5.8 Marketing and national policy objectives

  • An effective marketing system can contribute to national policy objectives.
  • . This section relates the features of marketing to the five main broad groups of policy objectives as identified in module 2.
  • . Although in general increased trade could be seen as acting contrary to this objective, an effective domestic marketing system reinforces independence by enabling a nation to supply its own needs more easily.
  • . For example, improvements in the West African livestock marketing system could enable regional supply of high-quality beef which in some cases is now imported.
  • . Regional marketing systems which replace supplies from world market sources work towards regional independence.
  • . The self-sufficiency ratio, discussed in module 2, reflects the performance of the production and marketing systems combined.
  • . If the marketing system is defined broadly to include the external trade factors, then changes in the NPC (module 4) are a measure of changes in the incentives given by the marketing system to domestic producers in comparison with imports.

    UNDP | Drylands Development Centre
  • Site Quick Links Search Actvities of the Market Access for Drylands Commodities The project has carried out literature reviews and baseline surveys and assessments in the following areas: natural resources management; institutional capacity needs assessment and gender analysis; technology capacity assessment; evaluation of market linkages, inventory of existing micro-credit financing institutions and micro enterprises and conflict analysis.
  • . In addition, policy analysis studies looking at policies that impact on the production, utilization and marketing of drylands commodities in the Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda and in the region as a whole have been undertaken.
  • . The objectives of the baseline surveys and assessments were to identify existing gaps in the capacity of communities and local institutions in the production, processing and marketing of drylands products.
  • . The trading centres were also included in the surveys for the market analysis component.
  • . The following issues were addressed under each component: Market research : inventory of market opportunities for dryland commodities; that has included identification of the potential market demand levels for the identified drylands products, and identification of market pathways and linkages in all project sites.

    Proceedings of the mini roundtable meeting on agricultural marketing and food security
  • The objective of the Mini Roundtable Meeting was to establish priorities for FAO’s programme of work in agricultural marketing for the next few years in Asia and the Pacific.
  • . First, up until now government intervention in regional agricultural markets has been pervasive.
  • . As most of the countries in the region are increasingly liberalizing their international trade regimes, it will be important to simultaneously reduce government intervention in domestic markets.
  • . Fourth, the marketing infrastructure in several countries continues to be far from adequate.
  • . And fifth, because the training, research and extension education infrastructure for agricultural marketing is generally inadequate in most of the countries of the region, insufficient attention is being given to human resource development in agricultural marketing.
  • . In the emerging economic environment there is a need to increase the agricultural marketing and agribusiness management components so that graduates from these universities and institutes are equipped to take up agribusiness activities, especially as the demand for skills in these areas is expected to rise at a very rapid rate.

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  • . The result is a rich, unique data source for your market analysis.


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    Manufacturing & Marketing Beverage Appliances, Inc.
  • . 4.1.2 Market Description In 1999 886, 338 tonnes of coffee were sold in the US.
  • . Soluble coffee accounts for 9.1 % of the total market and fresh coffee 90.1%.
  • . More coffee now is being consumed away from home accounting for 57% of the total market.
  • . This is reflected in declining supermarket sales of both soluble and fresh coffee.
  • . of cups per day 25 - 29 4.2 30 - 59 3.8 60+ 2.8 These figures show that although coffee is a growing market with continued expansion forecast, the growth is focused in the fresh coffee sub sector of specialty coffees, consumed primarily away from the home and primarily by younger generations.
  • . Saeco: The world's largest manufacturer of espresso machines is well established in both commercial and domestic markets with their patented "automatic brewing mechanism".
  • . Nestle In light of the current market trends favoring fresh coffee consumed "out of home", Nestle find themselves needing to penetrate the higher margin market segments and satisfy US consumers' growing taste for gourmet coffee.

