Adam Smith, Esq.: An inquiry into the economics of law firms....

  • . These firms need to take a long, hard look in the mirror: "There is an economic ladder in the legal market that has many rungs; finding the right one for a particular firm requires strategic focus and a healthy dose of realism." Fourth, the attitude and perspective of Fortune 1000 General Counsel have changed markedly in just the past five years.

    Beverage Marketing Corp. - Double-digit growth - health is the main market driver
  • Double-digit growth - health is the main market driver Double-digit growth - health is the main market driver By Roger Dilworth Reprinted from the April 2005 issue of Soft Drinks International The US functional beverage market consists of energy drinks, sports beverages and nutrient enhanced drinks.
  • . In the US, Red Bull has used distribution as a marketing tool, initially restricting the product to fashionable nightclubs in order to influence cultural tastemakers.
  • . This “opinion leader” strategy has contributed to its success, as Red Bull owned more than 60% of the energy drink market in 2003.
  • . The brand has not relied solely on underground marketing, however: it upped its advertising spending in the US from $2 million in 1998 to more than $40 million in 2003, according to Competitive Media Reporting.
  • . Although hip youths are the most visible targets of energy drink marketers, the beverages also appeal to overworked executives and truck drivers, among others.

    Sitting Bull College
  • . The Industry, Competition and the Market Because for the relationship between the college and the company, there is a ready market for the services that SBC Construction provides.
  • . As a result the market for the services provided by the company is in place if the company is able to come up with a plan to met the demands of its market.
  • . For the immediate future, marketing efforts of the company can be relatively minimal.
  • . Perhaps the most needed marketing activity is developing and maintaining good public relations with the stake holders in the new campus project.

    The Hindu Business Line : Primary market raises Rs 17, 665 cr this fiscal
  • Financial Daily from THE HINDU group of publications Wednesday, Mar 17, 2004 News Features Stocks Cross Currency Shipping Archives Group Sites - IPOs - IPOs Primary market raises Rs 17, 665 cr this fiscal Virendra Verma Mumbai , March 16 WITH stock indices touching their all-time high levels this year, the primary market has created a new record in the history of Indian capital market by raising over Rs 17, 500 crore in the current fiscal through public issues of equity shares.
  • . According to Prime Database, an independent primary market monitoring agency, in the current fiscal around Rs 17, 665 crore would be raised through equity and hybrid instruments (like warrants to be converted into equity at a later date) compared with the previous high of Rs 13, 312 crore in 1994-95.
  • . According to Mr Prithvi Haldea of Prime Database, "It is true that the highest amount has been raised from the primary market in the current fiscal.
  • . But it's an aberration that primary market has revived as most of the issues were for offer for sale." Under a normal bull market, after the rise in the secondary market, companies tap the primary market to raise funds to meet their capital expenditure.


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  • . Dolan, 03.28.05 Clever marketing helped Dietrich Mateschitz turn a so-so beverage into a billion-dollar brand.
  • . "When we first started, we said there is no existing market for Red Bull, " Mateschitz recalls, in a thick Austrian accent.
  • . Last year he spent $600 million, or 30% of revenue, on marketing.
  • . So far the results have been spectacular: In some countries Red Bull commands an 80% market share.
  • . In the U.S., where Red Bull enjoys a 47% share of the energy drink market, sales are growing annually at a 40% clip.
  • . After graduating with a marketing degree from the University of Commerce in Vienna at the age of 28, Mateschitz worked various marketing jobs, including stints at Unilever and Germany's Jacobs Coffee.
  • . In 1979 he became the international marketing director for Germany's Blendax (later acquired by Procter & Gamble), where he pushed products like toothpaste, skin creams and shampoo.
  • . He decided to study up on the market.
  • . For the next three years Mateschitz tinkered with the drink formula and developed a marketing strategy.

    Illini DairyNet: Paper Display: Market Cows: A Potential Profit...
  • Illini DairyNet The Online Resource for the Dairy Industry Paper Display Market Cows: A Potential Profit Center Richard L.
  • . Market cattle, non-fed beef and dairy animals supply 20 percent of the total beef produced in the United States.  In 1998, 2.5 billion pounds of market cow beef was produced in the U.S.
  • . The decision to market a cow is a complex one.
  • . When making a marketing decision, dairy producers may consider many cow factors, such as age, stage of lactation, milk production, health status, disposition, and reproductive performance.
  • . Other economic factors such as current milk price, market cow price, as well as cost and availability of replacement heifers may have a role in determining whether or not to market a cow.  Dairy cow marketing decisions have an important influence on the financial success of the dairy.
  • .   Marketing decisions can function as a component of genetic improvement programs designed for long-term gain and improved production efficiency (voluntary marketing ).

