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Asian market planned for old furniture store - San Francisco Business Times:

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  • . Bizjournals Directory Find local business services by clicking on a category Business Pulse Survey: Asian market planned for old furniture store San Francisco Business Times - June 14, 1996 by Staff Writer A long dormant 's furniture store along Interstate 80 in Richmond is about to be transformed into an Asian marketplace that its developer expects will draw shoppers from throughout the East Bay.
  • . "It's a piece of land that's lied fallow for a while that is now going to be put to good use, " said Donna Uriyu McCain, manager of economic development and marketing for the city of Richmond.
  • . The project will be anchored by a 35, 000-square-foot Ranch 99 Market, one of a chain of Asian food markets throughout California.

    The Jay-Blog: May 2002 Archives
  • | May 30, 2002 Just another day at the Just another day at the Ranch 99 Market When you go into an authentic Chinese restaurant, there are all these signs in Chinese on the walls.
  • . My favorite store there is the Ranch 99 Market.
  • . What would Walter do? Posted by Jay Cross at | May 24, 2002 Too many rats in this Too many rats in this maze department last night i get a call on the cell phone asking, "is this jay cross marketing?" yes.
  • . this morning i get another call from the same person asking to speak with the head of telemarketing.
  • . i go to the net, find the $200+ million a year telemarketer outfit, cross marketing, and send the URL back to the husband.
  • . this world has too many people with short fuses and, apparently, too many marketing people named jay cross.
  • . Posted by Jay Cross at | May 21, 2002 Gonzo Marketing by Christopher Locke by Christopher Locke It took me a while to dig through Gonzo Marketing.
  • . Marketing needed a wake-up call, and Chris is an ear-shattering alarm clock.

    The ‘Invisible’ Market
  • Saturday, June 17, 2006 BRANDWEEK WEB | The ‘Invisible’ Market February 01, 2006 Julia Huang believes that Asian Americans are an "invisible" market to U.S.
  • . As proof of her assertion, she recalled the researcher who once showed her videotape from a San Jose, Calif., supermarket in which two Chinese shoppers were seen opening packages of detergent, soap and salad dressing, touching and smelling the items before placing them back on shelves.
  • . "That was their way of forming a connection with the product, " observed Huang, a Taiwanese immigrant and founder of the multicultural marketing firm InterTrend Communications, Long Beach, Calif.
  • . This year, the Center will begin an intensive study to obtain qualitative and quantitative data on the Asian market, which it hopes to tailor to the packaged goods industry.
  • . "We will be going into people's homes to see what brands they have in their refrigerators and how they use those brands, as well as [into] supermarkets and other venues, " said Tanya Raukko, director of strategic planning at InterTrend.

    News Archives: Marketing Florida Agriculture
  • www.Florida-Agriculture.com the web site of the Division of Marketing and Development Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Mayo Building, M-9 407 South Calhoun Street Tallahassee, FL 32399-0800 Division of Marketing and Development Nelson L.
  • . troops Nutrition program to benefit at risk mothers and children Greetings From Your Florida Farmers produce promotion Department receives awards for marketing promotions Florida produce marketing campaign in Northeast, Canada Survey showing consumers concerned about country of origin Participate in the U.S.

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    A lucrative New Year's | The San Diego Union-Tribune
  • . ALFRED / Union-Tribune Ann Mavis Fulton, 5, looked into a lantern with the help of her sister, Arrol, 10, while shopping for Lunar New Year supplies at 99 Ranch Market on Clairemont Mesa Boulevard.
  • . ALFRED / Union-Tribune Shoppers inspected the extensive Lunar New Year supplies at 99 Ranch Market on Clairemont Mesa Boulevard.
  • . Shoppers looked for Lunar New Year supplies at the 99 Ranch Market in Kearny Mesa.
  • . At the 99 Ranch Market on Clairemont Mesa Boulevard, there has hardly been need to market New Year's products.
  • . Several customers browsing the aisles yesterday at the 99 Ranch Market said they are planning somewhat modest New Year's affairs compared to the ones their families observed in China and Vietnam.
  • . companies are using the Lunar New Year to micro-market messages.
  • . Currently the Lunar New Year celebration appeals to a pretty specialized market, said George Belch, chair of the marketing department at San Diego State University.
  • . not really that much for us.” Companies looking to capitalize on the Asian holiday will have to be quick and nimble, using a focused theme to wrap around the event, said Tom Peric, editorial director of B2B Marketing Trends.

    City Of Cupertino. Economic Profile
  • . This structure was proposed because marketing Cupertino in the 21st century is an integral part of our responsibilities as city management, the chamber and key community leaders.

    Maverick Ranch Natural Meats
  • . MAVERICK RANCH NATURAL MEATS A chance visit to an all-natural market by Roy in 1985 led to cutting tests and the first retail orders for natural beef raised without antibiotics or added hormones.
  • . In January 1986 the first NaturaLite beef was sold at the newest all-natural market in Colorado.
  • . MAVERICK MARKETING Early in 1986 the Moores realized a need for a graphic design and ad agency.
  • . The family founded Maverick Marketing with Bobbi Moore as its creative director.
  • . Today Maverick Marketing still does all of Maverick Ranch's advertising and point-of-purchase material.
  • . Maverick Marketing also has a top computer graphics department.
  • . Outside income is earned by Maverick Marketing, which helps lower design costs to Maverick Ranch.
  • . Charlie Moore, Vice President of Marketing for Maverick Ranch, develops partnerships with retailers nationwide.