    Oxfam International - Policy & analysis
  • . 14 June 2006 US free trade agreements with Peru and Colombia, as well as the possible agreement with Ecuador, were negotiated under the promise of great opportunities in the world’s richest market, but the truth is that these agreements will have a devastating impact on the livelihoods of small farmers, public health, and the regulation of investment to protect the public interest.

    Marketing Administration Courses
  • . International Business: I B Additional courses that focus on international business are available in accounting, Asian studies, economics, finance, Latin American studies, management, marketing, and Middle Eastern studies.
  • . Overview of management in a multinational context, focusing on the multinational corporation; the economic, political, and social environments in which it operates; and its basic managerial concerns with finance, management, marketing, and personnel.
  • . The traditional challenges to business in developing countries and the new challenges of market liberalization.
  • . Comprehensive examination of macro-level and micro-level issues involved in conducting business in Japan and in competing with the Japanese in the global marketplace.
  • . Topic 6: International Marketing Management.
  • . An overview of international marketing, with emphasis on the multinational corporation.
  • . Subjects include the changing international environment, researching and entering foreign markets, and the marketing mix in international marketing.

    Marketing Courses Describtions
  • D epartment of M arketing > > Marketing Courses 3104: MARKETING MANAGEMENT Study of the marketing process from a macro and management viewpoint.
  • . The macro viewpoint includes the role of marketing in society.
  • . 3154: MARKETING SKILLS This is a foundational skills class in marketing management.
  • . A wide range of skills will be developed and applied to marketing and business analysis including group decision-making skills, individual decision-making skills, computer analysis skills, and written and oral communication skills.
  • . This course is intended for students who want to develop marketing-related free electives.
  • . 4074: APPLIED SMALL BUSINESS CONSULTING Application of accounting, finance, marketing, management, information technology, and management science concepts to small business cases.
  • . (3H, 3C) 4144 (CHE 4144): BUSINESS AND MARKETING STRATEGIES FOR THE PROCESS INDUSTRIES Business strategies and industrial marketing concepts, and their application in the chemical, pharmaceutical and related process industries.

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    Kenya Agricultural Marketing And Policy Analysis Project (ResearchIndex)
  • . Kenya Agricultural Marketing And Policy Analysis Project Tegemeo Institute Of Agricultural Policy And Development/ Egerton University...
  • . From: Rate this article: (best) Abstract: This paper explores the determinants of, and investigate the impact of market reforms on, maize productivity.
  • . Section 4 estimates the impact of market liberalization on maize productivity and Section 5 presents conclusions and implications.
  • . Active bibliography (related documents): 0.5 : 0.3 : 0.3 : Similar documents based on text: 0.9 : 0.5 : 0.4 : BibTeX entry: @misc{ of-kenya, author = "Tegemeo Institute Of", title = "Kenya Agricultural Marketing And Policy Analysis Project", url = "citeseer.ist.psu.edu/401669.html" } Citations (may not include all citations): 45 - Heckman - 1979 3 - Jamison, Lau - 1982 2 - Gerhart - 1975 1 - Banos, Research et al.

    Knowledge for a Changing World
  • . Developing analytical tools and frameworks for evaluating the economic efficiency and market viability of wood utilization options, including renewable energy production Horticultural Science Weed Management Agronomy and Plant Genetics Weed management strategies in annual and perennial systems and study of environmental impacts of herbicide and non-herbicide weed management.
  • . Applied Economics Farm management and marketing Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Biology Content Areas: wildfire, citizen science/monitoring, carbon markets and local initiatives, community forest management, non-timber forest products, genetically modified organisms and risk assessment, community conservation.
  • . Processes: participatory research, negotiations, mediations, collaboratives, problem formulation and option assessment Forest Resources Content Areas: wildfire, citizen science/monitoring, carbon markets and local initiatives, community forest management, non-timber forest products, genetically modified organisms and risk assessment, community conservation.