    The Psychology of Consumers: Consumer Behavior and Marketing
  • THE PSYCHOLOGY OF CONSUMERS CONSUMER BEHAVIOR AND MARKETING San Diego State University Imperial Valley Campus 720 Heber Ave.
  • . Product use is often of great interest to the marketer, because this may influence how a product is best positioned or how we can encourage increased consumption.
  • . For example, aggressive marketing of high fat foods, or aggressive marketing of easy credit, may have serious repercussions for the national health and economy.
  • . There are four main applications of consumer behavior: The most obvious is for marketing strategy —i.e., for making better marketing campaigns.
  • . Social marketing involves getting ideas across to consumers rather than selling something.
  • . Marty Fishbein, a marketing professor, went on sabbatical to work for the Centers for Disease Control trying to reduce the incidence of transmission of diseases through illegal drug use.
  • . CONSUMER PSYCHOLOGIST NEWSLETTER --Special Iraq War Issue There are several units in the market that can be analyzed.

    The Bull Market Biotech Investor
  • . Then I subscribed to The Bull Market Report, revamped it, and I had gains of 120%." P.
  • . Kumar "We Salute The Bull Market Report for providing the guidance we badly need during this extremely tough market." A.
  • . P R E M I U M N E W S L E T T E R S F R E E N E W S L E T T E R S | Thursday, March 25, 2004 Volume 51, #6 Welcome to this issue of The Bull Market Biotech Investor! (A FREE Publication From The Bull Market Biotech Investor is a bi-weekly series of discussions of the changing Biotech and Pharmaceutical world we live in and the companies that are going to profit from these changes.
  • . Apparently, investors were looking for more positive guidance on the earnings front, and hoping to see faster productivity in bringing new drugs to market.
  • . SERONO (SRA, $15.21, down 4%) has the rights to market Raptiva outside the U.S.
  • . Pfizer markets Exemestane under the brand name Aromasin.
  • . Additional aromatase inhibitors on the market include Arimidex from ASTRAZENECA (AZN, $47, down 4%) and Femara from NOVARTIS AG.

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    Strategic Marketing
  • Advertise with us Magazines e volution of digital marketing Rishad Tobaccowala Presidentr, SMG IP Christian Kugel Director(Insights & Analytics), Starcom IP era entering the consumer Next year will mark the 10th anniversary of the Mosaic Browser, which gave birth to the Web age.
  • . These eras of roughly 1, 000 days each are: Era One: Birth and the Technology Leap (1996-1999) Era Two: Growth and the Explosion of Commercial Market (2000-2002) Era Three: Evolution and the Age of Pragmatism (2003-2005) While there are several perspectives with which we could discuss each era, we will view these through the lens of how consumers and marketers adopted the medium, including what they did and expected, why they did what they did, and how success was measured.
  • . At the conclusion of the article we will attempt to forecast what comes next and what marketers may need to do.
  • . This was an era that focused on the “newness” of the Internet-both to consumers as well as to marketers.

    280 Insider June 2004
  • . Please make a note of our new address: 1562B Meridian Avenue San Jose, CA 95125 Need a Marketing or Product Management consultant or contractor? Contact us for a free quote and proposal.
  • . There is even a section on the basics of outbound Product Marketing.
  • . Full of practical and useful tips for how to do the basic blocking and tackling of Product Management, Software Product Management Essentials is a great resource for newer product managers (and even perhaps for those of us who have been around the block a few times.) 280 Group in FREE Bull Market Ebook **************************** We're excited to announce that the 280 Group was chosen by Seth Godin to be included in his new ebook, the 2004 Bull Market Directory.
  • . The directory is a resource for connecting organizations with some of the world’s most creative thinkers and resources that can help them market and launch breakthrough new products.
  • . For those of you who aren't familiar with Seth's work, he wrote Permission Marketing, Unleashing the Ideavirus and Purple Cow (all well worth reading).

    Silver Wrap Up
  • . Ingrid Sternby of Barclays Capital said in a daily report that the market looked ready to drop, with the number of long positions held by speculators on the New York futures market showing a massive increase since early July.
  • . The existence and relevance of this ratio should be borne in mind when reading the following press announcement (source: ) What Kodak ACTUALLY announced was: "Rochester, New York-based Kodak, the leading maker of photographic film, which has been scrambling for alternative markets as film demand shrinks, said it would cut 4, 500 to 6, 000 jobs, or between 6 percent and 9 percent of its global work force.
  • . In turn, that will STILL leave a market supply shortfall of 50 million ounces that needs to be covered by Government stockpile disgorgement assuming that: Investment demand does not change Other industrial demand - primarily from electronics, and superconductors does not change Mine production does not fall further (it is unlikely to rise) There is no net impact of an unwinding of existing derivatives contracts Apart from China and India, no Government has any silver inventories to talk of.

