail industry, significantly impacting the way retailers understand their business and their customers, ” said Andy Winans, vice president, Retail & CPG, Netezza Corp.

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    NARA - Prologue - Prologue: Selected Articles
  • . Coming at a time when Truman faced numerous domestic political and economic problems (including the Republican sweep in both houses of Congress and a nationwide strike by the United Mine Workers in late 1946), investigations of the army's military government program in Germany proved to be minor irritants.

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  • . 12-Sep-2005 Big corporations cross over to cash in on the hip-hop craze sweeping the US.
  • . 23-May-2005 Those that have the courage to innovate will sweep the board over the me too brands.

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  • . 12-Sep-2005 Big corporations cross over to cash in on the hip-hop craze sweeping the US.
  • . 23-May-2005 Those that have the courage to innovate will sweep the board over the me too brands.

    Strategic Marketing Management (SMM) at the Stanford Graduate School of Business
  • . Paver Senior VP, Marketing Pier 39 "This program offered a great broad-sweep approach to marketing strategy and a wonderfully diverse group of senior managers." - Lakshmi Gopalkrishan Lead Site Manager, Microsoft Office Microsoft "The best elements of this program are the quality of the faculty leading the discussions and the diverse nature of the participants in terms of geographic location and industry.


    IT Channel

  • . Sys Intl., Tilottoma Computer, Sweep Computer, Safe IT Services, Computer Village, Businesslink Computer, Index IT Ltd, Sky Net Computer, Global Brand Private Ltd, 1 Stop Computer, Surid Computer and others were the proud receivers of these awards.

    Outsourced Learning: A New Market Emerges
  • . It also represents a trend that some experts predict will soon sweep the corporate world: outsourcing of the entire learning function.

    Business Opportunities
  • . A Leader in Support Services from Regional Site Surveys to Sweeping PrivateHomes SITG is unique in that we provide a wide range of solutions througha closed network of distributors who are welcome throughout theworld in the highest levels of social and political circles.

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