PPS Announces Winners of Small Grants to Diversify Farmers Markets in Twelve Cities and Towns | Project for Public Spaces (PPS)

  • . This grant program is being undertaken in partnership with the Farmers’ Market Coalition (FMC) component of the North American Farmers Direct Marketing Association (NAFDMA), with funding provided by the W.K.
  • . The number of farmers markets across the United States has doubled in the last decade to an estimated 3, 700, selling products ranging from local produce to meat and dairy to crafts.
  • . Almost all farmers markets have started at the community level, initiated by grassroots, agricultural or faith-based organizations, downtown associations, chambers of commerce, or community food activists.
  • . Given this history, most markets have few resources from which to grow, yet they have enormous untapped potential – for farmers, customers, and communities.
  • . "Over the past three years, Project for Public Spaces has deepened its understanding of the complex relationships between a market and the community it serve, " said Steve Davies, Senior Vice President and Director of the Public Markets Program at Project for Public Spaces.

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    Tourism promoters rev up efforts to counteract high fuel costs (Portland Press Herald, Maine) - 16 May 03:00
  • . Murphy, Portland Press Herald, Maine Knight Ridder/Tribune Business News May 16--From bicycle shops trying to sell commuters on the idea of leaving the car at home to inns offering discounts to drive-in tourists, marketing officials are looking for ways to generate business from the problem that's crimping most household budgets these days -- high fuel costs.
  • . Anne Smith, marketing director at the Cumberland Farmers' Market, said buying produce at a farmers' market not only helps local growers and preserves farmland, it helps reduce fuel consumption by lessening the need to truck fruits and vegetables hundreds of miles to grocery stores.
  • . The Cumberland Farmers' Market is spreading that idea through word-of-mouth marketing.
  • . The farmers' market's low-key approach to promoting itself as a way to help keep energy prices down is an example of what is likely to be a wave of efforts to carve out opportunities from the high price of gasoline.
  • . Jeanne Munger, an assistant professor of marketing at the University of Southern Maine, said the marketing efforts play off a common and effective strategy: When something requires a sacrifice -- or takes a bite out of the wallet -- offer some offsetting benefits.

    Terrain.org - Can the Way We Eat Change Metropolitan Agriculture? The Portland Example, by Martha Works and Thomas Harvey
  • . A growing interest in regional food and agriculture has resulted in efforts to enhance rural-urban linkages through creation of farmers markets, community supported agriculture, farmer-chef collaborations, and promotion of local food products.
  • . The cultural and economic context of agricultural change around Portland suggests that population increase and cultural change can provide opportunities for farming by creating markets for locally grown products.
  • . This attention to local and regional foods captivated the general public, which in turn began demanding more readily available fresh and local food, driving an increase in direct marketing of agricultural products through many different channels.
  • . A was formed in 1998 and has developed, in partnership with Ecotrust (a local non-profit dedicated to fostering a sustainable regional economy), the, a direct marketing model that promotes long-term business relationships between chefs and farmers.
  • . Farmers Markets Chefs were early supporters of a Portland farmers market which began in 1992.


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    USDA - AMS - Farmer Direct Marketing Website - Direct Marketing Resources by State - Oregon
  • OREGON State contact for information about farmers markets: Cathi McLain Oregon Dept.
  • . of Agriculture 121 Southwest Salmon, Suite 240 Portland, OR 97204-2987 Phone: (503) 229-6734 Fax: (503) 229-6113 E-mail: cmclain@ada.state.or.us Other Contacts: Pacific Northwest Farm Direct Marketing Association Ross Courtney P.O.
  • . Corvallis, OR 97330 Phone: (541) 766-6750 Fax: (541) 754-1603 E-mail: Garry.Stephenson@orst.edu Larry Lev, Associate Professor & Extension Marketing Economist Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics Ballard Extension Hall Oregon State University Corvallis, OR 97331-3601 Phone: (541) 737-1417 Fax: (541) 737-2563 E-mail: Larry.Lev@orst.edu Information available on the Internet: PLEASE NOTE : Pages will open in a new browser window.