    Microsoft aims at Big Blue bull's-eye | CNET
  • . Plus, the iSeries line has advantages that Microsoft and its partners can't match, said Roger Rea, a midmarket manager for IBM's WebSphere.
  • . Historically, Microsoft has used the lower cost of Windows-based systems as its primary marketing argument, although in recent years it has also partnered with companies that can offer a more complete integration.
  • . While Microsoft has long worked to attract AS/400 customers, Eunice said that combined marketing efforts such as the Midrange Alliance Program can offer the benefit of "strength in numbers." "It does concentrate people's attention, " he said.
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    Financial Sense "Fibrillated Silver Bull Flag" by Jim Willie CB 05/31/2006

  • l l l FIBRILLATED SILVER BULL FLAG by Jim Willie CB May 31, 2006 Ho me: S ubscribe: Jim Willie CB is the editor of the HAT TRICK LETTER For specific detailed analysis of the Gold, USDollar, Treasury bonds, and inter-market dynamics with the US Economy and Fed monetary policy, see instructions for subscription to my newsletter research reports, which include stock recommendations positioned to rise in the commodity bull market.
  • . In fact, it looks fibrillated much like a person experiencing a heart attack, except the heart attack victims are primary market dealers and perma-bull economic forecasters.
  • . The man has no business experience, no banking experience, no financial market experience, yet is named to the most important central bank post on earth.
  • . DISTILLED INFERENCES The last year, especially the last few months, have seen critical changes to the mortgage finance sector, the derivatives world, and the silver market.
  • . Another distilled conclusion pertains to the upside down pyramid morass that is the derivatives market.

    US Dollar Bear Intact
  • US Dollar Bear Intact Adam Hamilton August 27, 2004 3070 Words One of the most fascinating enigmas of the markets this summer has been the erratic behavior of the mighty US dollar.
  • . Since this leading fiat paper continues to command world-reserve-currency status, its machinations directly and indirectly affect countless other markets.
  • . The perpetual all-bullish-all-the-time cacophony from Wall Street leaves me shaking my head in amazement, but the Street always has been little more than a marketing machine designed to help dump stocks on the public regardless of or merit.
  • . The red-hot oil market is also affected by the dollar.
  • . If the dollar continues its multi-year secular bear market, they are going to do everything in their power to hold back production to keep oil prices high in dollar terms.
  • . While the relationships between the dollar and stocks and the dollar and oil are often more indirect than direct, the gold market has an indisputable direct relationship with the dollar.

    Schogt Market Timing - Terminology - Financial Marketing
  • 2002-2006 Schogt Market Timing Insight in Market Movements Financial Marketing The following represent terms that are oftentimes used in the MMA Cycles Reports, SOS Stock Marke Cycles Reports, and MMA's daily and weekly commentaries.
  • . In markets, cycles are measured from trough (low) to low.
  • . Bull Market: Consecutively higher crests and higher troughs of the same cycle type; "right translation" patterns of primary cycles.
  • . Bear Market: Consecutively lower troughs and lower crests of the same cycle type; "left translations patterns of primary cycles.
  • . Critical Reversal Zone: Period of a couple of day in which the market is expected to turn and prices may change >2, 5%, most of the time >4%.
  • . Support: An area below the current market price where we expect prices to hold on declines.
  • . Resistance: An area above the current market price where we expect prices to hold on rallies.
  • . Trend run up: Occurs when a market has three consecutive closes above a proprietary moving average line.

  • WHY PLDT myDSL BECAME A MARKETING SUCCESS MANILA , January 2, 2006 (STAR) bull market, bull sheet By Wilson Lee Flores - One of the trendiest products of Manuel "Manny" Pangilinans Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co.
  • . For one, PLDT myDSL has been so deft and efficient that it has gobbled up 70 percent of the broadband Internet market in the country and is growing at 100 percent every year.
  • . One corporate marketing strategy that should be commended and encouraged is the ongoing advertising campaign of PLDT myDSL to promote its price-busting Plan 999 offer with wholesome and brainy young achievers as endorsers.
  • . Through savvy marketing, advanced Internet infrastructure and integrated networking facilities, it has grown to dominate the DSL market with an estimated 84, 000 myDSL subscribers nationwide.
  • . PLDT myDSL is also the leader in servicing the Internet cafe and network gaming markets nationwide.
  • . Why the non-traditional marketing blitz using brainy or sports-minded young achievers and students instead of the usual showbiz celebrities? Concio said: "Though we service people of all ages, our primary target market is the youth, those estimated 40 million young people ages 22 and below. @CallCenter