    PlanMagic Marketing planning
  • PlanMagic Marketing Leading edge marketing planning software by .
  • . PlanMagic Marketing is ideal for entrepreneurs, startups, home business, small businesses, college students, libraries, colleges, SBA offices, Internet users, economic development centers, inventors, and all individuals who are interested in learning marketing analysis and marketing planning.
  • . PlanMagic Marketing 6.0 guides you through an in-depth analysis of the organization's marketing goals and strategies, and greatly simplifies the marketing planning process.
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  • . MARKETING PLANNING SOFTWARE THAT MEANS BUSINESS PlanMagic Marketing 6.0 offers you : a comprehensive marketing plan guide, easy to use well thought-out marketing analysis and marketing plan workbook in a popular spreadsheet format, fully automated financials with a unique yet indispensable product line and products per product line generator, an easy to use presentation template, and more.

    Marketing Development and Analysis - Departments - Botswana Telecommunications Authority
  • | Marketing Development and Analysis The mission of the Market Development & Analysis group is to promote the development of telecommunication services in Botswana through the mechanism and providing advice on policy issues.
  • . The group includes a Manager for Market Analysis and a Manager for Licensing.
  • . The group studies and analyzes trends in tariffs, interconnection and other issues and collects quarterly data from, Vista and on their customer base, prices and market plans.
  • . The role of market Development and Analysis Department is to develop an appropriate regulatory policy and strategies for the development of the telecommunication industry and .
  • . The department also carries out research and analysis relating to the telecommunications, radio and related market in Botswana and to forecast demand for services and technological developments.


    Market Analysis Division : Market Analysis Division

  • Market Analysis Division About the Market Analysis Division: The Market Analysis Division provides timely market information, analysis and forecasting of supply, demand, trade and prices for domestic and international grains, oilseeds, pulse and special crops to industry and governments.
  • . Grains, Oilseeds, Pulse and Special Crops Market analysis and economic forecasts to enable the Program Team to implement risk management programs for farmers and to reduce financial risk of government grain-related programs.
  • . Dissemination of market information/analysis via e-mail, Bi-weekly Bulletin, and the Market Analysis Division Online website (English/French).

    Trade and International Trade
  • Trade and International Trade Market information and market development have always been essential for enterprise development and growth.
  • . With the advent of globalization, extensive market information is needed to make critical business decisions about markets, product sourcing, partnerships, alliances, exporting, and much more.This page lists and rates Internet resources related to marketing and export development, national trade, global markets and international trade.
  • . Originally created by two professors from West Chester University to be the Marketing specialty area within the World Wide Web Virtual Library, this meta site has grown to become one of the leading resource and reference sites on the Internet for those involved in marketing, advertising, selling, promotion, research and e-commerce.
  • . From the Strategis Home Page ( Industry Canada ) this category provides the market information needed to make critical business decisions about markets, product sourcing, partnerships, alliances, exporting, and much more.A very good site.

    Market Segmentation for the Small Business
  •  You are here: >>> > > FREE Newsletter Sign Up Now for the Marketing newsletter!   Search Suggested Reading Most Popular What's Hot Related Topics Market Segmentation for the Small Business From, Your Guide to .
  • . Market segmentation is one of the steps that goes into defining and targeting specific markets.
  • . It is the process of dividing a market into a distinct group of buyers that require different products or marketing mixes.
  • . A key factor to success in today's market place is finding subtle differences to give a business the marketing edge.
  • . Businesses that target specialty markets will promote its products and services more effectively than a business aiming at the "average" customer.
  • . Opportunities in marketing increase when segmented groups of clients and customers with varying needs and wants are recognized.
  • . Markets can be segmented or targeted using a variety of factor.
  • . The bases for segmenting consumer markets include: Demographical bases (age, family size, life cycle, occupation) Geographical bases (states, regions, countries) Behavior bases (product knowledge, usage, attitudes, responses) Psychographic bases (lifestyle, values, personality) A business must analyze the needs and wants of different market segments before determining their own niche.

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