    IT Retail - Customers
  • . Angel Overcash Angelo Caputos Fresh Markets Apple Cart Country Market Appliance City Ltd-AC001 Armstrong Markets Art of Optiks ARTISAN CENTER Ashland Community Foods Aspen Silver Co.
  • . Barbeques Galore Oxnard Bargain Center Supermarket Barry's Meats & Deli Battles Food Center Beauty World Belvidere Pacemaker Foods inc.
  • . Beverly Glen Marketplace Bharat Petroleum Corp Big Bay Corner Store Big T Thriftway Bigway Market Bloomer Bowl and Liquor Mart Boardriders Brotherhhod Bobby's Market Place Ltd Bob's Food Mart (SBE) Body Essentials Body Master Nutrition Bogalusa Electrical and Plumbing Supply Bon Vivant Market, Inc.
  • . Boyabat Gida Pazari BPL Limited Breaux Mart Stores Bucht's Market Buck's Food Market Buck's Party Store Budget Electronics Bushnell Foodway C C&M Mercado Alatorre Cacharreria La 14 S.A.
  • . Cannatella's Caputos Fresh Market-Enterprise Cardston IGA Caribe Supermarket Carmela Winery Carmel's Dancewear Carr Gottstein Foods Carryout Carriage Carulla Viivero S.A.

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    BBQ Trends 6/99
  • . "General Mills has brand management, product development and marketing skills that will help to keep Lloyd’s as an industry leader, " said Malina.
  • . A Regional Company Grows A major player in the refrigerated food market on the West Coast is The Harris Ranch Beef Company in Selma, California, which grew from a ranch established in the 1930s in the San Joaquin Valley.
  • . Marketing Director Brad Caudill explained that the Harris Beef Company just continues to grow.
  • . "We were one of the first companies to produce fully cooked beef products on the West Coast, and we market in major grocery chains such as Lucky and Sam’s Club.
  • . "Our barbecue is cooked with our own sauce and we produce it both on our own label and for private labels, " said Todd Hanson, Flint Hills marketing director.
  • . "Our largest area of growth is the retail market in the ready-to-serve area.
  • . "I think I have developed a product that can be successfully marketed to the general public, and that product is St.

    NC SARE Aug '99 Newsletter/Fact Sheet
  • . 5, Cooperatively Producing and Marketing All Natural Beef have big ideas for their small farm.
  • . In their application for a SARE producer grant, they envisioned following their organic beef from the farm to a rural slaughtering plant to a small processor to a major supermarket and finally to a satisfied customer: alternative marketing in the mainstream food system.
  • . In today’s perilous agricultural markets, realizing this kind of vision takes initiative, energy, and a lot of courage — the Endicotts have an abundance of all three.
  • . In the mid-1990s, they wanted to sell tomatoes at an upscale, conventional grocery — Hen House Markets, with more than 10 stores throughout Kansas City.
  • . When demand exceeded supply, the Endicotts searched for other producers who could provide "natural beef." Diana added, "I started as someone who knew little about marketing, " which is an incredible statement, considering that in five years she has led marketing efforts for a farmer cooperative that has found a profitable niche in a major supermarket chain.

    NC SARE Feb '99 Newsletter/Fact Sheet
  • . "That’s why it helps if you bed with sawdust." Farmers have found composting provides numerous benefits: low capital investment, increased organic matter and soil tilth, reduced odors, decreased viability of weed seeds and pathogens, reduced manure volume, decreased fuel use and soil compaction, reduced and redistributed farm labor and the option to market a clean fertilizer off-farm.
  • . "And that’s not only good for my neighbors, but it’s a real selling point when we market finished compost." Slater sells the finished material from his greenhouse to landscapers and gardeners for $25 a truckload.
  • . "I only had to advertise once, and now I can’t keep up with the demand." His successful marketing has even drawn neighboring producers into composting for extra cash.
  • . It’s given the kids great experience in running a business." In conjunction with his local conservation district, Slater is now managing a second SARE producer grant to involve young people and better market his compost.

    Beverage Dynamics-May 99 - FYI: News, Notes & Trends
  • . Would You Like A Reprint of this Article? CLICK HERE! News, Notes & Trends Bacardi-Martini Launches Tropico * Hoping to tap into the expanding market for mixed drinks made with fruit juices, Bacardi-Martini USA has debuted Tropico, a blend of Bacardi Gold Rum with natural fruit juices.
  • . "Today, over half of mixed spirit drinks are consumed with juices, and fruit-based drink consumption is up 22% since 1990, " said Monsell Darville, Bacardi group marketing manager.
  • . "Tropico will help us capitalize on the growing popularity of this niche market." The new 32-proof liqueur includes seven fruits in the blend: passion fruit, carambola, mango, guarana, pineapple, orange and peach.
  • . John MacDonough, the company's chairman and ceo; Jack Rooney, vice president of marketing; and Christopher Moore, vice president of sales, were dismissed, " in order to upgrade Miller's performance, " according to statements made by Bob Minkoff, Philip Morris spokeman.


    Why Bankok 54, etc? | Ask MetaFilter

  • . Why Bankok 54, etc? October 28, 2005 6:39 AM Why do many Asian restaurants and markets have a number in their names, for example, Pho 24 or Bankok 54? It doesn't seem to be related to the addresses of the establishments, at least not in the cases around my neighborhood.
  • . It's fairly common marketing in restauranting and that.
  • . I've noticed chinese people use "88~" to end IM conversation posted by at PST on October 28 In downtown LA, there is a Chinese supermarket called "99 Ranch Market".
  • . Inside is a sign that reads "99 Ranch Market: for 100, we try harder".
  • . posted by at PST on October 28 I always figured the 99 Ranch Market was a 99 cent store.

    http://xoomer.alice.it/marketing_now/ @CallCenter