    Welcome Oregon Farmers' Markets Association
  • . FARMERS' MARKETS The popularity of farmers' markets in the United States has grown concurrently with organic production and consumer interest in locally and organically produced foods.
  • . This research describes the significance of farmers' markets as market outlets for many organic farmers, and recent shifts in relationships between organic growers, market managers, and customers.
  • . Market managers in more than 20 States answered questions by phone pertaining to the 2002 market season.
  • . Their responses provide insight into recent grower, manager, and customer decision making and attitudes about foods advertised and sold as organic at farmers' markets.
  • . Released Tuesday, April 6, 2004 Chefs Collaborative Food Innovation Center The Food Alliance OSU Extension Service Extension Small Farm Program Oregon Department of Agriculture: Marketing Division Food Safety Division Measurements Standards Division Oregon Agriculture Associations Agri-Business Council of Oregon U.S.
  • . Farmers' Markets Links California California Certified Farmers' Markets Washington Washington Farmers' Markets Assoc.

    Welcome Oregon Farmers' Markets Association
  • • • • • • • • • • • > > > > > > > > Collecting Market Data: The Rapid Market Assessment Approach In 1998 Larry Lev and Garry Stephenson from OSU Extension Service developed a simple, fun and yet effective market research method called Rapid Market Assessment (RMA) .
  • . RMA provides markets research methods to determine market attendance and to collect useful market data.
  • . Over the past three years, Larry and Garry have coordinate the RMA program in eight Oregon farmers' markets.
  • . Many more market managers learned the method by participating in the process.
  • . Today market managers are conducting their own RMA programs, collecting data that influences the future direction of the their markets.
  • . What stopped you from buying more in the market? How much did you spend in the market? Do you come to the farmers' market for the products, the atmosphere, the crafts or some combination.
  • . Why are you downtown? For more information about these research methods read or contact: Larry Lev OSU Extension Service, Corvallis Garry Stephenson OSU Small Farms Extension Service A Market Testimony Rapid Market Assessment "Dot Survey" Helped Get Grant for Hood River Saturday Market Dear Larry, I wanted to let you know that Hood River Saturday Market was just awarded a small grant ($925.00) from the Hood River Chamber of Commerce's Visitor's Council.

    Making a purchase at a farmers' market is a win-win for all involved
  • | Network Affiliate • • • • • • • • • Sunday, May 7, 2006 MAINE GARDENER: Tom Atwell Making a purchase at a farmers' market is a win-win for all involved © 2006 Blethen Maine Newspapers Inc.
  • . Farmers' markets are about to open all across Maine, and that is good news for gardeners as well as for people who like to eat locally produced food.
  • . Nancy and I will go into the Portland Farmers Market several Saturdays during May.
  • . We choose the Portland market because it is close to us, is open Saturdays when it is convenient for us and because it has offerings from dozens of different farms in our area.
  • . There are about 65 farmers' markets in Maine - check the state's www.getrealmaine.com Web site for locations near you.
  • . In 1970, there was just one farmers' market in Maine, the one in Portland, so there has been quite a change in 35 years.
  • . Visiting the farmers' market is simply a pleasant experience.
  • . We park at one end of the market, walk slowly down to the far end, checking out what is available from each vendor.

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  • Farmers' Markets Farmers’ Markets provide an outlet for interested growers to either expand their existing operation or start a new one in a relatively low-cost and supportive environment.
  • . A great case story on how a very successful farmers' market began.
  • . A great page with all sorts of very useful tips on how to start a market.
  • . , a national organization which promotes and fosters the growth of farm direct marketing by offering opportunities for education, networking, and fellowship to its members.
  • . , produced by the WA Farmers Market Association.
  • . This PDF file pertains primarily to marketing at farmer's markets in King County.
  • . An in-depth site listing all of the state's Farmer's Markets, as well as a reference list of resources from other states.
  • . An excellent review of why shoppers love farmer's markets.
  • . Outlines the success of farmers' markets in the Puget Sound area of Washington state.
  • . , USDA Agricultural Marketing Service.

    Welcome to NAFDMA
  • . Farmers' Markets Resources NAFDMA's Farmers' Markets Resources New Hampshire Regional Workshop presentations Web Site Links , including a list of farmers’ markets at State/Provincial/Regional Farmers' Market Associations Farmers' Markets Support ( Kansas State University) ( Kansas State University) ( University of Nebraska) ( University of Nebraska) Publications - The AMS Marketing Services Branch offers many publications for download.
  • . Visit their web site for the complete listing, among the publications are: - NEW! Community Supported Agriculture in California, Oregon and Washington: - Challenges and Opportunities (May 2004) - How To Direct-Market Farm Products on the Internet (December 2002) - Improving and Facilitating a Farmers Market in a Low-Income Urban Neighborhood: A Washington, DC, Case Study (January 2002) - The California Agricultural Direct Marketing Study (January 2002) - U.S.
  • . Farmers Markets--2000: A Study of Emerging Trends , "the national monthly newsletter for direct market farmers." They have a good at their online store.

    SANET-MG Archives -- April 2001 (#211)
  • Topics: SANET-MG listserv Sender: Sustainable Agriculture Network Discussion Group <> From: Eric Gibson <> Subject: New Farmers' Market: "complete message" Comments: To:, , , , , Stephanie Olson <>, , , , , , , , Andy Watkins <>, , , Content-Type: text/plain; charset=iso-8859-1; x-mac-type="54455854"; x-mac-creator="4D4F5353" In response to the email below, here is a "complete, corrected message, " and I apologize for the slip-up.
  • . If you would folks like me to circulate a message further, it would be better to send out a complete, corrected message so that we won't have to try to edit the messages together ourselves." Thanks, NEWS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The New Farmers Market: Farm-Fresh Ideas for Producers, Managers & Communities “The New Farmers’ Market is the most comprehensive, pertinent source of information out there on selling at farmers markets.
  • . The breadth of the topics, issues covered, real-life information for all-size farmers and markets, and in-depth presentation of material will be invaluable for the farmers’ market industry.” —Randii MacNear, manager, Davis Farmers Market “I received the book and it is GREAT.

    SANET-MG Archives -- April 2001 (#195)
  • Topics: SANET-MG listserv > Sender: Sustainable Agriculture Network Discussion Group <> From: Marcie Rosenzweig <> Subject: New Farmers' Market Book and reviews Comments: To:, , , , , , , , Andy Watkins <>, , , , , , , Comments: cc: Vance Corum <>, , Stephanie Olson <> Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" Hi Folks, With the usual cross-post apologies - "The New Farmers' Market" by Vance Corum, Marcie Rosenzweig, and Eric Gibson is finally out.
  • . What a job you guys did! -Robert Lewis, NY State Farmers Market Representative I received the book and it is GREAT.
  • . Very practical AND inspiring! -Dianne Stefani-Ruff, Manager, Portland Farmers Market "The definitive guide to farmers' markets is here! Whether you're part of a large, successful, urban farmers' market or you are a beginning farmer who wants to start a market in your small town, or you are somewhere in between, 'The New Farmers' Market' is one book you need!" Look for Jean English's full review for Maine Organic Farmer in the June issue.


    Metroblogging Portland: Hollywood Farmer's Market - last day

  • | posted by at 11:35 AM on October 29, 2005 I ventured out in the rain for the last Farmer's Market a few hours ago, sure that the crowd would be a light one.
  • . Oregonians are a die-hard sort when it comes to farmer's marketing in the rain, it seems.
  • . Goodbye, Farmer's Market.
  • . I'll miss you - but I'll be back (with my sturdy cloth shopping bags, of course) next year...! Tags : none Categories: / Add to: / / / / / / Comments Hillsdale and Portland Farmer's Markets continue....
  • . PDX market's a possibility...

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  • | ORblogs Keyword: marketing 10 weblogs contain the keyword marketing .
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    ODA Agricultural Development and Marketing Division FDNP Stand & Market List (cont)
  • . Orchards Farm Market John E.
  • . Angel Hwy NE Year Round Daily, 8 AM to 5 PM Raymond Kuenzi Farm Eileen Kuenzi (503)873-6915 3707 Cascade Hwy NE June - October Approximately 6 days a week Silverton Farmers' Market Kate Van Ummersen (503) 390-7276 Town Square Park Main & Fiske Mid May - Mid October Saturday, 9 AM - 1 PM -Woodburn- Woodburn Farmers' Market Jose Falcon (503) 982-6857 1st & Garfield Mid May - Mid October Tuesday, 3 PM - 8 PM Morrow No authorized farm stands or farmers markets available.
  • . Clark Christine Spall (503) 371-8309 Edgewater St & Murlock June - September Monday - Saturday 10 AM - 6 PM Sherman No authorized farm stands or farmers markets available.
  • . Tillamook - Hemlock- Bear Creek Artichokes Cindy Miles (503) 398-5411 11 miles south of Tillamook on Hwy 101 at Hemlock Year Round Daily, Spring 9 AM - 5 PM Summer 9 AM - 7 PM Winter 10 AM - 5 PM -Tillamook- Don's Waterfall Farms Don & Janet Davis (503) 815-8142 4940 Brickyard May 1 - December 1 Daily, 12 PM - 6 PM Tillamook Farmers Market Chris Kell (503) 842-5800 2nd & Laurel Ave Mid June - September Saturday, 9 AM - 2 PM Valley Fresh Produce Jesus J.

    Farm Fresh Markets:Alabama
  • {$title} - {$pagename}   | Select a State Maine FARMERS' MARKETS State Farmers Market Representative Maine Dept.
  • . of Agriculture Contact: Deanne Herman Marketing & Products Development 28 State House Station Augusta, ME, 04333 Phone: (207) 287-3491 Fax: (207) 287-5576 Email: maine.grown@state.me.us Auburn Mall Farmers Market Porteous rear parking lot Turner St side Auburn, ME, 04210 Phone: (207) 336-2411 Time: Thursday, 1:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m.
  • . : May - October Auburn Mall Farmers Market Porteous rear parking lot Turner St side Auburn, ME, 04210 Phone: (207) 336-2411 Time: Thursday, 1:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m.
  • . : May - October Augusta Farmers market Contact: Terry Johnson Turnpike Mall Augusta, ME, 04330 Phone: (207) 549-5112 Email: http://www.camarkets.com/augusta Time: 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.
  • . Duration: May 1-October 30: Thursday & Saturday Bethel Farmers Market Contact: Keith Hodsdon Route 26, Railroad Street Bethel Health Center parking lot Bethel, ME, 04217 Phone: (207) 836-3606 Time: 9am-Noon Duration: June-October: Saturday Biddeford Public Markwt Contact: Shelly Pellitier Biddeford, ME, Phone: 800) 698-3580 Blue Hill Farmers Market I Blue Hill Fairgrounds Blue Hill, ME, 04614 Phone: (207) 374-5038 Time: 9:00 a.m.-11:30 a.m.

    NYC Wholesale Farmers' Market Study
  • The NYC Wholesale Farmer Market Study is being led by and in collaboration with and The team has expertise in multiple areas and has a track record of accomplishment on similar projects.
  • . is represented by Bob Lewis, Chief Marketing Representative and Study Director; Sherry Alpern, Project Assistant; Rick Zimmerman, Deputy Commissioner; Kim Blot, Director, Agriculture Protection & Development; Bill Kimball, Business Development Administrator.
  • . The is represented by Don Lynd, Cooperative Agreement Liasion, and Ed Ragland, Cooperative Agreement Liaison, both from the Agriculture Marketing Services Branch.
  • . Market Ventures, Inc., is a specialty urban planning and economic development firm that assists public, non-profit, and for-profit clients with planning, creating, and managing successful public markets and other innovative development concepts.
  • . Founded in 1996 by Ted Spitzer, Market Ventures, Inc.
  • . has regularly conducted survey research within the public market context.

    Maine Department of Agriculture: Agricultural Business Grants and Loans
  • | State Search: | Search Agriculture Site: Market and Production Development dIVISION > > > 2006 ADG Awards 2006 Agricultural Development Grant Awards The following projects have been approved for an Agricultural Development Grant Award.
  • . The Agricultural Development Grants assist farmers in assessing market potential of new ideas, increasing market promotion of existing businesses, or improve the adoption of new technology on the farm.
  • . Project 2006-1: Development of an Aroostook Beef Producers Cattle Shipping Facility Grantee: Aroostook Beef Producers Contact: David Potter, 543-7328 Amount Awarded: $29, 548.00 Summary of Project:To acquire an existing building in Aroostook County to house, handle and load-out cattle as part of a program to increase the sales of beef cattle through a cooperative marketing program.
  • . Project 2006-3: Development of a Farmers' Market on the street in Belfast Grantee: Belfast Farmers' Market Contact: Cindy Gerry 763-4454 Amount Awarded: $1, 682.00 Summary of Project: To relocate the Market to upper Main Street in Belfast once a month to increase sales and consumer awareness of the availability of healthy, locally grown and processed foods.

    http://xoomer.alice.it/marketing_now/ @CallCenter